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Deputy who slammed N.C. middle school student to floor is fired, charged with assault
The police abuse did not stand in this case -- the deputy is being charged with assault.
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8 weeks ago by mcherm
‘No One Will Hurt You,’ a SWAT Officer Promised an Hour After Houston Cops Killed a Couple Falsely Accused of Selling Heroin –
I don't know how reliable the reporting is, but this seems to indict most of the police department in a cover-up, and a couple of officers in clear murder.
police  policeabuse 
july 2019 by mcherm
Appeals Court Reminds Deputies That Standing By While Rights Are Violated Is No Better Than Violating Them Yourself | Techdirt
Terrible situation. The bound and sexually abused inmate could not identify which of the police assaulted her because she had effectively been blindfolded. The court rules that she at least gets to go to trial on the grounds that she can accuse them at least of standing by and ignoring the events.
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june 2019 by mcherm
Officer Daniel Mack Denied Immunity | Law & Crime
Officer does NOT get qualified immunity, says appeals court.
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june 2019 by mcherm
No one should have to travel in fear – Andreas Gal – Medium
Quote: "When I became a U.S. citizen I swore to defend the Constitution. I’m a proud U.S. citizen and I take my oath seriously. It is in that spirit that I have filed a civil rights complaint with the help of the ACLU"
police  policeabuse  TSA  security  via:Techdirt 
april 2019 by mcherm
Fatal Houston PD Drug Raid Apparently Predicated On Drugs A Cop Had Stashed In His Car | Techdirt
Apparently the police made up a claim about drugs from an "informant" who apparently doesn't exist, then burst in and murdered the residents of the house, who were shooting them with guns later shown not to exist.
police  policeabuse  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
february 2019 by mcherm
Philly cops still abandon drivers on side of the road, in violation of 'Live Stop' policy - On top of Philly news
More abuses by Philly cops, this time leaving a father and two young kids abandoned by the roadside under code blue conditions in order to seize their car for a late registration renewal.
local  police  policeabuse  forfeiture  via:rachel 
january 2019 by mcherm
Undercover St. Louis cop says colleagues beat him 'like Rodney King'; describes attack as 'free for all' | Law and order |
He was beaten severely for being in a crowd. Officers who beat him say it would have been just fine to do if it hadn't turned out that he was actually an undercover police officer.
police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  via:reddit 
january 2019 by mcherm
Syracuse cops push St. Joe’s to probe man’s rectum for drugs; ‘What country are we living in?’ |
Police obtain a search warrant to search a suspect's anus for drugs. Doctors refuse but hospital lawyer overrides them. Patient is sedated, searched, charged $4,600; nothing is found. I think cooperating doctors should face discipline!
law  ethics  via:reddit  police  policeabuse 
december 2018 by mcherm
Investigation Finds Philly PD Officers Bought Forfeited Houses Seized During Drug Arrests | Techdirt
Not only were Philadelphia police abusing forfeiture in extreme ways (despite attempts to regulate it locally), they were also buying the seized houses themselves at auction (at least in a few cases).
via:Techdirt  techdirt  police  policeabuse  forfeiture  law  local 
december 2018 by mcherm
Is A Philadelphia Agency's Seizure Of Vehicles A New Form of Civil Asset Forfeiture? - The Appeal
Philadelphia can't use forfeiture any more, so now they seize cars "as evidence" and then auction them off "to recoup storage fees", regardless of whether the suspect is convicted.
law  via:reddit  police  policeabuse  forfeiture 
december 2018 by mcherm
Couple accuses TBI agents of illegal search - NewsChannel 5 Nashville
Apparently, if a homeowner says "no, you may not come in without a warrant" it is acceptable to break the door down, then, because there has been an incident, maintain control over the vicinity (and all people present) until a warrant can be obtained.
law  police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  via:reddit 
december 2018 by mcherm
$337,000 Settlement Headed To Elementary School Students Handcuffed By School Resource Officers | Techdirt
Police were handcuffing 8-year-olds (leaving them with nighmares and bedwetting for years). The police still think they were in the right (their insurance settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars).
police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  law  via:Techdirt  techdirt 
november 2018 by mcherm
Philly Cops Face Criminal Charges For Performing An Illegal Pedestrian Stop | Techdirt
The new district attorney in Philadelphia is actually making a difference by charging police officers with crimes when they do things like shooting fleeing suspects to death or falsifying records when accused of an illegal stop.
police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
october 2018 by mcherm
Police Officers At A Tactical Disadvantage Bravely Tase 87-Year-Old Woman Into Submission | Techdirt
Two police officers were so terrified of an 87 year old woman standing in the woods cutting dandelions with a knife that they were forced to attack her with a taser.
police  policeabuse  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
september 2018 by mcherm
McKinney, Texas, Girl Who Was Slammed to the Ground by Police at a Pool Party in 2015 Wins Settlement 
In this case, the police officer eventually resigned and the local government eventually paid a settlement.
law  police  policeabuse  via:boingboing 
july 2018 by mcherm
Another Police Accountability Miracle: Five Officers, Zero Body Cam Footage, One Dead Body | Techdirt
5 separate police officers simultaneously have mysterious equipment failures that result in not capturing video of a police shooting. I hope such a fact would be admissible in court as evidence of witness reliability.
police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
june 2018 by mcherm
Former Daggett County jail inmates tortured by police say they hope their lawsuit will bring change to how prisoners are treated - The Salt Lake Tribune
Utah has a program shipping prisoners to jails in less-populous counties. One of them was abusing prisoners for fun. The abusers have received minimal (but not zero) punishment.
prison  policeabuse  policeimmunity 
may 2018 by mcherm
Cops 'Help' Naked, Possibly-Suicidal Schizophrenic Man By Tasing Him To Death | Techdirt
Concerned that the clearly weaponless mentally ill man in his own bathroom at a group home might injure himself, the cops killed him. They had to work at it for a while before he actually died. No one will be charged.
policeabuse  police  policeimmunity  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
may 2018 by mcherm
Stop Rubber Stamping Officer-Involved Shootings as Justified
The excuses that police give for a shooting would never work for a civilian.
policeimmunity  policeabuse  via:reddit 
april 2018 by mcherm
Cop Hits Woman's Car At 94 MPH, Killing Her Infant. Police Arrest Woman For Negligent Homicide. | Techdirt
Police officer drives recklessly and causes a fatal accident. The driver and passengers in the car that was hit are prosecuted immediately (for "contributing" to the death by not buckling properly); the officer will not be investigated at least until after a long delay.
police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
march 2018 by mcherm
West Virginia city pays former officer $175,000 to settle lawsuit after he decided not to shoot distraught suspect - CNN
That time when one officer was successfully talking a suspect down before another officer shot him dead, then the city fired the first officer for NOT shooting him? In the end the good officer "won".
law  police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  via:reddit 
february 2018 by mcherm
For Cops Handing Out Bogus Pedestrian Tickets, Ignorance Of The Law Is The Most Profitable Excuse | Techdirt
It's not illegal to cross the street in Florida (except near a light). But about 3/4 of all tickets given are invalid. Police know folks will pay instead of showing up for court. They also use bad tickets as probable cause for a stop, and issue them disproportionately to people of the wrong race.
police  policeabuse  overprosecution  racism  techdirt  via:Techdirt  law 
january 2018 by mcherm
Violence in Blue
1/10 of US killings is from police; 1/3 of all killings by a stranger is by police. This estimate is made by comparing incomplete lists to estimate population size and figuring in list correlation.
statistics  police  via:HackerNews  policeabuse 
december 2017 by mcherm
Court to Police: Nope, Sometimes “Fleeing” Is Just Jogging | Lowering the Bar
He was out jogging. The police chased him, then threatened to shoot him. He surrendered to the first uniformed officer he encountered. They arrested him for "resisting or delaying an officer" and threw him out of police academy. Court says "he was just jogging".
police  policeabuse  overprosecution  via:LoweringTheBar 
december 2017 by mcherm
An LAPD officer accidentally filmed himself putting cocaine in a suspect’s wallet - Vox
It's the first time we've ever seen footage of LAPD body cameras. And it shows the cop planting evidence. (Caught only because he didn't realize the camera records a few seconds of video BEFORE you switch it on.)
police  policeabuse  surveillance 
november 2017 by mcherm
Cops Sent Warrant To Facebook To Dig Up Dirt On Woman Whose Boyfriend They Had Just Killed | Techdirt
Not only did the police shoot a man dead, they also created a shady warrant to try to dig up dirt on his girlfriend afterward, presumably to spin a better story.
techdirt  via:reddit  police  policeabuse 
june 2017 by mcherm
This Machine Kills Accountability: The Ongoing Persecution Of Good Cops | Techdirt
Two stories of cops who report police abuse getting much worse treatment than the abusers they reported.
police  policeabuse  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
june 2017 by mcherm
'Backdoor' Search Of FBI Records Helps Parents Learn How Local Cops Killed Their Son | Techdirt
This makes me sick. The police officers certainly abused this young man and probably killed him. Not only are they immune to prosecution, they are even immune to civil suits, although in this case the parents found an elaborate way to get around that.
policeabuse  police  policeimmunity  evil  via:Techdirt  techdirt 
may 2017 by mcherm
Lawsuit: Police Destroyed Farm House To Capture Homeless Man Armed With An Ice Cream Bar | Techdirt
Rumor has it they did $150,000 in damage because they saw an opportunity to conduct a "training exercise" on someone's private property.
police  policeabuse  via:Techdirt  techdirt 
march 2017 by mcherm
The Justice Department’s stunning report on the Baltimore Police Department - The Washington Post
The official Justice department report on the Baltimore Police is astoundingly horrifying. Severe racism and complete disregard for civil rights was not only common, it was officially mandated.
racism  discrimination  police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  via:reddit 
march 2017 by mcherm
Court To Cop: You Took 80 Days Away From A Person's Life With A Baseless Warrant, So We're Taking Your Immunity | Techdirt
Here's a case where the police officer does NOT get immunity -- because they arrested some random person who happened to have the same name as their suspect against which they had no admissible evidence.
policeabuse  policeimmunity  law 
february 2017 by mcherm
Rights And Reality: Georgia Cop Jails Ex-Wife For Facebook Gripe | Popehat
She contends (with evidence) her police officer husband arrested and jailed her for violating a non-existent law by posting to Facebook something about him that wasn't very nice.
policeabuse  via:popehat  law 
february 2017 by mcherm
Sheriff's Office Raids Home, Seizes All The Furniture, Ultimately Returns Everything But The Couch | Techdirt
Police seize furniture from house on the grounds that maybe the homeowner's boyfriend is a drug dealer and if so maybe he bought her the furniture with drug profits. They eventually reached a settlement: most of the furniture needs to be returned, but not one of the couches.
forfeiture  law  policeabuse  via:Techdirt 
january 2017 by mcherm
Charged a Fee for Getting Arrested, Whether Guilty or Not
No presumption of innocence, and not actually returning money seized during arrest.
law  police  policeabuse 
december 2016 by mcherm
Court Won't Grant Immunity To Officer Who Issued A 'Be On The Lookout' Order On Whistleblowing Cop | Techdirt
This is one case where the court didn't grant immunity: the cop who warned other officers that an officer reporting racial abuse was a dangerous threat can be sued for defamation.
police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  racism  via:Techdirt  techdirt 
december 2016 by mcherm
Cops Who Repeatedly Treated Refusal As Consent Watch Their Seized Evidence Vanish | Techdirt
Police often stopped these boys, requested a search, were denied, and searched anyway. The time they didn't deny it, the cops found something. Court rules that the kids effectively didn't know their right to refuse, because the police had taught them they didn't have one.
police  policeabuse  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
december 2016 by mcherm
When Librarians Are Silenced by Francine Prose | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
A talk given at the library was allowed to bring off-duty police to work security because of recent murders, so long as they respected the public's right to speak. A speaker and a librarian were attacked and dragged off by the police and are being prosecuted.
library  freespeech  policeabuse  police  via:HackerNews 
october 2016 by mcherm
FBI Tests The Waters On Another Attempt To Force Apple To Unlock An iPhone | Techdirt
I say FBI isn't stupid enough to take Apple to court again over unlocking a cell phone, this time of a guy shot to death by a police officer.
mypostings  policeimmunity  policeabuse  4thAmmendment 
october 2016 by mcherm
FBI Agent Apparently Egged on ‘Draw Muhammad’ Shooter - The Daily Beast
Apparently the FBI actually encouraged someone (presumably in hopes of making an arrest) who then went on to go on a murder spree. Perhaps this isn't the best way to do policing.
terrorism  police  policeabuse  via:boingboing 
august 2016 by mcherm
Taking Photos Is My Job & The NYPD Can't Stand It: Gothamist
A New York City photographic reporter accounts the effort police have made to prevent him from reporting on their work.
journalism  police  policeabuse  censorship  via:reddit 
july 2016 by mcherm
Good Samaritan Backfire — Medium
The story of being arrested and then abused for no reason.
police  policeabuse 
july 2016 by mcherm
Facebook ‘glitch’ that deleted the Philando Castile shooting vid: It was the police – sources • The Register
Apparently, police seized the phone of the girlfriend of the man they shot dead and used her account to delete the video of the shooting from Facebook.
police  policeabuse  censorship  via:HackerNews 
july 2016 by mcherm
Homeowner Sues Police After Pursuit Of Shoplifter Leaves Him With No Home To Own | Techdirt
It does seem a bit much to pretty much blow up someone else's home in pursuit of a shoplifter.
policeabuse  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
june 2016 by mcherm
Legal bills mount as Ferguson stands by 'failure-to-comply' cases | Law and order |
In Ferguson, they are prosecuting people for "failure to comply" even though in most of these cases it isn't a crime. This article demonstrates that the prosecutor is out of control (eg: pressing cases where there is no witness, on the grounds that you can infer there was a crime because the person was arrested), and of course there are absolutely no checks and balances on prosecutors.
Ferguson  police  policeabuse  law  overprosecution 
may 2016 by mcherm
Rape and Civility | Popehat
A passionate defense of being less "civil" if "civility" means you can't call abuses of power what they are.
police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  via:popehat  KenWhite 
april 2016 by mcherm
Are Most Body Cavity Searches Even Constitutional? - The Atlantic
Police performing anal searches on no real evidence is downright common, according to this article.
police  policeabuse  law  via:reddit  personal_net 
april 2016 by mcherm
Video shows SAISD officer slamming middle school girl to the...
It certainly APPEARS that slamming a 12-yr-old girl into the ground in order to subdue her is an excessive use of force by this full-grown police officer.
police  policeabuse  via:boingboing  personal_net 
april 2016 by mcherm
1/3 of all people in the US killed by a stranger are killed by police
I don't know that I trust the analysis or the conclusion, but at least they're trying and they're justifying their approach.
statistics  police  policeabuse  policeimmunity  via:reddit 
march 2016 by mcherm
Tea and Unaccountability: Bureaucracy and the Drug War | Popehat
He makes the excellent point that the police bureaucracy is set up in such a way that NO ONE is responsible for anything.
policeabuse  policeimmunity  via:popehat 
january 2016 by mcherm
Some police settlements confidential; criminal charges deter some from calling out brutality, lawsuits say: Forcing Change |
Many municipalities are settling police abuse cases but only with gag orders preventing discussion of the incident. They are also prosecuting people just in order to be able to offer dropping the prosecution as part of a deal.
police  policeimmunity  policeabuse  law  via:Techdirt 
november 2015 by mcherm
In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me. - The Washington Post
This is one of the best persuasive essays I have read on excessive police tactics. A war veteran who was assaulted by police compares it to the strategy change that won the Iraq war.
police  policeabuse  via:reddit  essay 
july 2015 by mcherm
Insuring That All Lives Matter | RHDefense: The Law Office of Rick Horowitz
Proposal: require police to carry liability insurance that they pay for themselves (like doctors, lawyers, or land surveyors) thus enlisting actuaries to keep abuse in line.
law  police  policeabuse  via:popehat 
july 2015 by mcherm
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