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openpyxl package — openpyxl 3.0.2 documentation
The actual package documentation for the python library I have used for reading and writing Excel files.
python  refs  programming  excel 
december 2019 by mcherm
Writing system software: code comments. - <antirez>
This is perhaps the definitive guide to classify different types of comments in code, and analyze why they are useful and whether they are.
programming  refs  via:NeilKakkar  bookClub 
august 2019 by mcherm
OpenAPI Specification | Swagger
The specification for APIs (formerly swagger, now OpenAPI).
refs  standards  REST  APIDesign 
may 2019 by mcherm
TypeScript Handbook
I can't seem to link to the whole handbook, so here's one page from the typescript handbook.
typescript  refs  programming 
march 2019 by mcherm
The Twelve-Factor App
A really GOOD set of policies for architecture of applications built to run in the cloud. (Or anywhere, for that matter!)
architecture  programming  devops  softwaredevelopment  cloudcomputing  refs 
june 2018 by mcherm
JS Comparison Table
Javascripts == is so stupid it needs this site to make sense of it.
javascript  refs  programming 
august 2016 by mcherm
Ceylon: Reference
The best homepage to link to for info on Ceylon.
refs  ceylon  programming 
march 2016 by mcherm
Maven Dependency plugin - Resolving conflicts using the dependency tree
How to use Maven to show the dependency tree for a project.
maven  refs 
february 2014 by mcherm
W3C XML Schema (XSD) Validation online
An online tool to validate XML schemas. Can independently check if XML is well-formed, whether a schema is valid, and whether the XML conforms to the schema.
useful  refs  xml  programming 
february 2013 by mcherm
Javadocs for Amazon APIs
Javadoc references for all Amazon APIs.
refs  simpledb  aws  api  notes 
january 2013 by mcherm
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document
Core rules (online) for the Pathfinder role-playing game.
gaming  refs  pathfinder 
april 2012 by mcherm
Chestnutwold / Calendar
Our school's calendar. Probably.
local  refs  school 
january 2012 by mcherm
Platform Versions - Pie Chart
A pie chart showing how prevalent each version of Android is.
android  refs  mobile 
october 2011 by mcherm
Articles on Cobol to PC data conversion
Some useful articles that helped me understand how to convert Cobol output files from a mainframe for consumption by PC programs.
refs  cobol 
september 2011 by mcherm
How to manage IDEA projects under Version Control Systems :: JetBrains Developer Community
I *think* this is the answer to what to share and what is local when committing to a version control system and everyone is using intellij.
versioncontrol  intellij  refs 
february 2011 by mcherm
DocJar: Search Open Source Java API
Online source for javadocs AND source code for a bunch of standard library things in Java.
refs  java  javadoc  programming 
november 2010 by mcherm
JSR-000154 Java Servlet 2.4 Specification - Final Release
The specification for Java servlets: explains what web.xml does and things like that. (Version 2.4, from 2003).
java  servlet  refs 
september 2010 by mcherm
keytool-Key and Certificate Management Tool
Docs for the keytool tool that Java uses to manage certs and keys.
java  cryptography  refs 
september 2010 by mcherm
MQ Reason codes (another page).
A new page with Websphere MQ error codes ("Reason Codes").
mq  refs 
december 2009 by mcherm
Maven Surefire Plugin - Skipping Test
Tell maven to skip tests by using "-DskipTests". Other options like "-Dmaven.test.skip=true" are inferior.
maven  programming  refs 
june 2009 by mcherm
Cryptographic Right Answers
Some useful advice about which crypto techniques to use (as of now, 2009). It's good advice if you mean to be truly secure: follow it!. This is by the guy in charge of security for FreeBSD -- that's about as trustworthy a source as you can get for this kind of information!
via:NedBatchelder  cryptography  programming  refs 
june 2009 by mcherm
Spring Web Services - Reference Documentation
Documentation on Spring-ws (web services from Spring).
spring-ws  spring  java  programming  refs 
june 2009 by mcherm
Google Wave Federation Protocol
The site that has specifications for the Wave protocol.
wave  refs  google 
june 2009 by mcherm
Maven Surefire Plugin - Running a Single Test
ONE of a couple of ways to run just a single test in Maven: add "-Dtest=MyTestClassTest".
maven  refs  junit 
may 2009 by mcherm
Maven PMD Plugin - maven-pmd-plugin - pmd:pmd
Here are details about maven's tool for running PMD (a code style tool). It includes the command "-Dpmd.skip=true".
maven  pmd  refs 
may 2009 by mcherm
Maven Book: 3.2. Creating a Simple Project
Example of how to use "mvn archetype" to create an empty maven project.
maven  refs  archetype 
may 2009 by mcherm
px - em - % - pt - keyword: Specifying font sizes in HTML - css-tricks
Everything you need to know about how to specify the size of text in web pages.
typography  html  webdesign  webdevelopment  css  refs 
april 2009 by mcherm
Maven Repository: Search/Browse/Explore
A place you can go to look up the maven dependency declarations for the pom file for lots of commonly-used packages.
maven  refs 
april 2009 by mcherm
JavaScript Madness: Keyboard Events
A *very* useful reference explaining the behavior of different browsers with regard to keydown, keyup, and keypress events.
browsers  javascript  webdevelopment  refs 
march 2009 by mcherm
JavaScript Kit- JavaScript Reference
A Javascript reference. It may not be very good, but it's better than anything higher than it in Google's ranking.
programming  javascript  refs 
february 2009 by mcherm CSS Positioning
The CSS box model explained accurately.
css  refs  html  boxmodel 
february 2009 by mcherm
Interop Between Java and Scala - Code Commit
A discussion of how Java and Scala interoperate. Basically, all Scala classes ARE Java classes, perhaps with some standard methods or inner classes for special Scala features. Explains how traits are implemented.
scala  jvm  programming  languagedesign  java  refs 
february 2009 by mcherm
CSS - Quirks mode and strict mode
Essential documentation on "quirks mode" and "strict mode" and how to control them in browser page rendering.
webdesign  webdevelopment  html  ie  firefox  standards  refs 
january 2009 by mcherm
URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST
Important analysis of the difference between HTTP verbs "GET" and "POST", and when each should be used.
webdevelopment  w3c  http  refs 
october 2008 by mcherm
Apache Velocity - VTL Reference
Velocity Template Language Reference
velocity  refs 
september 2008 by mcherm
Spring Framework API 2.5
The javadocs for the Spring framework.
spring  springmvc  javadoc  java  refs 
september 2008 by mcherm
HTML 4.01 Tutorial
A brief and incomplete but halfway decent HTML and CSS tutorial.
refs  webdesign  css  html 
may 2008 by mcherm
Rosetta Code
A wiki with simple but non-trivial code examples in lots of different languages.
useful  languages  languagedesign  programming  wiki  rosetta  refs  reference 
november 2007 by mcherm
Sun JMS Developer's Guide for Java Clients
Documentation from Sun on JMS (Java Messaging System).
programming  java  JMS  refs  refs/java 
september 2007 by mcherm
Venkman Walkthrough
Javascript debugger (for Firefox)
firefox  mozilla  javascript  refs 
october 2006 by mcherm
Mozilla DOM object reference
Reference for Mozilla/Firefox describing the objects available to javascript.
refs  javascript  xul  mozilla  firefox 
september 2006 by mcherm
HTML and DHTML Reference
Microsoft's DHTML reference.
refs  html  javascript 
july 2006 by mcherm
Windows Script Host objects
Documentation on objects available for Windows Scripting (WSH).
languages/javascript  refs  windows  javascript  wsh 
september 2005 by mcherm
Data Normalization
A page that actually describes 1st through 5th normal forms.
oracle  refs 
november 2004 by mcherm
Oracle FAQ
A FAQ for Oracle that once seemed useful
oracle  refs 
november 2004 by mcherm
Unicode code charts
Document containing the full unicode code charts
refs  unicode  xml 
november 2004 by mcherm
XML Information Set
XML Information Set Specification
refs  xml 
november 2004 by mcherm
XML Schema Part 0
Starting doc for XML Schema specification
refs  xml 
november 2004 by mcherm
XPath specification
The official XPath specification. Very useful for XSLT work.
refs  xml  xpath  xslt 
november 2004 by mcherm
XSLT Reference
A sometimes-handy reference on XSLT (has examples)
refs  xml  xslt 
november 2004 by mcherm
XSLT Specification
The official docs on XSLT (fairly readable)
refs  xml  xslt 
november 2004 by mcherm

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