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Amazon releases a no-cost distribution of OpenJDK - SD Times
Since I REALLY don't trust Oracle, this is good news. Sorry, Oracle - you've earned my lack of trust.
amazon  java  oracle 
november 2018 by mcherm
Oracle: Java SE 8 business users must buy a licence from January next year | V3
From the moment that Oracle bought Sun I feared they would try to find a way to charge for the use of Java. This is only for an older version, but still...
java  oracle  evil  via:HackerNews 
april 2018 by mcherm
JavaScript is in fact a trademark owned by Oracle | Hacker News
Sun talked Netscape into using the (confusing) name and gave them an exclusive perpetual license.
javascript  history  sun  oracle 
september 2014 by mcherm
Oracle Starts Charging for Updates to Java's Time Zone Database
I already knew Oracle was slimy, this is just one example.
java  oracle  evil  via:HackerNews 
june 2013 by mcherm
Fedora Linux considering switching out MySQL for MariaDB | ZDNet
Red Hat may switch from MySQL to a more open clone named "MariaDB".
zdnet  via:reddit  database  opensource  oracle  RedHat 
january 2013 by mcherm
A close look at how Oracle installs deceptive software with Java updates | ZDNet
Some details about how Oracle is making Java into an installer for spyware and general crummy stuff (Ask toolbar).
oracle  spyware  java  via:HackerNews  zdnet 
january 2013 by mcherm
Groklaw - Day 23, From the Courtroom: Oracle v. Google Trial - Jury: No Patent Infringement ~pj Updated 2Xs
Google wins (nearly everything) in the lawsuit from Oracle over the right to base Android on Java.
law  ip-law  patent  android  google  oracle 
may 2012 by mcherm
The impact of Oracle's defense of API copyrights | ITworld
Oracle is claiming that they can copyright APIs. This is a really bad idea for the software development world, this article explains some reasons.
oracle  evil  copyright  law  ip-law  via:HackerNews 
august 2011 by mcherm
The Hudson fight: Oracle's trademark may not guarantee its control | Open Source - InfoWorld
Oracle owned the trademark for an open source project, but contributed very little actual code. They tried to exert too much control (telling people what tools to use). The founder rebranded it and invited Oracle to join.
law  ip-law  oracle  opensource  via:reddit 
january 2011 by mcherm
InfoQ: Can Oracle Turn Java Around?
An excellent summary of what's happening right now in the Java community since Oracle bought Sun. It's not good for Oracle, OR for the Java community.
oracle  java  via:AlBlue 
october 2010 by mcherm
Doug Lea says he will not stand for another term in the Java Community Process (JCP) because he thinks it is not effective and he fears Oracle has announced their intention to simply violate the rules.
java  DougLea  oracle 
october 2010 by mcherm
Dear Oracle, Get a Clue « Ian Skerrett
A sensible, reasonable plea to Oracle to change their behavior before they make enemies of the entire Java community, shortly after buying Sun.
java  oracle  via:slashdot 
october 2010 by mcherm
Headius: My Thoughts on Oracle v Google
Detailed and technical (and long!) analysis of the Oracle v Google lawsuit.
google  oracle  law  patent  ip-law  patentabuse  java 
august 2010 by mcherm
Oracle won't let me download the JDK. WTF is up with that!! : programming
An interesting discussion that I got into about software patents and the Oracle-sues-Google-over-Java fiasco.
mypostings  via:reddit  google  oracle  java  ip-law  law  patent  patentabuse 
august 2010 by mcherm
Time to move on... : On a New Road
James Gosling (the original inventor of Java) leaves Oracle (which purchased Sun) to go to Google.
java  oracle  google 
april 2010 by mcherm
Living History: Larry Ellison: Will Price
Why Oracle bought Sun, and other insights from Larry Ellison.
via:HackerNews  oracle  personal_net 
september 2009 by mcherm
Log Explorer - analyzes transaction logs
Recomended to me by Small Values of Cool
february 2005 by mcherm
Data Normalization
A page that actually describes 1st through 5th normal forms.
oracle  refs 
november 2004 by mcherm
Oracle FAQ
A FAQ for Oracle that once seemed useful
oracle  refs 
november 2004 by mcherm

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