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Lost Garden: Cozy Games
The concept of a "cozy" game, that makes players feel safe and good instead of challenging them, and notes on how to create this in your games.
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march 2018 by mcherm
Lost Garden: Multiplayer Logistics
Some background and theory about building multi-player interaction into computer games.
gamedesign  via:DanielCook  DanielCook 
january 2014 by mcherm
Lost Garden: A single game as a lifelong hobby
There are people who play one game deeply for a long time (eg: chess) and others who consume games like media (a new computer game every couple of months). These are completely different consumption patterns and people don't usually cross over from one pattern to the other.
socialcomputing  gamedesign  gamedev  via:DanielCook 
august 2013 by mcherm

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