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The Line of Death | text/plain
In browsers, there is a concept of trying to maintain separation between those pixels controlled by the browser (thus trustworthy) and those controlled by the page (unreliable). It's much harder than it sounds.
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march 2019 by mcherm
The Order of Payment And Consumption Drives Content
Paying whether you like it or not leads to lousy quality. Asking for donations doesn't work. We should have automatic pay-up-front systems with easy refunds (for if you don't like it) and perhaps adjustments to the amount paid.
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november 2013 by mcherm
Pelican — a Static Blog Generator
A static blog generator written in Python. Ian Bicking just decided to start using it, perhaps it's worth checking out?
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april 2013 by mcherm
Ian Bicking: a blog :: Javascript on the server AND the client is not a big deal
It's possible to code in Javascript on both the client side and the server side. But "it's just one language" isn't a valid advantage of doing so.
programming  javascript  via:IanBicking  IanBicking  webdevelopment  languages 
april 2011 by mcherm
Net Neutrality: forcing companies to pay attention to their networks :: Ian Bicking
Not having net neutrality will lead to lots of complicated deals; the winners will be the deal negotiators. Having it will make the good technical people the winners.
IanBicking  via:IanBicking  netneutrality 
august 2010 by mcherm
Ian Bicking: a blog :: Cultural Imperialism, Technology, and OLPC
The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project has been accused of cultural imperialism: being the modern version of missionaries. In this defense, Ian argues that it's the people who are choosing what culture to adhere to, and it's their right to do so. Often the foreign culture is BETTER. OLPC attempts to make it possible for people to choose.
IanBicking  via:IanBicking  olpc  culture  socialcomputing  GuidoVanRossum  mypostings 
january 2009 by mcherm

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