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McMoon: How the Earliest Images of the Moon Were so Much Better than we Realised – World of Indie
They used satellite spy cameras to take really good pictures of the moon in order to select a landing place, but then the pictures they released to the public were much lower in resolution in order to hide the capabilities of the spy cameras.
history  space  via:HackerNews  surveillance 
june 2018 by mcherm
Not Paying Attention in Class? China’s "Smart Eye" Will Snitch on You
The ultimate surveillance: students checked every 30 seconds to see what emotion their face shows and whether they are paying attention in class.
china  distopia  surveillance  via:HackerNews 
may 2018 by mcherm
Amazon won't say if it hands your Echo data to the government | ZDNet
Amazon has a huge number of government requests for information and won't say what it is for.
amazon  privacy  via:boingboing  surveillance  4thAmmendment 
january 2018 by mcherm
An LAPD officer accidentally filmed himself putting cocaine in a suspect’s wallet - Vox
It's the first time we've ever seen footage of LAPD body cameras. And it shows the cop planting evidence. (Caught only because he didn't realize the camera records a few seconds of video BEFORE you switch it on.)
police  policeabuse  surveillance 
november 2017 by mcherm
Strong Crypto Is Not The Problem: Manchester And London Attackers Were Known To The Authorities | Techdirt
In the most recent attack *and historically in almost all high-profile terrorist attacks*, at least one of the perpetrators was already reported as being a terrorism risk. This is NOT evidence we need to spy on everyone.
surveillance  security  terrorism  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
june 2017 by mcherm
China's "citizen scores" used to blacklist 6.7m people from using high-speed rail or flying / Boing Boing
This is how the modern state enforces things in a way that can keep a huge population under control: "soft" but powerful repercussions for displeasing officials or for associating with anyone who does.
surveillance  china  via:boingboing  distopia 
february 2017 by mcherm
Ohio Arsonist Gets Busted By His Own Pacemaker | Techdirt
His pacemaker data history showed that his story about grabbing things quickly and running after the fire started wasn't plausible. Do we really want our implanted devices spying on us?
law  security  techdirt  via:Techdirt  surveillance  4thAmmendment 
february 2017 by mcherm
Obama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out | Electronic Frontier Foundation
We don't need no warrants! Just let the NSA collect everything and send it to the Department of Justice! The Constitution is outdated anyway... aren't we better off run as a kingdom?
obama  security  nsa  surveillance  4thAmmendment 
january 2017 by mcherm
surveillance, whistleblowing, and security engineering
Yahoo executives installed a back-door for US Govt to use without informing their security team. (When they found it, they assumed it had been done by hackers.)
security  ethics  privacy  surveillance  yahoo 
december 2016 by mcherm
The Privacy Wars Are About to Get A Whole Lot Worse - Cory Doctorow
Ubiquitous surveillance is supposedly authorized through shrink wrap or click-through agreements that nobody reads. Soon the data collection will be by objects not website and there is no place to even click through. But because of universal arbitration agreements we won't be able to sue.
privacy  surveillance  CoryDoctorow  via:reddit  arbitration 
september 2016 by mcherm
Leak Reveals Secret FBI Guidelines That Basically Give Them Free Rein To Spy On Journalists And Sources | Techdirt
Another case where (as far as I can tell) the FBI mislead Congress when it was engaged in its oversight role.
surveillance  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
july 2016 by mcherm
NYPD Using 'Nuisance Abatement' Law To Force Small Businesses To Install Cameras, Agree To Warrantless Searches | Techdirt
NY police are using a legal procedure with representation by only one side to shut down businesses unless they agree to permanently install cameras and allow warrantless inspections at that location forever.
law  surveillance  techdirt  via:Techdirt  4thAmmendment 
may 2016 by mcherm
Once Again, Arguments Supporting Warrantless Surveillance Wither When Exposed to Sunlight | Electronic Frontier Foundation
This is an EXCELLENT illustration of why secret government policy and especially secret legal reasoning is so toxic: the legal justification for surveillance wouldn't fool a 1st year law student but it was secret.
surveillance  law  secrecy  eff  via:reddit 
march 2016 by mcherm
"No Cost" License Plate Readers Are Turning Texas Police into Mobile Debt Collectors and Data Miners | Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF complains about license plate readers deployed en mass and paid for by charging a 25% surcharge on collecting fines from motorists it locates and by selling the data on everyone's location.
eff  surveillance  via:HackerNews 
january 2016 by mcherm
How is NSA breaking so much crypto?
A reasonable sounding theory of how the NSA spies on even encrypted traffic off internet backbones.
security  cryptography  nsa  privacy  surveillance  via:reddit 
october 2015 by mcherm
The FBI's Own Surveillance Air Force - The Atlantic
Apparently the FBI has been spying from planes for years AND THEY DIDN'T TELL CONGRESS.
privacy  surveillance  law  4thAmmendment 
june 2015 by mcherm
Australia outlaws warrant canaries - Boing Boing
Australia passed a law allowing the government to spy on journalists and prohibiting anyone from saying whether or not they are being spied on (even if they aren't).
law  surveillance  privacy  security  via:HackerNews  boingboing 
march 2015 by mcherm
Technology should be used to create social mobility – not to spy on citizens | Technology | The Guardian
Surveillance state with technology allows much greater wealth inequality while still preventing revolutions.
surveillance  CoryDoctorow  via:boingboing 
march 2015 by mcherm
Ai Weiwei is Living in Our Future — Medium
A very nice (though poorly titled) essay on ubiquitous surveillance and its corrosive impact on people and society especially in a world of huge, all-powerful corporations.
privacy  surveillance  via:HackerNews 
january 2015 by mcherm
The Nor » All Cameras Are Police Cameras
He took a walk in London, snapping pictures of the cameras watching him. He got arrested for being a potential terrorist or burglar, carrying the tools needed for burglary (i.e., the camera).
surveillance  privacy  rights 
november 2014 by mcherm
FBI Director: If Apple and Google Won't Decrypt Phones, We'll Force Them To | Motherboard
The article points out how very out of touch the FBI director is. Oh, and Congress too.
privacy  surveillance  via:reddit 
october 2014 by mcherm
What new Ray Rice video proves: the people who have the footage have the power - Vox
An interesting point: deciding to (or not to) release video evidence has a profound effect on the outcome. I wonder what the standards ought to be.
ethics  surveillance  via:vox  vox  blogworthy 
september 2014 by mcherm
Quadrocopter pilot gets attacked by drone-hating woman | Ars Technica
A camera-phone video had captured the interaction, and the police were able to use that to resolve the situation reasonably.
police  surveillance  via:ArsTechnica  ArsTechnica 
august 2014 by mcherm
Obama: No warrantless wiretaps if you elect me - CNET
As a candidate he promised no warrantless surveillance. That's not how it turned out.
politics  surveillance  nsa  obama  via:reddit 
august 2014 by mcherm
Facebook Fighting Against Massively Broad Warrant From NY District Attorney For All Information From 381 Accounts | Techdirt
The DA can apparently issue warrants for EVERY detail about hundreds of people from Facebook complete with a gag order prohibiting Facebook from revealing that it is happening, and Facebook does not have standing to challenge it.
facebook  snowden  surveillance  law 
july 2014 by mcherm
FBI withdraws national security letter following Microsoft challenge | Ars Technica
Microsoft contested the gag order provision of a national security letter. Apparently there is at least one court case (decision stayed pending appeal) that has ruled them illegal because it violates the first amendment rights. At any rate, the FBI backed off and let Microsoft off the hook (and got the data in a different way).
law  surveillance  privacy  4thAmmendment  microsoft  freespeech  ArsTechnica  via:ArsTechnica 
may 2014 by mcherm
ongoing by Tim Bray · Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack
The IETF (they write RFCs) just declared that pervasive monitoring is a threat to the internet and that future standards need to include comments on how they address it.
privacy  surveillance  internet  RFC  nsa  snowden  via:HackerNews 
may 2014 by mcherm
Florida Cops' Secret Weapon: Warrantless Cellphone Tracking | Threat Level |
Police say: we didn't get a warrant to search the house because we didn't want to admit to a judge that we were using a fake cell tower (without a warrant). We couldn't admit that because we signed a non-disclosure agreement.
via:reddit  police  surveillance  4thAmmendment  wired 
march 2014 by mcherm
NSA robots are 'collecting' your data, too, and they're getting away with it | Comment is free |
Re-defining "collect data" to mean "only if a human sees it" and "computers looking doesn't count" is hogwash. Computers looking DOES matter, because they run algorithms and then DO something with it (like show it to humans, but other pernicious things are also possible).
nsa  privacy  surveillance  BruceSchneier  via:reddit  TheGuardian  ai 
february 2014 by mcherm
Can We Avoid a Surveillance State Dystopia? - Charlie's Diary
This guest blogger thinks we CAN possibly avoid a surveillance dystopia and he discusses the background and what he sees as hopeful. Well written.
privacy  surveillance  security  via:CharlesStross  rights 
february 2014 by mcherm
NSA surveillance violates attorney-client privilege
An example of an actual case of the government abusing the power of surveillance of attorney-client communications.
law  snowden  nsa  surveillance  via:reddit 
february 2014 by mcherm
The terrifying surveillance case of Brandon Mayfield | Al Jazeera America
A good example of another reason for privacy even if you've done nothing wrong. Because some percentage of people will have coincidences that make them suspicious even if innocent.
snowden  nsa  surveillance  privacy  law  via:HackerNews 
february 2014 by mcherm
Obama’s Changes to Government Surveillance -
NY Times summary of Obama's approach to "reigning in" NSA surveillance.
nsa  obama  politics  surveillance  nytimes 
january 2014 by mcherm
Schneier on Security: How the NSA Threatens National Security
Bruce Schneier: the NSA surveillance hasn't helped and it HAS harmed security. Here's how, with lots of links to back it up.
nsa  BruceSchneier  via:BruceSchneier  surveillance 
january 2014 by mcherm
The Daily Dot - The NSA has nearly complete backdoor access to Apple's iPhone
The NSA can do anything to an apple device (but may need physical access).
nsa  surveillance  snowden  apple  iphone  via:reddit 
december 2013 by mcherm
Facebook self-censorship: What happens to the posts you don’t publish?
Keeping data you type and then delete as part of an unlimited undo functionality makes sense to me. Keeping it just to spy on people, that's Facebook.
privacy  surveillance  facebook  via:slashdot 
december 2013 by mcherm
Boston Police indefinitely suspends license plate reader program | Ars Technica
The police were scanning license plates and recording who traveled where, but they weren't even using it for catching cars listed as stolen (the purported purpose of the system). Under pressure, they turned it off.
surveillance  via:ArsTechnica  ArsTechnica  privacy 
december 2013 by mcherm
CertiVox confirms it withdrew PrivateSky after GCHQ issued warrant | IT Security Guru
Another company had eliminated their secure email service because the government insisted on being allowed to snoop. This one was in the UK, was before Lavabit, and they didn't go public about it.
security  surveillance  privacy  lavabit  via:HackerNews 
december 2013 by mcherm
How Americans Were Deceived About Cell Phone Location Data - Atlantic Mobile
The NSA lied to the press and to Congress by saying they weren't tracking cell phone locations. They pretended to be telling the truth by careful misleading words.
privacy  nsa  surveillance 
december 2013 by mcherm
Troy Hunt: Fixing ghoulish HTML behaviour after Ghostery breaks the web to block Disqus
Ghostery (a browser plugin for monitoring or blocking trackers) messed up his blog. He fixed it, but it was bad behavior on Ghostery's part.
webdevelopment  ghostery  via:HackerNews  surveillance 
november 2013 by mcherm
Google Transparency Report Reveals More Demands for Data, Less Judicial Oversight - TechFreedom
An analysis of Google's government requests report for this year. 3/4 of US requests are not signed off on by a judge.
surveillance  google  via:reddit 
november 2013 by mcherm
The second operating system hiding in every mobile phone
There's a low-level OS that runs the radio and it's proprietary and really, really insecure. This is almost certainly how the NSA can "listen in" from any phone. The only defense is to remove your battery.
security  mobile  via:HackerNews  osnews  surveillance 
november 2013 by mcherm
The Surveillance State Puts U.S. Elections at Risk of Manipulation - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic
A well-made point: NSA surveillance can be used to influence elections. It might BE used by a "Nixon", or even by people in the NSA, and probably for subtle manipulation rather than overt blackmail.
privacy  surveillance  via:HackerNews 
november 2013 by mcherm
Schneier on Security: The NSA's New Risk Analysis
Bruce Schneier explains how the NSA has a whole bag of exploits and they choose the appropriate one for a given intrusion.
security  nsa  surveillance  via:BruceSchneier  BruceSchneier 
october 2013 by mcherm
Stop Watching Us: The Video - YouTube
Video to promote the rally I'm considering going to.
eff  surveillance  privacy  politics 
october 2013 by mcherm
Dianne Feinstein's Bragging About NSA Surveillance Program May Finally Result In It Being Declared Unconstitutional | Techdirt Lite
The solicitor general told SCOTUS that the US would notify defendants if NSA spying was used in their case, so SCOTUS threw out a case for lack of standing. Turns out the intelligence folks lied to the solicitor general.
snowden  law  scotus  surveillance  via:reddit  techdirt 
october 2013 by mcherm
Metadata – a wartime drama | Technology |
On "it's just metadata": imagine if Churchill was unable to decrypt Enigma, but could only tell who talked to who, when and for how long.
surveillance  via:CoryDoctorow  CoryDoctorow 
october 2013 by mcherm
How a telecom helped the government spy on me | Ars Technica
US government used inappropriate means to get a journalist's phone records for a leak investigation.
surveillance  privacy  journalism  ArsTechnica  via:ArsTechnica  snowden 
october 2013 by mcherm
Man Who's Spent Three Years Challenging IL's Eavesdropping Act Suddenly Finds He Has No Case | Techdirt
The law in Illinois that made it illegal to videotape police at work has now effectively been invalidated as a judge has taken notice of promises by prosecutors at all levels of government not to prosecute under the act.
law  privacy  surveillance 
october 2013 by mcherm
Schneier on Security: Metadata Equals Surveillance
If you hire a private eye to track where someone goes and who they talk to, that's called "surveillance". When the government collects metadata on all communications by citizens, it's the same thing.
privacy  surveillance  via:HackerNews  BruceSchneier 
september 2013 by mcherm
Groklaw - Forced Exposure ~pj
Groklaw closes down because of ubiquitous government surveillance.
privacy  snowden  lavabit  surveillance  politics 
august 2013 by mcherm
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