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RaiderSec: How Browsers Store Your Passwords (and Why You Shouldn't Let Them)
The way browsers store your passwords is not secure against a program running under your user, except for Firefox if you use a master password.
browsers  security  cryptography  firefox  chrome  ie  via:HackerNews 
june 2013 by mcherm
Microsoft Mobile OS Banning Firefox
Microsoft won't let Firefox run on windows phones. Didn't they get sued over this once before?
browser  firefox  ie  microsoft  via:HackerNews 
may 2012 by mcherm
Ajaxian » amelie() – a devious plan to get rid of IE6
A devious plan to get rid of IE6, while at the same time giving a hilarious take on "bit-rot"
ie  funny  bitrot 
june 2010 by mcherm
IE8 XSS filter: what does it really do? - Stack Overflow
IE8's XSS filter is a real pain when you try to do some unusual but legitimate things. Furthermore, it can also be abused and thus creates a security loophole!
webdesign  webdevelopment  ie  xss  security  via:NedBatchelder  NedBatchelder 
january 2010 by mcherm
Google Has A Solution For Internet Explorer: Turn It Into Chrome
That's both clever and evil. It's a plugin for IE which is the Chrome browser. Like the IETab plugin for Firefox, except backward: it allows people to switch from using IE to using Chrome without having to learn to click on something other than the big blue "e".
browsers  google  Microsoft  ie  chrome  plugins 
september 2009 by mcherm
Ned Batchelder: Xenocode and multiple IE's
An interesting piece of virtualization software and how it can be used to run multiple versions of IE on the same box.
testing  webdevelopment  virtualization  ie 
september 2009 by mcherm
Much Ado About IE6 » Digg the Blog
Digg did a survey. Nearly all of their visitors using IE6 are doing so because they're required to by their work. Maybe if all web designers just stopped supporting IE6 the companies would upgrade and we could all be much happier?
ie  browsers  digg  via:reddit  webdevelopment  webdesign 
july 2009 by mcherm
IETester / HomePage
How do you test in multiple version of IE without maintaining a stable of PCs? Here is one solution.
webdevelopment  webdesign  browsers  testing  html  ie  ietester 
february 2009 by mcherm
CSS - Quirks mode and strict mode
Essential documentation on "quirks mode" and "strict mode" and how to control them in browser page rendering.
webdesign  webdevelopment  html  ie  firefox  standards  refs 
january 2009 by mcherm
Finding selection start and end position in a textarea, in Internet Explorer | Stickblog
This is insane! Surely you don't have to do THIS to find the start and end of the range in IE?
javascript  ie  webdevelopment 
january 2009 by mcherm
How to make images scale smoothly in IE6.
Apparently Microsoft chose a very poor algorithm as the default for scaling images in their browser, but there's a nonstandard CSS extension that will switch to the better algorithm.
via:JoelSpolsky  JoelSpolsky  webdesign  css  ie  webdevelopment 
december 2008 by mcherm
Internet explorer mystery #1376: Ned Batchelder
Technically, it's a bug in Firefox: Firefox does something sensible but the JavaScript language definition requires something completely ridiculous. Either way, it's an interesting bit of JavaScript knowledge about hoisting. [...] Later, in response to many other comments, we find the true answer: the ridiculous case is undefined in JavaScript (technically, it is illegal but it not required to be a syntax error). Firefox's choice of how to interpret it is far superior.
mypostings  programming  programminglanguages  languagedesign  javascript  ie  firefox  browsers  bugs  via:NedBatchelder  NedBatchelder 
december 2008 by mcherm
Cutting Edge Browsers and Their Development Tools - CSS-Tricks
A rundown of the current offering in firebug-like-things on modern browsers.
css  webdevelopment  webdev  webdesign  tools  firebug  firefox  ie  opera  browsers 
july 2008 by mcherm
IE PNG Alpha Fix Demonstration
A fix for the fact that Internet Explorer 6 won't handle transparency in PNGs.
webdesign  ie 
april 2008 by mcherm
IEBlog : Microsoft's Interoperability Principles and IE8
Microsoft changes plans for IE8. Originally they said pages marked as standards compliant would be parsed in IE7 mode and separate header needed to get true standards behavior. But community feedback has made them change their minds.
webstandards  webdesign  browsers  Microsoft  versioning  ie 
march 2008 by mcherm
Hixie's Natural Log: Mistakes, Sadness, Regret
Microsoft isn't TRYING to be evil, but their support of backward compatibility over standards in IE causes problems.
Microsoft  ie  webdev  webdevelopment  webdesign  standards  webstandards  html  blogentry 
january 2008 by mcherm
IEBlog : Internet Explorer 8 and Acid2: A Milestone
Internet Explorer 8 (still under development) now passes the Acid2 test.
ie  internet  webdesign  css 
december 2007 by mcherm
Why using CTRL+C is not safe when you are online--Tech,Fun,This n That at
Internet explorer insecurity: sites can see what's in your copy-paste buffer.
security  ie 
may 2007 by mcherm
Browser Security Test
Security test for browser vulnerabilities. Also has a report on when vulnerabilities got fixed.
personal_net  security  ie  mozilla  firefox  opera 
september 2005 by mcherm

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