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U.S. Judges Admit Enhanced Interrogation Is Torture | Boston Review
For 11 years now the person for whom the "torture memo" was written has been in court. No decision of any sort has yet been made.
law  torture  via:reddit 
september 2019 by mcherm
Bans on Shackling Pregnant Women Don't Work; New York Must Do Something Else
There is a specific law banning shackling during childbirth. It doesn't matter; law enforcement ignores it.
law  torture  via:reddit  prison 
january 2019 by mcherm
The US Coast Guard is operating floating prisons in the Pacific Ocean, outside US legal protections | Public Radio International
It's not quite Guantanamo, but people are being held in unreasonable conditions for 60-90 days on coast guard boats in the Pacific under the claim that they are not not prisoners nor in detention but "being held". And no opportunity to contest in court.
prison  via:reddit  terrorism  law  torture 
february 2018 by mcherm
The dark prisoners: Inside the CIA's torture programme - News from Al Jazeera
Some of the stories of people tortured by the CIA (stories which the US government has worked to suppress).
torture  via:boingboing  aljazeera 
september 2016 by mcherm
"Torture and Plea Bargaining" by John H. Langbein
An equivalence between the medieval practice of torture and the modern practice of plea bargaining. They're pretty close to the same and for the same reason.
law  torture  prison 
august 2016 by mcherm
The Guantánamo in New York You’re Not Allowed to Know About
They are using solitary confinement in combination with rules prohibiting all contact with the outside world except family and lawyers who must agree not to talk to anyone about it.
torture  law  via:boingboing 
february 2016 by mcherm
Waterboarding Whistleblower Released From Prison, Two Months After Torture Report's Release Vindicated His Actions | Techdirt
I post about how torture does not actually help with what it was intended to help with. And I include references.
mypostings  torture  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
february 2015 by mcherm
Whistleblower John Kiriakou, only person jailed over CIA torture program, is out of prison - Boing Boing
The hero who revealed the US torture program (and was jailed on we-can-find-something-on-anyone charges because of it) is now back with his family.
heros  overprosecution  torture  via:boingboing 
february 2015 by mcherm
Senator Wyden Responds To CIA Defenders Distorting The Truth About CIA Torture | Techdirt
A point-by-point defense of the Senate torture report. The CIA is CONTINUING to lie about it, even now.
torture  via:Techdirt  techdirt 
december 2014 by mcherm
The CIA Is Still Running Amok - Tim Weiner - POLITICO Magazine
Rambles a bit. Starts by complaining that the lying to claim that it worked was worse than the torture itself. Then says the true fault lay at the top... with the president. Not the best of articles.
torture  via:boingboing  personal_net 
december 2014 by mcherm
C.I.A. First Planned Jails Abiding by U.S. Standards -
They wanted to use military bases to house prisoners but Donald Rumsfeld said no. So the CIA had to invent a system of prisons, and they did so with a blank slate, following no existing practices. That's how they came to invent torture places.
torture  nytimes  via:boingboing 
december 2014 by mcherm
Torture is a culture. Releasing the Senate report is a way of fighting it. - Vox
Why the implicit support for torture by various leaders is so insidious and so dangerous. We need to publicly denounce this to change the culture.
torture  via:vox  vox 
december 2014 by mcherm
16 absolutely outrageous abuses detailed in the CIA torture report - Vox
A really disturbing selection of items from the senate report on the CIA torture program.
torture  vox  via:vox 
december 2014 by mcherm
The CIA Must Tell the Truth About My Rendition At 12 Years Old
She writes that at age 12, she and the rest of her family were grabbed and flown to Libya to be handed over to Moammar Gadhafi. She suspects it was the CIA that did it and wants the investigation into CIA torture and rendition to be published.
torture  via:reddit 
august 2014 by mcherm
Obama Admits 'We Tortured Some Folks' But Doesn't Seem Too Concerned | Techdirt
Admits it, doesn't seem to care, and the only person in jail is the whistleblower who revealed the program.
torture  politics  techdirt  via:Techdirt 
august 2014 by mcherm
My Gingerbread Guantanamo
An effective essay on Guantanamo and gingerbread.
torture  politics  ethics 
may 2014 by mcherm
Chronicle of a death foretold - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
The tale of one innocent person who died in Guantanamo Bay after years of abuse.
terrorism  politics  torture  via:HackerNews 
february 2014 by mcherm
Is long-term solitary confinement torture? : The New Yorker
Makes the case that long-term solitary confinement is torture and that it is practiced distressingly widely in the US prison system.
prison  torture  psychology  via:HackerNews  NewYorker 
december 2010 by mcherm
Science behind US coercive interrogations missing in action - Ars Technica
Not that I needed it, but here's a neuroscientist looking at the torture practices of the US and determining that our scientific understanding of how the brain works indicates that they won't work.
brain  torture  via:ArsTechnica 
september 2009 by mcherm
What every American should be made to learn about the IG Torture Report - Glenn Greenwald -
I agree. Every American should be made to read this. In the future, it WILL be taught in history class... let's start now. And the Obama administration is not, in my opinion, treating it the way they should.
salon  torture  ACLU  evil 
september 2009 by mcherm
Obama promises to suspend Habeas Corpus - Boing Boing
Obama may not be in favor of torture, but he IS apparently in favor of locking people up indefinitely without trial or even the commission of a crime. I object.
via:boingboing  politics  obama  evil  rights  torture 
may 2009 by mcherm
Straight Dope Message Board - I waterboard!
Report from someone who claims to have tried waterboarding on himself.
torture  politics 
december 2007 by mcherm
A tale of two decisions (or, how the FBI gets you to confess) (PsychSound by Steve Bergstein)
Story about an actual court case recognizing that the US govt obtained a forced confession (a false one, at that) by threatening to torture the suspect's family members.
torture  rights  SteveBergstein  censorship  law  terrorism 
october 2007 by mcherm
Jon Swift: The Torture Race
We need to stay just one small step behind the enemy in the torture race. If they ratchet up their interrogation techniques, we need to ratchet up ours, making sure that they always stay just a little bit more evil than us so that we can retain our moral
politics  humor  torture 
october 2007 by mcherm

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