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How would you handle a murder mystery? [3.5] : loremasters
My advice on how to run a murder mystery in a gaming campaign.
mypostings  blogworthy  gaming  rpg 
december 2014 by mcherm
Monsters DB - Pathfinder_OGC
A database of monsters in Pathfinder which can be filtered.
pathfinder  useful  rpg 
march 2013 by mcherm
JRR Tolkien, The Retcon and Your Campaign: Big Ball of No Fun
You can take something the party already has (or current party member) and reveal a surprise about it. Like when Bilbo's invisibility ring turned out to be the One Ring.
GamingIdeas  rpg  via:reddit 
december 2012 by mcherm
Zenith Games: More Interesting Traps: The Boulder Trap
A really interesting (and elaborate) trap, expressed in Pathfinder rules.
rpg  GamingIdeas  via:PathfinderForums 
november 2012 by mcherm
RPGLife maps
Some maps for gaming. Great ship details, some nice city maps (without keys).
maps  GamingIdeas  rpg  gaming  via:reddit 
september 2012 by mcherm
An interesting game mechanic
Injury deck; draw as many cards as your HP and keep the one you want. Some cards drain HP; run out of HP and you're dead.
gamedesign  rpg  via:DavidMacIver  DavidMacIver 
june 2012 by mcherm
Dave's Mapper | RPG Map Generator
A random map generator that uses various sets of geomorphs... really quite interesting.
rpg  GamingIdeas  maps 
may 2012 by mcherm - Advice: Character XP for an Absent Player?
Lots of people endorse and get strong reasons for a policy of leveling everyone together based on plot instead of using experience points.
gamemastering  gaming  rpg 
may 2012 by mcherm
Riddles and Answers in Dungeons and Dragons |
A mechanic for doing riddles in a RPG. In order from worst int to best, players get to guess the answer (knowing it is great). If wrong hangman hints (# of words/letters right) are revealed for next guesser.
gaming  rpg  via:reddit 
september 2011 by mcherm
How much for a pitcher of ale? « Blog of Holding
Gaming economy: Sell all goods in poor medium and high quality. Factor of 10 cost difference; small but meaningful quality differences.
rpg  gamemastering 
march 2011 by mcherm
The Alexandrian » Blog Archive » Three Clue Rule
"Always plant at least 3 clues to every important mystery" and other GM suggestions for running a mystery.
gaming  rpg  via:reddit 
february 2011 by mcherm
review of how we came to live here
a review of an interesting game with cooperative narative style and a native American mythology.
via:reddit  rpg  personal_net 
december 2010 by mcherm
Non-Combat Gameplay: Myths & Reality
Great examples of how fantasy gamers can avoid killing everything in sight.
gaming  rpg  via:reddit 
november 2010 by mcherm
Breaking Out of Scientific Magic Systems
A really good article on designing the magic system for a role-playing game. Points out that we normally treat magic as a sort of science, but it could be more natural and less controlled which would be closer to the flavor of magic in mythology.
worldbuilding  magic  gaming  rpg  via:reddit 
february 2010 by mcherm
Random Lee Twenty Dice Roller for Google Wave
A decent wave robot that rolls dice for gaming.
wave  rpg  dice  gaming 
december 2009 by mcherm
You Want to Do What? The Art of Improvisation in GMing (Part 2) | Dungeon Mastering
Advice on how, as GM, to allow the players to control what happens and improvise a bit.
personal_net  via:reddit  rpg 
november 2009 by mcherm
www.Gozzy' - Great random maps
Tool that generates excellent random caves and wilderness.
maps  D&D  rpg  roleplaying  freeware  via:reddit  useful 
november 2009 by mcherm
The SCP Foundation: Main
Stories about things which must not be known.
funny  rpg  fantasy  scifi  via:reddit 
november 2009 by mcherm
Google Wave: we came, we saw, we played D&D - Ars Technica
You can play role playing games on Google Wave. Well, somewhat.
gaming  wave  rpg  via:HackerNews  ArsTechnica 
october 2009 by mcherm
Free RPG Games
Roleplaying games, including a write-a-game-in-24-hours contest and a large backlog of freely published games. Really cool!
rpg  gaming  roleplaying  gamedesign  games  D&D 
october 2009 by mcherm
Elvish :: Name Translations ::
Elvish names for role playing games.
gaming  language  rpg 
august 2009 by mcherm
Head of Vecna
The famous "Head of Vecna" story.
funny  roleplaying  rpg 
june 2009 by mcherm
Amagi Games
A site with helpful essays on roleplaying, and probably some other resources as well.
gamedesign  gaming  roleplaying  rpg 
july 2008 by mcherm
…in Spaaace!
A very simple, silly setting space-opera role playing game in which everything is resolved by players betting against the GM.
GregStolze  games  rpg 
july 2008 by mcherm

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