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Why Germans won’t heat their homes even with free electricity? | Kaikenhuipun blogi
Germany pays huge amounts to wind producers of electricity. Sometimes more than the entire market for electricity. Sometimes the price of electricity goes negative. But the taxes on consumer use of electricity remain large so it is not economical to use even at negative prices.
government  regulation  law  economics  via:HackerNews 
8 hours ago by mcherm
How laws meant to protect children can fail mothers
He got 11 years for child abuse. She got 20 years for failing to stop him.
law  via:reddit  evil 
4 days ago by mcherm
Life Insurance Policy Locator Service
Site to use if you think there might have been a life insurance policy but you don't have any paperwork on it.
law  insurance  via:reddit 
5 days ago by mcherm
Michigan County Sued For Stealing Cars From Innocent Car Owners Via Civil Forfeiture | Techdirt
In this county police sieze three cars a day for reasons like "slowed down in an area known for prostitution". They don't charge the person or, in some cases, even file forfeiture thus making it impossible to contest the seizure.
forfeiture  law  techdirt  via:reddit 
9 days ago by mcherm
Copyright implications of brute forcing all 12-tone major melodies in approximately 2.5 TB. : programming
They generated all (12-note long single octave major scale) melodies and "published" them as a hack on the legal system.
law  ip-law  copyright  music  via:reddit 
10 days ago by mcherm
Porn Star Exonerates Accursed Child Porn Possesser
A case where someone was accused of possessing child porn and only got off because the actress showed up in court to show her ID.
pedophile  law 
18 days ago by mcherm
Blizzard now claims full copyright for player-made “custom game” mods | Ars Technica
They are writing the contract to play the game so it agrees to give away to the company the copyright in all new games developed on top of it.
law  ip-law  copyright  ArsTechnica  via:ArsTechnica 
22 days ago by mcherm
Is Devin Nunes' Lawyer Using Questionable Subpoenas In An Unrelated Case To Seek Info On Satirical @DevinCow Account? | Techdirt
Can a lawyer throw a few random subpoenas into a different, unrelated lawsuit after the same subpoenas got squashed in the lawsuit involving a famous and connected individual?
law  personal_net  via:Techdirt  techdirt 
24 days ago by mcherm
Court rules against woman charged after stepchildren saw her topless | US news | The Guardian
This Utah woman is accused of a misdemeanor which will require her to be listed on the sex offenders registry: taking off her shirt and bra in the privacy of her own home.
law  sexoffenders  sexism 
25 days ago by mcherm
Cashless businesses are now banned in NYC
Several cities have laws against businesses that refuse to accept cash. The justification is that it excludes many people (like minors) from commerce.
via:reddit  banking  payments  law 
27 days ago by mcherm
In dramatic Third Circuit argument, prosecutor concedes relief in death penalty case | CA3blog
In oral arguments before appellate court prosecutor reverses position and withdraws the case.
law  via:reddit  personal_net 
29 days ago by mcherm
In case anyone doubted there was racial bias in the U.S. judicial system. : law
After a new law set thresholds for crack sentencing (but not before) a huge spike in convictions for blacks cluster at the minimum triggering amount. A much smaller spike exists for whites.
racism  law  via:reddit 
4 weeks ago by mcherm
The DEA seized her father’s life savings at an airport without alleging any crime occurred, lawsuit says - The Washington Post
It is an almost-suspiciously perfect case: his life savings was in cash because he survived bank runs during the depression and the government seized it with no reason whatsoever to suspect drugs or foul play.
law  police  forfeiture  via:reddit 
5 weeks ago by mcherm
Miss. Supreme Court upholds 12-year sentence of man convicted for having cellphone in jail
He apparently didn't even know there was a rule against having a cell phone (which he had because they did not take it from him when they booked him). For that he received 12 years.
law  injustice  via:reddit 
5 weeks ago by mcherm
Letters of Note: Regarding your stupid complaint
"I feel that you should be aware that some asshole is signing your name to stupid letters."
law  funny 
5 weeks ago by mcherm
The Church of Scientology Says Danny Masterson Stalking Suit Must Go to "Religious Arbitration" | Hollywood Reporter
Scientology says it's members signed an agreement to use arbitration, an arbitration service created by the church which follows the church's regulations not the law. They say this means their former members cannot sue them in court.
law  arbitration  via:reddit 
5 weeks ago by mcherm
The MTA Is Going After an Etsy Artist Over a New York Subway Map It Didn’t Make - VICE
He made a NY subway map. The MTA filed a DMCA takedown for copyright violation: they claim he copied a map they made two years after his was first published.
law  ip-law  copyright  copyrightabuse  DMCA  via:HackerNews 
6 weeks ago by mcherm
Appeals Court Smacks Down Patent Troll Blackbird, Orders It To Pay $363k In Attorneys Fees To Company It Sued | Techdirt
In patent abuse case, court approves ordering the patent troll to pay the legal expenses of their victim, despite an attempt to dismiss the case.
law  techdirt  via:Techdirt  patent  ip-law  patentabuse 
6 weeks ago by mcherm
Oracle copied Amazon’s API—was that copyright infringement? | Ars Technica
ArsTechnica points out that Oracle has built things compatible with Amazon's S3 API. Which would be unremarkable except that Oracle is arguing in court that Google does not have the right to build things compatible with Java's API.
ArsTechnica  via:reddit  law  programming 
6 weeks ago by mcherm
EU Patent Office Rejects Two Patent Applications In Which An AI Was Designated As The Inventor | Techdirt
If an AI invents something, should it receive a patent? The patent office in the EU says "No".
law  ethics  ip-law  patent  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
7 weeks ago by mcherm
Minnesota Appeals Court Nukes State's Broadly-Written Revenge Porn Law | Techdirt
Minnesota revenge porn law doesn't require that the person committing the crime be aware that the victim doesn't want it shared. Because of that, the court rules it violates the first amendment.
law  ethics  freespeech  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
7 weeks ago by mcherm
Neomi Rao's efforts to place Trump above the law must fail.
One federal judge holds (1) Congress can't demand to see any information related to the president unless they are performing an impeachment and (2) courts cannot review anything regarding an impeachment.
slate  via:reddit  politics  law 
7 weeks ago by mcherm
A tweet gave a journalist a seizure. His case brings new meaning to the idea of 'online assault.' - StamfordAdvocate
Assault via intentionally triggering a seizure by posting a tweet with flashing lights. I think it is a stretch to claim that this meets the legal requirement for "contact" in that state's assault statute.
law  disabilities 
9 weeks ago by mcherm
Why A Judge Made Uber Create An Email Address
Uber refused to provide a reasonable way for people to opt out of arbitration; a judge ordered them to allow it via email.
law  uber  arbitration  via:reddit 
9 weeks ago by mcherm
Deputy who slammed N.C. middle school student to floor is fired, charged with assault
The police abuse did not stand in this case -- the deputy is being charged with assault.
police  policeabuse  law  via:reddit 
9 weeks ago by mcherm
Merck cyberattack’s $1.3 billion question: Was it an act of war?
Merk lost billions to a cyber attack. Their insurers claim it was collateral damage from a Russian attack on Ukraine -- making it an excluded act of war.
law  hacking  security  via:HackerNews 
11 weeks ago by mcherm
Cop stalls his child sex abuse trial by claiming to be dying
I can't believe this happened (is still happening)! He raped a child, was convicted but got it overturned because the (then rare) female prosecutor was "too emotional", then spent 25+ years lying and claiming he was dying.
law  evil  policeimmunity  via:reddit 
november 2019 by mcherm
A Congressional Review Act For the Court - The Atlantic
A good suggestion for reigning in a Supreme Court without fundamentally undermining it.
via:GoogleNews  law  TheAtlantic 
november 2019 by mcherm
The great American tax haven: why the super-rich love South Dakota | World news | The Guardian
South Dakota got rid of the rule against perpetuities (for trusts). They also have not state taxes. So now the super rich around the world are flocking to set up permanent South Dakota trusts.
taxes  banking  TheGuardian  via:TheGuardian  finance  law 
november 2019 by mcherm
A man’s personal experience with corporate heartlessness - The Boston Globe
He started his new job. He explained that at first he could only work 40 hours a week (normal hours) because his wife had only a few weeks to live and he was her primary caregiver. The company's HR had him fired, 4 hours into his first day. He's suing for sex discrimination. It is a truly evil story.
evil  law  sexism  via:slashdot 
november 2019 by mcherm
These Machines Can Put You in Jail. Don’t Trust Them. - The New York Times
Studies show that breathalyzers are often extremely unreliable. Yet it is very rare that can be brought up in court.
via:reddit  nytimes  law 
november 2019 by mcherm
Mother of 14-year-old boy who attempted school shooting charged - Insider
Mom called police which is why only the child was killed (suicide) when he attempted to shoot up the school. Mom is now charged because she pulled her son out of therapy when insurance didn't cover it.
law  ethics  healthcare 
october 2019 by mcherm
Court Affirms Conviction for Making “Hand Gesture in the Form of a Gun” – Lowering the Bar
In a loss for free speech, he was convicted of generating a "hazardous or physically offensive condition" for making a finger gun.
law  via:LoweringTheBar  freespeech 
october 2019 by mcherm
Californians Can No Longer Be Forced to Join a Posse – Lowering the Bar
Until now you could be fined $1000 for not helping the sheriff hunt someone down. Similar laws still exist in most states (but are essentially never used).
law  via:LoweringTheBar 
october 2019 by mcherm
When Medical Debt Collectors Decide Who Gets Arrested
A terrible tale about how the poor are being jailed to try to squeeze money from them (or their friends and family) to pay for medical debts.
via:HackerNews  healthcare  law  evil  poverty 
october 2019 by mcherm
Banksy's Fake Store Is An Attempt To Abuse Trademark Law To Avoid Copyright Law | Techdirt
He wants people to stop copying his graffiti works. But copyright law would require him to reveal his identity. So he is attempting to use trademark law instead.
law  ip-law  copyright  trademark  trademarkabuse  via:Techdirt  techdirt 
october 2019 by mcherm
Trs. of the Clarendon/Warren Condo. v. Cotto, 970 N.E.2d 815 | Casetext
A homeowner whose house was ordered sold by a judge for a $60,000 fine for feeding birds down the street from the HOA property. Fortunately, a law firm took his case on pro-bono and overturned the summary judgement on appeal.
law  HOA  via:reddit 
october 2019 by mcherm
Fugitive on run for 17 years found living in cave by a drone - BBC News
It is no longer possible to escape from the world anywhere on the planet.
law  via:HackerNews  personal_net 
september 2019 by mcherm
U.S. Judges Admit Enhanced Interrogation Is Torture | Boston Review
For 11 years now the person for whom the "torture memo" was written has been in court. No decision of any sort has yet been made.
law  torture  via:reddit 
september 2019 by mcherm
Ismael Lopez, undocumented immigrant killed by police, lacks constitutional protection, city argues - The Washington Post
After police burst in the wrong home and murdered him, Mississippi claims illegal immigrants HAVE no right against illegal search or seizure.
law  via:reddit  4thAmmendment  immigration  washingtonpost 
september 2019 by mcherm
FAIR Act: House passes a bill to ban mandatory arbitration - Vox
The house actually passed a bill against mandatory arbitration!
law  arbitration  via:reddit 
september 2019 by mcherm
United States Files Civil Lawsuit Against Edward Snowden | USAO-EDVA | Department of Justice
The US sues Edward Snowden claiming he didn't get his book reviewed by the CIA before releasing it so they want 100% of the profits.
law  ethics  snowden  via:reddit 
september 2019 by mcherm
You Can't Keep Your Relatives' Skulls - The Atlantic
In all 50 US states it is illegal to convert the head of a corpse into a skeleton.
law  via:HackerNews 
september 2019 by mcherm
Jessop v. City of Fresno PDF - QI granted to officers who stole property while executing a search warrant : law
9th circuit says that qualified immunity protects officers who simply stole money while executing a warrant; one concurring judge seems to claim that would be 100% legal even without QI.
law  4thAmmendment  qualifiedimmunity  via:reddit 
september 2019 by mcherm
Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science
The publicly available (copyright violating) repository of scientific papers.
reference  science  law  ip-law  copyright  useful 
september 2019 by mcherm
Child pornography charge upheld against teen for texting friends a graphic video of herself - The Washington Post
Here the Maryland Supreme Court finds a girl guilty of producing pornography for taking a video of herself.
sexoffenders  law  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Harvard Student Says He Was Barred From U.S. Over His Friends’ Social Media Posts - The New York Times
He says immigration denied his visa because he had friends on Facebook who had posted anti-American slogans although he had not posted forwarded or even "liked" those statements.
immigration  law  nytimes  via:reddit  DonaldTrump  freespeech 
august 2019 by mcherm
How the Unchecked Power of Judges Is Hurting Poor Texans – Texas Monthly
In Texas, systems for the legal defense of the poor vary by county. In many places judges assign all cases to a few lawyers who are good at being fast but not good at defending clients.
law  personal_net  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
A White Woman Was Caught On Tape Selling Heroin, But Police Arrested A Black Woman Instead - The Appeal
She alleges (plausibly) that she had absolutely no resemblance to the woman caught on video but was arrested and had an impossibly high bail set.
police  overprosecution  law  bail  racism  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Executive Power Doesn't Mean Much - The Atlantic
The historical record shows the founders did not intend for the President to have broad unspecified powers.
law  constitutionalLaw  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Public defenders to use generous plea deal offered to billionaire Henry Nicholas as model for future plea deal requests
Public defenders plan to request for their poor clients the same deal this billionaire got (except with the donation scaled according to their net worth).
prosecutorialdiscression  law  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Ohio State seeks to trademark the word 'The'
Um... apparently at least some lawyers think you can actually trademark the word "The".
law  ip-law  trademark  trademarkabuse  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Court Sides With Prison Guards Who Forced Female Inmates To Expose Genitals During Training Exercise –
Court says it is not an illegal search for guards to order women prisoners to strip naked then pull open their body cavities while men ogle them from the adjoining room, simply for the sake of a "training exercise". (A different jury found the guards innocent of inflicting cruel and unusual punishment.)
law  prison  4thAmmendment  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Katy Perry Liable for $2.8m for Dark Horse Copy Right Infringement
A basic set of descending notes in a minor key is ruled to be a copyright violation. Hopefully the appeal will be successful.
law  ip-law  copyright  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Clever Vanity License Plate Backfires On Man, Winds Up With Tons Of Tickets | Talk Radio 105.9 - KNRS
He put "null" as his license plate, and then got all the tickets for cars that couldn't be identified.
bug  bureaucracy  law  via:HackerNews 
august 2019 by mcherm
The Revolt of the Feminist Law Profs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
A lengthy and detailed article on the erosion of legal principals in the prosecution of sexual crimes and those who have argued against it
law  overprosecution  feminism  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Unable to flip the bird | Baroque Potion
A strange confluence of laws: the artwork is illegal to sell, but the IRS insists it has substantial value.
law  taxes  personal_net 
august 2019 by mcherm
Black Hat: GDPR privacy law exploited to reveal personal data - BBC News
He tested and found that LOTS of companies gave away information on someone else when it was asked for via GDPR channels.
security  law  via:HackerNews 
august 2019 by mcherm
Banned behind bars: 20,000 books can't be read by Florida inmates
Some states, especially Florida, use unreasonable or baseless policies for banning books in prison.
prison  books  freespeech  law  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
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