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AT&T raises prices 7% by making its customers pay AT&T’s property taxes | Ars Technica
AT&T can sign contracts promising one price then charge more and there is no recourse.
personal_net  evil  at&t  via:boingboing  ArsTechnica 
october 2019 by mcherm
Read: Jeannette Ng's Campbell Award acceptance speech, in which she correctly identifies Campbell as a fascist and expresses solidarity with Hong Kong protesters / Boing Boing
Cory Doctorow on why it is okay, even a good thing, for a speaker to point out the flaws of the great leader whose name is on the award she is receiving.
CoryDoctorow  racism  ethics  scifi  via:boingboing 
august 2019 by mcherm
This Is How Things Work Now At G/O Media
A shockingly blatant indictment of this media company's new management. Largely focuses on how new top-level management that were all white males were put in place over existing diverse leadership without even interviewing the existing leaders.
journalism  management  via:boingboing  personal_net 
august 2019 by mcherm
Adding pink seaweed to cow feed eliminates their methane emissions / Boing Boing
Apparently, cows like to eat it and a small portion in their diet can eliminate the methane-producing gut bacteria.
science  globalwarming  via:boingboing 
august 2019 by mcherm
We could fund the transition to green energy with 10-30% of the world's fossil fuel subsidy / Boing Boing
If we spent less than 1/3 of the world's fossil fuel subsidy as a green energy subsidy the green energy would be cheaper.
economics  environment  via:boingboing 
august 2019 by mcherm
Elsevier: "It's illegal to Sci-Hub." Also Elsevier: "We link to Sci-Hub all the time." / Boing Boing
Elsevier claims even linking to SciHub is illegal but they do it lots since both their researchers and their reviewers / editors are volunteers.
Elsevier  science_publishing  via:boingboing  law  copyright  Sci-Hub 
august 2019 by mcherm
Countries with longer copyright terms have access to fewer books (pay attention, Canada!) / Boing Boing
A study actually shows the effect of different copyright terms on the availability of books (e-books) in a given country. The results are what I would have predicted.
law  copyright  via:boingboing 
june 2019 by mcherm
Phishing and Security Keys – Mark Risher – Medium
Physical keys are better against phishing because time-based keys and sent-to-phone keys can both be compromised by man-in-the-middle during a brief window of time.
security  via:boingboing 
april 2019 by mcherm
Making sense of a crazy year in open source | Scale Venture Partners
One view of recent changes in open source licensing made in response to cloud providers locking in control. Companies are building a mix of 3 levels: open-source+free, proprietary+free, and proprietary+costs-to-use.
opensource  via:boingboing 
april 2019 by mcherm
Major Browsers to Prevent Disabling of Click Tracking Privacy Risk
A "ping" attribute on a hyperlink will cause the browser to make a call when the link is followed. Safari and Chrome both just made an impossible to disable this feature. Firefox doesn't.
privacy  browsers  web  via:boingboing 
april 2019 by mcherm
Juul's strategy for success: target children, steadily ramp up nicotine levels / Boing Boing
Companies selling nicotine delivery systems have become really, really exploitative.
via:boingboing  evil  drugs 
february 2019 by mcherm
Blackmailers use false copyright claims to shut down victims' Youtube accounts, offer to lift them in exchange for Bitcoin / Boing Boing
This is what happens when Google provides no meaningful due process for their copyright violation reporting: blackmailers can threaten to destroy your account (and can do so successfully through submitting false claims).
law  philosophyOfLaw  google  via:boingboing 
february 2019 by mcherm
Falsehoods People Believe Collection
A list of links two documents listing falsehoods people believe (about addresses, names, phone numbers, etc.).
programming  via:boingboing 
december 2018 by mcherm
Confessions of a U.S. Postal Worker: “We deliver Amazon packages until we drop dead.”
Some postal workers complain that delivering lots of Amazon packages has increased their workload, hours, and work difficulty.
personal_net  via:boingboing  amazon 
november 2018 by mcherm
Six years ago, North Carolina Republicans voted in a law decreeing that the seas weren't rising / Boing Boing
They passed a law restricting the use of research on sea level rise that didn't match what they wanted to hear. Now they have a hurricane coming that they aren't prepared for.
law  globalwarming  via:boingboing 
september 2018 by mcherm
Florida Has Been Stealing Votes From Black People Since the Civil War. That Could Change in November.
A constitutional amendment to allow former felons to vote might actually be approved by voters in Florida. But it excludes murderers and sex offenders.
voting  prison  via:boingboing  sexoffenders 
september 2018 by mcherm
No more library fines for most young readers in L.A. County
Small fines were blocking many kids from reading. They started letting them read in the library to cancel outstanding fines.
via:boingboing  library  poverty 
september 2018 by mcherm
McKinney, Texas, Girl Who Was Slammed to the Ground by Police at a Pool Party in 2015 Wins Settlement 
In this case, the police officer eventually resigned and the local government eventually paid a settlement.
law  police  policeabuse  via:boingboing 
july 2018 by mcherm
Poverty grounds for separating kids from their families in Canada / Boing Boing
Kids taken from their parents by the state because they are too poor to provide well for the kids. The cost to the state of caring for them is far greater than what it would take to simply help the family.
poverty  law  via:boingboing  ethics 
july 2018 by mcherm
Meet the guys who tape Trump's papers back together - POLITICO
Presidential records must be kept (by law), but Trump likes to rip papers to pieces when he's done with them. So white house staffers tape them back together.
DonaldTrump  via:boingboing 
june 2018 by mcherm
Illinois coroner to poor: Pay $1000 or county keeps remains
When people are too poor to pay for their family's funerals, he has the bodies cremated and then won't tell the family where he buried the ashes and won't release a death certificate unless they pay $1,000.
law  evil  via:boingboing 
may 2018 by mcherm
Online dating is so awful that people are paying virtual dating assistants to impersonate them — Quartz
People paid to flirt on dating sites in hopes of getting a phone number for their clients. Wow.
socialcomputing  dating  via:boingboing 
april 2018 by mcherm
Exclusive: NSA encryption plan for ‘internet of things’ rejected by international body – WikiTribune
The US has pushed for certain encryption algorithms to become the new standard for internet of things. The international standards body rejected it because they suspect the NSA will attempt to insert back doors or breakable algorithms.
cryptography  security  standards  NSA  via:boingboing 
april 2018 by mcherm
Molly Ringwald's brilliant essay about John Hughes is a superb exploration of what it means to love "problematic" art / Boing Boing
Calling some art "problematic" is useful. The term conveys that a work may bigoted or otherwise flawed yet still have much value to offer.
art  language  via:boingboing  CoryDoctorow 
april 2018 by mcherm
Four cents to deanonymize: Companies reverse hashed email addresses
Lots of folks pass around lists of hashes of email addresses. These aren't secure because only a few billion email addresses exist and all can be hashed cheaply. Use salt (unless your goal is uniqueness testing, in which case don't share the list).
security  cryptography  email  via:boingboing 
april 2018 by mcherm
Utah governor signs law legalizing 'free-range parenting' | Deseret News
Utah passes law clarifying that giving kids independence isn't abuse.
via:boingboing  freerangekids  law 
march 2018 by mcherm
The Machine Learning Reproducibility Crisis « Pete Warden's blog
This writer says machine learning folks don't use version control and their experiments aren't reproducible.
versioncontrol  ai  machinelearning  via:boingboing 
march 2018 by mcherm
Arizona bill would give unlimited free pads, tampons to female inmates
The completely unreasonable previous policy was "12 pads per years, and that's it" -- any more had to be paid for. Bill to correct it is in motion, but not yet passed.
prison  via:boingboing  law 
february 2018 by mcherm
What’s the matter with Oklahoma? - Education in America
They passed a constitutional amendment requiring a 3/4 vote to raise taxes. Now they're so broke they can't pay teachers to teach 5 days a week.
politics  via:boingboing 
february 2018 by mcherm
The Catalog of Missing Devices | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The DMCA prevents bypassing copyright security. This cleverly shows a whole catalog of ads for products that COULD exist if it weren't for this law. Helps tackle the problem that lack of innovation is normally an invisible harm.
via:boingboing  DMCA  invention  CoryDoctorow  eff 
february 2018 by mcherm
Borrow $5,000, repay $42,000 — How super high-interest loans have boomed in California
In California, installment loans can charge any interest rate. Half are now charging over 100% interest.
banking  via:boingboing 
january 2018 by mcherm
We Are Truly Fucked: Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now - Motherboard
The technology to stick other people's faces into videos has now arrived and humanity is using it to create fake porn of celebrities.
pornography  ai  video  via:boingboing 
january 2018 by mcherm
Amazon won't say if it hands your Echo data to the government | ZDNet
Amazon has a huge number of government requests for information and won't say what it is for.
amazon  privacy  via:boingboing  surveillance  4thAmmendment 
january 2018 by mcherm
Meet the 24-year-old Trump campaign worker appointed to help lead the government’s drug policy office - The Washington Post
A very unqualified person put in charge of the opioid epidemic whose sole qualification appears to be that he worked on Trump's campaign.
DonaldTrump  politics  via:boingboing 
january 2018 by mcherm
Private Prison Continues to Send ICE Detainees to Solitary Confinement for Refusing Voluntary Labor
If you don't do the "voluntary" labor, they put you in solitary confinement (but don't call it that).
prison  via:boingboing 
january 2018 by mcherm
55 Ways Donald Trump Structurally Changed America in 2017
I am most upset about removing discretion from prosecutor about what penalties to seek.
politics  via:boingboing  DonaldTrump 
december 2017 by mcherm
Justice Democrat Candidates Have Been Denied Access to DNC Voter Data | WIRED
Democrats will not let anyone use their voter database if that person challenges an incumbent Democrat.
voting  politics  via:boingboing 
december 2017 by mcherm
Wells Fargo execs sealed their bonuses by gouging the bank's business customers / Boing Boing
They charged businesses much bigger fees than advertised (also much bigger than industry standards) and lied about why the costs were high.
WellsFargo  banking  via:boingboing 
december 2017 by mcherm
How is a $12 phone possible? / Boing Boing
This is the outer limit of how cheap a phone can be.
hardware  via:boingboing 
november 2017 by mcherm
Lawsuit: Indiana Purging Voters Using Software That’s 99% Inaccurate
Another way to stack the votes: use software to identify people who appear to be double registered, and remove them from the voting rolls without notice. Software that is 99% false positives.
voting  politics  via:boingboing 
november 2017 by mcherm
Prisons are important pieces in Ohio gerrymandering: Out of Line - Impact 2017 and Beyond |
It's yet ANOTHER way to do unfair gerrymandering. Prisons are full of people who count as persons but don't vote. So put them all in Republican districts. (Actually only 91%.)
voting  gerrymander  via:boingboing  politics 
november 2017 by mcherm
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