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The Strange Case of the Woman Who Can’t Remember Her Past—Or Imagine Her Future | WIRED
Episodic memory relives events that happened to you; autonoetic memory records facts. This woman has NO episodic memory. I note that my own episodic memory is quite poor while my autonoetic memory is just fine.
brain  memory  psychology  wired  via:reddit 
april 2016 by mcherm
CMV:The centralization of cable news is of much greater concern than the present Brian Williams scandal. : changemyview
I argue that the Brian Williams scandal is an opportunity to reconsider the use of eyewitness testimony in court cases.
mypostings  memory  brain  law 
february 2015 by mcherm
Planting false memories fairly easy, psychologists find | Toronto Star
Using standard police interrogation techniques can create false memories. Quite easily.
brain  memory  via:boingboing  science 
february 2015 by mcherm
Memory Researchers Explain How Brian Williams Forgot What Happened in Iraq | Motherboard
How a TV anchor could erroneously remember having been shot at while flying over a war zone. Memory is extremely malleable.
brain  memory  via:reddit 
february 2015 by mcherm
The "too small to fail" memory-allocation rule []
Linux won't fail a memory allocation that isn't gigantic even if there isn't enough memory. Which causes all sorts of problems and is hard to fix.
operatingsystem  programming  memory  via:reddit 
january 2015 by mcherm
Constructing rich false memories of committing crime
Research study: people can be falsely persuaded during an interview that they committed a crime and the memory can be quite real.
memory  brain  police  via:reddit  science 
january 2015 by mcherm
So what's wrong with 1975 programming?
Not since 1975 have computers had two speeds of storage, "disk" and "RAM". If you program like that you create unnecessary inefficiencies. Also the many levels of cache make shared variables (or worse, shared CACHE LINES) very slow; allocate your memory in a way that avoids this.
programming  memory  concurrentprogramming  parallelprogramming 
december 2012 by mcherm
Children’s memories: Toddlers remember better than you think.
Kids' memories really DO work, even if they forget later as they grow up. Early memories are enhanced if parents talk to them about past events in an "elaborative" fashion.
slate  brain  memory  kids  parenting  via:reddit 
april 2012 by mcherm
PLoS ONE: What People Believe about How Memory Works: A Representative Survey of the U.S. Population
Research shows people believe many false things about memory. We should let memory experts testify at trials.
brain  memory  research  via:reddit 
august 2011 by mcherm
Ads Implant False Memories | Wired Science |
Advertisements with video and images create false memories.
via:HackerNews  brain  memory  wired  advertising 
may 2011 by mcherm
Scalable memory allocation using jemalloc (4)
Memory allocation tricks and algorithms used by a high-performance C memory allocator developed at Facebook.
facebook  programming  memory  via:HackerNews 
january 2011 by mcherm
The String Memory Gotcha - The Fishbowl
Some DB driver always returned substrings from the 32k buffer it allocated. So every string ever obtained from the DB took up 32k of memory. Lousy coding on their part, but an interesting bug.
programming  java  memory  bug  via:HackerNews 
december 2010 by mcherm
ArchitectNotes – Varnish
Because of how new OS'es handle virtual memory, it's not efficient to copy things back and forth between disk and memory. It's better to just memory-map a hunk of disk and work within that.
programming  performance  architecture  memory 
july 2010 by mcherm
Unchecked malloc s in libjack thread.c and libjack intclient.c
Article recommends NOT checking the return value of malloc(), because it doesn't do what it once did, and recovery is pretty close to impossible anyhow.
programming  C  memory  linux 
december 2009 by mcherm
PyPy Status Blog: GC improvements
A couple of very clever hacks to save 2 words (usually 8 bytes) for each and every object. Very nicely written and explained. This comes out of the PyPy project, a project for which I have the greatest of respect.
memory  optimization  pypy  ArminRigo  hack 
october 2009 by mcherm
Java theory and practice: Urban performance legends, revisited
Why Java's memory allocation is typically even faster than C's, for typical usage patterns. Also how escape analysis can allow the JVM to store some stuff on the stack instead of the heap.
java  programming  jvm  optimization  memory  performance  C++  garbagecollection  via:HackerNews 
october 2009 by mcherm
Fabulous Adventures In Coding : “Out Of Memory” Does Not Refer to Physical Memory
Memory is best thought of as being a large chunk of file space. RAM is just an intelligent caching mechanism. "Out of memory errors" are not due to running out of memory, just running out of contiguous pointers to refer to that memory.
memory  windows  via:EricLippert  EricLippert 
june 2009 by mcherm
Why Do We Forget Things?: Scientific American
Perhaps the brain is very good at storing memories, but not very good at retrieving them.
brain  via:boingboing  search  memory 
november 2008 by mcherm
Memories Selectively, Safely Erased In Mice
Scientist claims to be able to prevent the recording of memories in mouse brains.
science  brain  memory  via:reddit 
october 2008 by mcherm
Your Outboard Brain Knows All
Young people don't remember stuff as well as older people do -- probably because they're beginning to use computers as brain augmentation.
brain  philosophy  memory 
april 2008 by mcherm
A storage technology that breaks Moore's Law
Some light blather about a company building chips that use scanning microscope tips for data storage. It's not yet to the prototype stage.
personal_net  hardware  memory  physics 
march 2008 by mcherm
Children's Memory May Be More Reliable Than Adults' In Court Cases
There are two memory systems: events and the interpretations thereof. Erroneous testimony is usually due to the interpreted part, which is underdeveloped in children. So their testimony can be MORE accurate (the opposite of what the law assumes).
memory  brain  science  law  via:boingboing 
march 2008 by mcherm
Firefox 3 Memory Usage «
Interesting review of what the Firefox developers did to minimize memory usage. Does YOUR application get this kind of delicate care?
firefox  programming  memory  optimization 
march 2008 by mcherm
Cognitive Daily: What you know, and how it's different from what you remember
We can "remember" something or "know" it. These are different mechanisms, and here is an experiment that proves it.
memory  science  brain 
january 2008 by mcherm
Stevey's Blog Rants: Blogging Theory 201: Size Does Matter
Steve Yegge discusses the proper length for a blog entry: Long!
blogentry  essay  memory  brain  blogging  writing  yegge 
january 2008 by mcherm
Ethan Nicholas's Blog: Understanding Weak References
A brief but USEFUL introduction to Java's 4 kinds of references. It's a lot more helpful than Sun's own docs because it explains what you might actually DO with each kind of reference.
programming  java  jvm  memory  garbagecollection 
october 2007 by mcherm
What every programmer should know about memory, Part 1 []
Detailed technical essay on the current state of memory (down to the physical level) and what that implies for programmers.
programming  computers  hardware  memory  articles/programming  articles 
october 2007 by mcherm
memcached: a distributed memory object caching system
This is a distributed in-memory cache. It is used Facebook, Digg, Slashdot, etc.
webdevelopment  memory  programming  database  caching 
may 2007 by mcherm
The Memory Management Reference: Beginner's Guide: Recycling
Nice introduction listing different types of garbage collectors.
programming  memory  personal_net 
september 2006 by mcherm
Lightweight Memory Transactions in Java
More advanced research paper on memory transactions as a threading mechanism that implements it in Java.
articles/programming  Microsoft  threading  memory  java 
october 2005 by mcherm
Composable Memory Transactions
Article from Microsoft research in which they propose transaction memory instead of locks. They implement it in Haskell, and manage to make transactions composable.
articles/programming  threading  memory  haskell 
september 2005 by mcherm

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