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The Future of Wearable Tech Is Called a Hearing Aid - Bloomberg
A hearing aid company is recovering from scandals and now wants to incorporate fancy tech making hearing aids do extras like translation and fitbit-style health monitoring.
wearable  health  technology  invention  via:HackerNews 
april 2019 by mcherm
Why People Still Use Fax Machines - The Atlantic
My take-away from this article is that the law is the reason why some areas (medicine, law, etc) are still mired in obsolete technology.
TheAtlantic  via:HackerNews  technology  law  innovation 
november 2018 by mcherm
The Reason You Aren’t Feeling as Much Turbulence on Delta
Delta Airlines has a weather app that makes them significantly better at avoiding turbulence than their competitors.
flight  technology  weather 
october 2018 by mcherm
That Time When People Thought Playing Chess Would Make You Violent
A sample moral panic about new things: when Chess first started becoming very popular lots of people complained that it was dangerous and was damaging society.
via:Techdirt  chess  technology 
october 2018 by mcherm
Bose headphones spy on listeners: lawsuit | Reuters
The headphones track what you listen to and send it to the company that made them which then sells the data.
privacy  technology  via:boingboing 
april 2017 by mcherm
What can a technologist do about climate change? A personal view.
Someone answers the question "But what can I do about climate change?" with a long list of practical and realistic needs.
globalwarming  energy  invention  technology  via:boingboing 
september 2016 by mcherm
Official Google Blog: Time, technology and leaping seconds
Google is taking leap seconds a little bit at a time so they won't have a discontinuity.
google  time  technology 
july 2015 by mcherm
YAPC::NA 2014 keynote: Programming Perl in 2034 - Charlie's Diary
Moore's law will end soon. Look at the transportation revolution from the last century: once it hit physical laws it stopped growing exponentially and switched to slow growth. Computers will follow this pattern. The "internet of things" will be significant over the next 20 years.
technology  perl  CharlesStross  via:CharlesStross  future 
july 2014 by mcherm
UGrokIt - RFID Tags for Finding Stuff
It's a "keyfinder" that uses your phone as a UI (so it can handle a large number of tags) and no-power RFID tags (so they're cheap and small and don't have batteries, but they can only be detected within about 10 feet).
via:boingboing  technology  RFID 
march 2012 by mcherm
U.S.-Funded Internet Liberation Project Finds Perfect Test Site: Occupy D.C. | Threat Level |
Apparently, Occupy Wall Street is the perfect test bed for technology intended to allow the internet to be made available to protestors or revolutionaries under oppressive regimes. So some US-funded development efforts are using it to perform their tests.
via:boingboing  technology  internet  networking  protest  politics  OccupyWallStreet  testing 
december 2011 by mcherm
Pocket-sized gadget for detecting autism in children - Boing Boing
A device that records your child over the day, then analyzes the speech patterns to produce a suggestive diagnosis of whether they may have autism or not. Wow. Can anything else be diagnosed like this?
brain  autism  technology  via:boingboing 
september 2009 by mcherm
Apollo 11 Dismembered » Enfranchised Mind
Interesting thesis: society is getting into a strong anti-science mood. Perhaps it's because of "future shock" -- things are changing so fast they make people uncomfortable.
philosophy  technology  via:BrianHurt 
august 2009 by mcherm
VHS era is winding down - Los Angeles Times
As of today, the VHS is dead. Oh, and I got a new VCR two days ago. No, really!
via:slashdot  technology  video  history 
december 2008 by mcherm
Consumption Spreads Faster Today
Interesting graph. I most liked the lower part showing how the pace of adoption of new technology in the US has been increasing.
data  history  technology 
february 2008 by mcherm

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