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Copyright implications of brute forcing all 12-tone major melodies in approximately 2.5 TB. : programming
They generated all (12-note long single octave major scale) melodies and "published" them as a hack on the legal system.
law  ip-law  copyright  music  via:reddit 
8 weeks ago by mcherm
Omega | ReverbNation
A band of some of Genevieve's friends.
music  kids 
may 2019 by mcherm
Haverford BOPs: The Orchestras
Website for the parents group for Haverford high school music.
local  kids  music 
may 2019 by mcherm
EveryDay Witchz Songs | ReverbNation
Genevieve's 7th grade band's website.
friends  music 
may 2019 by mcherm
A study of musical scales by Ian Ring
A mathematical view of musical scales. it is an interesting description but I have found others that I thought were more informative.
math  music  via:HackerNews 
august 2018 by mcherm
How Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ Became a Battle Cry for Musicians Seeking Royalties - The New York Times
Under US copyright law the performer of a saw is paid nothing for the right to play that song on the radio (the writer and publisher do get paid).
nytimes  law  ip-law  copyright  music  via:reddit 
august 2018 by mcherm
LightNote - Basic Music Theory
Another explanation of the basics of Music Theory
via:HackerNews  music 
october 2016 by mcherm
Music theory for nerds / fuzzy notepad
A very logical explanation of scales and western music notation by someone who isn't an expert but who explains it quite well for how I think.
music  math  todo  via:HackerNews 
september 2016 by mcherm
"Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord - Boney M" on YouTube
The edition of this song with a Caribbean feel that I like so much.
music  keep 
december 2014 by mcherm
The Saddest Thing I Know about the Integers | Roots of Unity, Scientific American Blog Network
Perfect fifths don't add up to an octave (because 3^x != 2^y for all x,y). So we tune our instruments imperfectly.
math  music  via:reddit 
december 2014 by mcherm
24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed
Discusses the actual physiology of sound and how hearing works, as part of an essay explaining why today's bit-rates are sufficient for all audio needs if bad compression algorithms are avoided.
audio  music  via:HackerNews  brain  science 
march 2012 by mcherm
Revolutions: Shazam: not magic after all
How do you recognize a song from a brief clip recorded in a noisy environment? Clever algorithm (which is linked to, not explained in this article).
via:HackerNews  programming  algorithms  music 
october 2009 by mcherm
Record company embraces use of its music in YouTube wedding video, makes money - Boing Boing
Instead of suing for using a song in a YouTube video, they asked for a purchase link. And made a ton of money.
copyright  marketing  youtube  via:boingboing  boingboing  music  riaa 
august 2009 by mcherm
The Pentatonic is Fundamental: a Video Demo : Good Math, Bad Math
Demonstrates that an audience will EASILY pick up the pentatonic scale (circle of fifths) with just minimal prompting. They say that will work with audiences anywhere in the world. Somehow the pentatonic scale is hardwired in our brains.
brain  music  via:GoodMathBadMath  markcc 
august 2009 by mcherm
Magnatune: license music and MP3 download
If you are going to get music, this is the place to go to get it. They are not evil, the music is not copy protected. Musicians get 50%. You can give copies to 3 friends. They support EFF. And so on and so forth... it's COOL!
music  creativecommons  riaa 
june 2009 by mcherm
Cognitive Daily: What conductors are doing when they wave their hands around -- and what we get out of it
Study of what conductors do and how an orchestra or choir can tell the beat from the hand motions.
music  science 
september 2008 by mcherm
Cognitive Daily: Why Perfect Pitch isn't always perfect
Perfect pitch, how it varies with age, and why notes near A are often mistaken for A.
science  music  blogentry 
october 2007 by mcherm
Freight Train
Song, which I will keep in honor of my father.
music  personal 
november 2006 by mcherm

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