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A new hash algorithm for Git []
Git is based on SHA-1 (which is now broken). This describes the plan to migrate it to SHA-256.
cryptography  versioncontrol  git  via:HackerNews 
17 days ago by mcherm
Removing sensitive data from a repository - GitHub Help
This actually tells how to permanently delete a file that contained sensitive or illegal data from your git repo's history.
versioncontrol  git  useful 
4 weeks ago by mcherm
Mercurial RFC of a new extension to directly operate on Git repositories | Hacker News
Mercurial MIGHT gain the ability to operate on a git repository. I really hope so.
mercurial  git  versioncontrol 
october 2019 by mcherm
Helix TeamHub
A site by Perforce that will do version control hosting. Includes support for mercurial, and even has a free tier for personal projects.
versioncontrol  useful  mercurial 
october 2019 by mcherm
Sunsetting Mercurial support in Bitbucket - Bitbucket
No! The version control system that I think is best has now practically died.
versioncontrol  mercurial  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository | July 2016 | Communications of the ACM
Detailed description of the advantages of Google's approach to using a version control system. They use one big repo for everything. Frankly, I think that is the best approach.
google  versioncontrol  via:HackerNews 
july 2018 by mcherm
The Machine Learning Reproducibility Crisis « Pete Warden's blog
This writer says machine learning folks don't use version control and their experiments aren't reproducible.
versioncontrol  ai  machinelearning  via:boingboing 
march 2018 by mcherm
Depending on Someone Else's Code - Dragons in the Algorithm
What if you want to depend on someone else's code, but it wasn't designed to be extensible? I propose a solution.
blogentry  programming  versioncontrol  branching  softwaredevelopment 
january 2018 by mcherm
Two Commits That Wrecked the User Experience of Git
Some history of why Git is so stupidly dangerous to use.
versioncontrol  git  history  via:HackerNews 
july 2017 by mcherm
10 things I hate about Git | Steve Bennett blogs
This article I came across describes EXACTLY the things that I hate about Git.
git  versioncontrol 
june 2017 by mcherm
Two-way mirroring (syncing) between git and mercurial repositories - Git-hg Mirror
A website that will keep a mercurial and a git repo synched automatically. You have to give them your credentials.
versioncontrol  useful  git  mercurial  github 
june 2017 by mcherm
Hg-Git Mercurial Plugin
A plugin to mercurial that lets it push to and pull from git repos. (I think.)
versioncontrol  git  mercurial  programming 
june 2017 by mcherm
Announcing GVFS (Git Virtual File System) | Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management
Microsoft releases as open-source a client for git that only downloads files when you actually touch that file, so you can use it on truly giant repositories.
microsoft  operatingsystem  git  versioncontrol  via:HackerNews 
february 2017 by mcherm
Why you should use a single repository for all your company’s projects | David R. MacIver
Some reasons why a "monorepository" for your whole company is the right thing to do. My company won't do that.
versioncontrol  DavidMacIver  via:DavidMacIver 
november 2016 by mcherm
Unorthodocs: Abandon your DVCS and Return to Sanity - bitquabit
He does a pretty good job of explaining why distributed version control systems are NOT always the best tool and how our industry has gotten irrational about them.
dvcs  git  mercurial  versioncontrol  programming  softwaredevelopment  subversion 
june 2016 by mcherm
Forking Workflow | Atlassian Git Tutorial
Nice writeup of some version control branching strategies.
git  versioncontrol  via:HackerNews 
may 2016 by mcherm
Comparing Confusing Terms in GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab | GitLab
GitLab does a matchup of the terminology used by hosting sites for version control.
versioncontrol  github  bitbucket  gitlab  via:HackerNews 
february 2016 by mcherm
I've never been a fan of mutable history.
via:reddit  git  funny  programming  versioncontrol 
february 2016 by mcherm
Benjamin Pollack's Rants and Thoughts on Technology - bitquabit
This is a REALLY, REALLY GOOD explanation of why DVCS aren't actually such a great idea, at least not for a good many situations.
versioncontrol  git  dvcs 
january 2016 by mcherm
On Monolithic Repositories
Facebook & Google use one big repository not many tiny ones like open source development today. One big repo is more efficient for developers but our tools today (git) don't scale well.
versioncontrol  via:HackerNews  DVCS 
august 2015 by mcherm
Advantages of monolithic version control
Why having one large repo can be better than having many small repos.
versioncontrol  via:HackerNews 
may 2015 by mcherm
“Merge pull request” Considered Harmful | Spreedly Blog
How to use some of the features of got I'm NOT a fan of to edit a contributed patch before committing it.
versioncontrol  git  github  via:HackerNews 
june 2014 by mcherm
On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git
Some instructions on how to edit history in git. It's complicated enough that they used a "choose your own adventure" style to cover all the possibilities.
versioncontrol  git  via:NedBatchelder 
january 2014 by mcherm
Scaling Mercurial at Facebook | Engineering Blog | Facebook Code | Facebook
Facebook has been doing work to make Mercurial scale up to their level (which is REALLY DARN BIG). And they report impressive results. They chose Mercurial because they found it easier to extend in specialized ways than Git.
versioncontrol  mercurial  facebook  git  via:HackerNews 
january 2014 by mcherm
bzr is dying; Emacs needs to move
Eric S. Raymond: Bzr is dead; Mercurial is dying, Git has won. Move Emacs to Git.
versioncontrol  via:HackerNews 
january 2014 by mcherm
A successful Git branching model »
A guy with a pretty picture of his branching strategy. He uses a single development branch, plus a branch that tracks production and he sometimes uses feature branches to collect work before pushing it to the development branch.
versioncontrol  git  programming  softwaredevelopment  via:HackerNews 
september 2013 by mcherm
On Git's Shortcomings
A list of some of Git's problems.
via:reddit  git  versioncontrol 
july 2013 by mcherm
Blog - SQLAlchemy
Reasons for moving from mercurial to git.
versioncontrol  git  mercurial  via:HackerNews 
may 2013 by mcherm
Town Car Version Control - Joel on Software
Fog Creek software releases a packaged version control product aimed at the corporate market that wraps either Git or Mercurial (and you can use both: it maps transparently between them).
versioncontrol  git  mercurial  via:JoelSpolsky  JoelSpolsky 
march 2013 by mcherm
How can I save my secret keys and password securely in my version control system? - Stack Overflow
Some interesting information about how to store secret passwords in a version control system. Create a repository with automatic encryption/decryption on push/pull.
versioncontrol  git  via:HackerNews 
january 2013 by mcherm
Hosting for Veracity (SourceGear's DVCS)
Eric Sink's new version control system (DVCS) with bug tracking built in is hosted here and is free for groups of 5 or fewer users.
versioncontrol  via:EricSink  useful 
august 2012 by mcherm
divegeek/uscode · GitHub
The US code maintained in a Git repository. (By some brave fool who has my utmost respect for attempting it.)
law  versioncontrol  via:HackerNews 
may 2012 by mcherm
Astonishments, ten, in the history of version control < Francis is
A fairly GOOD summary of a few of the most important advances in version control and when they occurred. Includes details like figuring out to put source code in text files and on upward from there.
via:HackerNews  versioncontrol  history 
december 2011 by mcherm
GitHub forking has one big flaw - zbowling blag
GitHub shows forks in a tree with no sense of importance. It shouldn't.
github  git  mercurial  dvcs  versioncontrol  via:HackerNews 
november 2011 by mcherm
A Guide to Branching in Mercurial / Steve Losh
How branching works in Mercurial, with pretty pictures.
dvcs  git  mercurial  versioncontrol 
november 2011 by mcherm
Anyone who can should do refactoring whenever they can and this is a reason not to do "feature branches". I agree.
refactoring  via:MartinFowler  martinfowler  versioncontrol 
november 2011 by mcherm
Git “fast-import” is the de-facto standard for migrating version control data between systems
Eric Sink mentions that Veracity now supports git’s “fast-import” format, and that it is becoming a standard for interchange of data between version control systems.
EricSink  via:EricSink  versioncontrol  veracity  git  mercurial  svn 
september 2011 by mcherm
Version Control by Example – book by Eric Sink
A _GOOD_ book on how distributed version control systems work and why they’re different from (and better than) the preceding generation of version control. I helped edit this (barely) but mostly I just think it’s a good book. It also hawks Eric’s new product… but that’s OK and it is NOT just advertising.
EricSink  versioncontrol  subversion  git  mercurial  programming  softwaredevelopment  via:EricSink  dvcs  books 
september 2011 by mcherm
SQL Source Control
Use Red Gate for version control of database contents.
versioncontrol  via:EricSink  EricSink  sql  personal_net 
july 2011 by mcherm
Troy Hunt: The 10 commandments of good source control management
Some useful pointers on how to use version control well. I agree with nearly everything here.
programming  softwaredevelopment  versioncontrol 
may 2011 by mcherm
Opinion: Why I Like Mercurial More Than Git : programming
Reddit discussion of an article comparing mercurial and git. I got into a discussion of scalability issues with DVCS systems.
mypostings  versioncontrol  dvcs  mercurial  git  scalability 
march 2011 by mcherm
ConcatenatingChangesets - Mercurial
How to combine several versions into 1 in mercurial.
versioncontrol  mercurial  dvcs  via:reddit 
march 2011 by mcherm
jhw | Why I Like Mercurial More Than Git
Someone with extensive experience with both got and mercurial prefers Hugh. He explains that it stores additional information (so git can round-trip to hg, but not vice versa).
mercurial  git  versioncontrol  dvcs  via:reddit 
march 2011 by mcherm
AlBlue’s Blog: Mercurial and Git: a technical comparison
A Git vs Mercurial comparison giving technical details not personal preferences.
mercurial  git  versioncontrol  via:AlBlue 
march 2011 by mcherm
[Python-Dev] hg extensions was Mercurial conversion repositories
Some Mercurial extensions that the Python project is considering. Read the rest of the thread also.
versioncontrol  mercurial  programming 
february 2011 by mcherm
Working at Microsoft – Day to Day Coding « Foredecker
An EXCELLENT writeup of the kinds of tools and processes that programmers at Microsoft use for their development. The best part is the description of their branching strategy, which is a tree of branches with changes flowing down the tree daily and up the tree when stable (periods of days).
programming  softwaredevelopment  via:reddit  versioncontrol  branching 
february 2011 by mcherm
How to manage IDEA projects under Version Control Systems :: JetBrains Developer Community
I *think* this is the answer to what to share and what is local when committing to a version control system and everyone is using intellij.
versioncontrol  intellij  refs 
february 2011 by mcherm
MF Bliki: FeatureToggle
A term for the idea of switches to turn off features you haven't finished.
softwaredevelopment  programming  martinfowler  via:MartinFowler  branching  versioncontrol 
november 2010 by mcherm
One Div Zero: Local Version Control
I mention how IntelliJ uses a local version control and it's nifty.
mypostings  dvcs  versioncontrol  intellij 
november 2010 by mcherm
Task Based Development
One possible approach to branching in Mercurial explained in detail with nice examples and pretty pictures.
versioncontrol  mercurial  branching 
october 2010 by mcherm
Why we got so heavily involved in the Subversion project.. « WANdisco INC Blog
A company explains (1) why we contributed to the subversion project, (2) that subversion is much more widely used than git.
versioncontrol  opensource  subversion  dvcs  git  mercurial  via:reddit 
september 2010 by mcherm
Why I Switched to Git From Mercurial — Extra Cheese
Some problems with Mercurial: can't handle huge data files and sometimes loses pieces of history.
dvcs  versioncontrol  mercurial  git  via:reddit 
may 2010 by mcherm
AlBlue's Weblog: Merged ZFS from OpenSolaris to OSX
A case study for why a DVCS is a really good tool for merges.
dvcs  versioncontrol  via:AlBlue 
march 2010 by mcherm
MF Bliki: VersionControlTools
Martin Fowler surveys the version control landscape. He says there are only 3 decent options today: Subversion, Mercurial, or Git. Subversion is best for non-distributed (which is fine for many uses), between Mercurial and Git, Git appeals to those who like to play w/ tools and Mercurial to those who want to get the work done.
versioncontrol  dvcs  martinfowler  via:MartinFowler  mercurial  git  subversion 
march 2010 by mcherm
Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial by Joel Spolsky
Joel Spolsky's introduction to using Mercurial. Very, very basic introduction (suitable to someone who doesn't know what version control is).
via:reddit  versioncontrol  mercurial  dvcs  JoelSpolsky 
february 2010 by mcherm
On branching
Another set of thoughts on branching strategy in a DVCS. In this case the author likes that Mercurial has bookmarks AND branches AND cloning. He uses them for different things: bookmarks for working on a single feature, branches for working on "major lines of development", and cloning is his own personal preference for all cases.
versioncontrol  dvcs  mercurial  via:HackerNews  branching 
february 2010 by mcherm
Obstacles to an enterprise DVCS
Eric Sink points out something interesting: the two big trends in version control these days are (1) open source has invented DVCS and (2) big business wants tool integration (like bug tracking and such) that enforces process. These two don't mix well, either technically or culturally.
versioncontrol  dvcs  via:EricSink  EricSink 
february 2010 by mcherm
Using Subversion for graphic design files and other binary assets
A plugin to Photoshop to introduce the use of version control in the development of graphics files. Has key features like a visual thumbnail of the image versions.
via:HackerNews  photoshop  subversion  versioncontrol 
january 2010 by mcherm
moblog: The Windows Shutdown crapfest
Frustration expressed over the number of people involved in designing a simple menu in Windows and how they have to communicate at Microsoft. Also a clear description of the kinds of problems on a very large project that a DVCS can solve.
dvcs  versioncontrol  microsoft  programming  softwaredevelopment  JoelSpolsky  via:JoelSpolsky 
january 2010 by mcherm
A successful Git branching model »
Discussion of a (somewhat complex but useful) branching model.
via:HackerNews  versioncontrol  branching 
january 2010 by mcherm
Google Code Blog: Mercurial server-side clone support for Project Hosting on Google Code
Users can create clones of Mercurial repositories on Google's hosting site. That allows users to make edits (patches) and both share them publicly and also offer the result back to the project. It prevents people without commit access from being second-class citizens with inferior tools.
google  via:HackerNews  mercurial  versioncontrol 
october 2009 by mcherm
A Guide to Branching in Mercurial / Steve Losh
Detailed review of the options for doing branching in Mercurial. Quite helpful explanation actually.
via:HackerNews  versioncontrol  mercurial 
august 2009 by mcherm
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