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One Program Written in Python, Go, and Rust – Nicolas Hahn
He compares a real (but simple) program in Python, Go, and Rust. Rust has more bare-metal speed. Python is more readable and faster to code (also it uses a library, but he considers that typical and thus fair).
languagedesign  programming  programminglanguages  golang  rust  python  via:HackerNews 
10 weeks ago by mcherm
Comparing the Same Project in Rust, Haskell, C++, Python, Scala and OCaml - Tristan Hume
A *really* good case study: for a course, several competent teams wrote the same program is various languages. Afterward, the code size was compared. Slight advantage to Python and Scala, but mostly it depended on the design decisions, not the language.
programming  programminglanguages  rust  scala  python  haskell  C++  ocaml  via:HackerNews 
june 2019 by mcherm
The Epic Story of Dropbox’s Exodus From the Amazon Cloud Empire | WIRED
Dropbox is big enough to move off of Amazon's cloud to its own servers. It optimizes those for its use case, even using custom-built hardware. Their testing continued until they hit 180 days w/o a bug. They re-wrote the software in Rust, not Go.
dropbox  aws  cloudcomputing  amazon  wired  golang  rust  via:HackerNews 
march 2016 by mcherm
Why Rust's ownership/borrowing is hard
Some specific examples of how rust's strict approach to "borrowing" of references can make straightforward-looking things fail to compile. Also, some about the programming style to work around it.
rust  via:HackerNews  programming  languagedesign 
february 2016 by mcherm
The Rust Programming Language
A programming language that has "ownership" built into the language. The result is "garbage collection" when things go out of scope and ensuring that threads never alter a piece of data at the same time.
languages  rust  via:EricSink 
june 2015 by mcherm
Rust lifetimes: Getting away with things that would be reckless in C++ | Random Hacks
The language "rust" supports a compiler-enforced declaration that one object's lifetime exceeds another's. This is illustrated with short-lived substrings.
programming  rust  languagedesign  via:HackerNews 
september 2014 by mcherm

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