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Designing accessible color systems
Stripe built some tools and worked in special color spaces to create distinct colors that also were high contrast.
color  vision  stripe  webdesign  accessibility 
3 days ago by mcherm
A new image format for the Web  |  WebP  |  Google Developers
Google's new image format. It's smaller than png or jpeg. It does lossless and lossy.
images  webdevelopment  webdesign  webdev 
july 2019 by mcherm
How to Section Your HTML | CSS-Tricks
A lot of details about supporting screen readers and their navigation in HTML.
html  accessibility  via:reddit  webdesign 
june 2019 by mcherm
Let's Build: With JavaScript - Dynamic Tabs
I found this useful in teaching me a reasonable way to build tabs in pure javascript.
javascript  css  webdevelopment  webdesign 
may 2019 by mcherm
You probably don’t need input type=“number”
In some browsers "input type='number'" mix and accidental touch to the mouse scroll wheel change the number you are entering. There is a better way to get the numeric keypad for entry on mobile devices.
webdevelopment  webdesign  via:HackerNews  programming 
march 2019 by mcherm
When Is A Button Not A Button? — Smashing Magazine
How hard is it to just create a button in HTML? Surprisingly hard.
webdesign  html  via:reddit 
february 2019 by mcherm
CSS Utility Classes and "Separation of Concerns"
An argument for tailwind and other tools for putting what are effectively CSS declarations inline via highly specific classes.
css  webdesign 
november 2018 by mcherm
CSS Stats
A site that will analyze the CSS for a website and tell you lots of things that help you to understand how complex it is, like how many different colors of text it uses.
webdesign  webdevelopment  css  useful 
november 2018 by mcherm
Tailwind: style your site without writing any CSS! - Julia Evans
This is about one of those libraries for adding lots of little classes to your code that each have roughly one line of CSS. It at least refers to CSS Zen Garden and talks about why that might not be desirable. I'm highly dubious of this non-semantic approach, but at least this grapples with the problem.
css  webdesign  via:HackerNews 
november 2018 by mcherm
Why You Shouldn't Use Bright, Saturated Colors for Backgrounds
Desaturate (add grey to) colors that you intend to use in the background.
color  webdesign 
may 2018 by mcherm
A Practical Guide to SVGs on the web
A few hints useful for web designers about fancy things you can do with SVG.
webdesign  svg  via:reddit 
march 2018 by mcherm
Animated login avatar
Awesome use of svg with animation.
webdesign  svg  via:reddit 
february 2018 by mcherm
Using SVG as placeholders — More Image Loading Techniques
Using SVG to generate low-res placeholders (while waiting for the high-res images to load).
webdesign  svg  images 
november 2017 by mcherm
How to select a color palette
Some pretty useful notes on selecting a color palette including information about tools to assess how things look for someone who is colorblind.
colorblind  color  webdesign  via:reddit 
july 2017 by mcherm
The Most Efficient Way to Use Icons If You’re A Designer or Developer.
Interesting approach to generating and working with a bunch of scalable (vector graphics) icons.
webdesign  webdevelopment  via:reddit 
june 2017 by mcherm
How the Web Became Unreadable
There's a trend lately to not use enough contrast in text. It's hard on people with bad eyes.
webdesign  vision  typography  disabilities  via:HackerNews 
october 2016 by mcherm
Why Your Excellent Conference Talk Was Rejected
If nothing else, the gear design in the back is absolutely wonder web design!
october 2016 by mcherm
How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist — Medium
Some anti-patterns that are unethical in the design of computer interfaces. Intermittent reinforcement; fear of missing out; using social approval to push engagement; unending lists; constant interruptions; hard to cancel;
ui  webdevelopment  ethics  programming  webdesign  via:boingboing 
may 2016 by mcherm
Why ContentEditable is Terrible — Medium Engineering — Medium
The author takes a mathematical approach to analyzing how to build a WYSIWYG HTML editor.
via:HackerNews  math  webdesign 
april 2016 by mcherm
What No One Told You About Z-Index — Philip Walton
Stacking of z-index doesn't work how I thought it did. Read the article to see why.
css  webdesign  webdevelopment 
march 2016 by mcherm
Phone styled IFrame: tilting a website
Wow... you can show a tilted or shrunk version of another website!
webdesign  via:reddit 
january 2016 by mcherm
The Hamburger Menu Doesn't Work - Deep Design
The tiny "menu here" icon doesn't give enough info so it isn't a good part of navigation UI.
webdesign  ui  usability  via:reddit 
august 2015 by mcherm
The anatomy of a credit card form — User Experience Design (UX) — Medium
A really good article on designing a form to take credit cards. All UI work should strive to operate at this level.
programming  ui  webdesign  payments  creditcard  via:HackerNews 
july 2015 by mcherm
Safari is the new IE
Safari is not adding support for new standards like the other browser makers. It is reaching the level where this person is advocating that we abandon Safari support.
browsers  safari  webdevelopment  webdesign  webdev  via:reddit 
july 2015 by mcherm
57 Ideas To Make A Better User Interface - GoodUI
Some of them are really good ideas and all are charmingly illustrated. Say, including illustrations can be the 58th.
design  webdesign  via:reddit  ui  usability 
december 2014 by mcherm
7 Principles of Rich Web Applications |
Really good advice on developing any web application.
webdevelopment  webdesign  webdev  javascript  ajax 
november 2014 by mcherm
Webflow - Top Responsive Website Builder
A webdesign tool that was mentioned on reddit.
css  webdesign  via:reddit 
october 2014 by mcherm
Yahoo stopping all new development of YUI | Hacker News
Yahoo is ceasing development of YUI. And some commentary about it. Few things last forever in software development.
via:HackerNews  webdevelopment  webdesign  javascript  libraries  opensource  programming  softwaredevelopment  mypostings 
august 2014 by mcherm
A handful guide about colors.
Some advice on the use of color in design.
webdesign  color  via:reddit 
may 2014 by mcherm
Whatever goes up, that’s what we do
Facebook's new design (he claims) was way better... so much better that people didn't have to wander around trying to find the stuff that it missed. And so there was less advertising revenue. Leave it, or fix? That's a culture test, and Facebook decided to revert to the old news feed.
facebook  ethics  via:HackerNews  webdesign  advertising 
march 2014 by mcherm
Why Facebook Is Blue: The Science of Colors in Marketing - The Buffer Blog
What emotions are associated with each primary color, and other stuff.
color  webdesign 
march 2014 by mcherm
Try Bitcoin! - What Is Bitcoin?
The best "introduction to bitcoin" that I've seen.
bitcoin  teaching  webdesign  via:reddit 
february 2014 by mcherm
Scrolling is easier than clicking
Use clicking for making a decision, scrolling for consuming more of the same. So don't break your article into 6 parts and make them click to go to the next one.
webdesign  usability  via:JoshuaPorter  JoshuaPorter 
february 2014 by mcherm
Design Tip: Never Use Black by Ian Storm Taylor
Don't use #000000, instead use very dark tones with color in them. Because the real world doesn't have "pure" blacks.
color  design  via:HackerNews  personal_net  webdesign 
october 2013 by mcherm
Labels in input fields aren’t such a good idea | Laura Kalbag
Use labels (outside the field), not just the ones that appear IN the field, since those can't be read after you click and begin to type.
webdesign  usability  via:HackerNews 
february 2013 by mcherm
Ajaxified Body | Raible Designs
Using Javascript to render and reload only the content portion of a page, not the whole thing, as a standard feature of a web app. (Not sure I'm a fan, but it's clearly interesting.)
ajax  javascript  webdesign  webdevelopment 
january 2013 by mcherm
Are Designers Crazy? | Terence Eden has a Blog
Question: I've seen designers obsessing over pixel differences I can't even detect. Does it really matter?
webdesign  design  via:HackerNews 
january 2013 by mcherm
Page Weight Matters | Chris Zacharias
He made the YouTube page much smaller and average download times went UP. How? It had become possibke to use it in parts of the world with really slow download speeds.
bug  webdesign  webdevelopment  webdev  youtube  via:HackerNews  performance  datamining 
december 2012 by mcherm
The User Interface and the Halo Effect - Ben Northrop
Why UI design matters so much: it's the "first impression" of software and it prepares people to have a good (or bad) impression of the actual functionality of the application.
psychology  ui  webdesign  via:BenNorthrop  BenNorthrop 
december 2012 by mcherm
Social Login Buttons Aren’t Worth It | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog
Why MailChimp got rid of their "Log in with Facebook" and "... with Twitter" buttons: confuses users, makes ui complex, dilutes brand, and gives others control over your security.
socialcomputing  openid  usability  ui  via:HackerNews  webdesign  security  authentication 
october 2012 by mcherm
Cripple the Google CDN's caching with a single character » Encosia
You can specify NO protocol in a URL in order to use the protocol of the page. Use this for embedding assets in a page that can be served up over HTTP or HTTPS.
webdevelopment  webdesign  http  https  internet 
july 2012 by mcherm
How I Learned to Love the DMCA | Estately Blog
BigCo stole the site design from StartupCo that used to work for them. They used a DMCA takedown notice to Amazon (the host) to get past being stonewalled.
webdesign  law  ip-law  copyright  DMCA 
april 2012 by mcherm
About those vector icons · Pushing Pixels
Why can't we just use vector art icons? Because designers simplify elements as they shrink, which is essential for clarity.
ui  webdesign  via:HackerNews  design  graphics 
april 2012 by mcherm
Coding Horror: The End of Pagination
Use endless scrolling instead of pagination. Better yet, return the right results at the top so there's no need for either. But if you DO use endless scrolling, here's a list of pitfalls to watch out for: indicate length, support linking to mid-list, keep position when using browser back button, support web crawlers, UI indicates loading.
webdevelopment  webdesign  usability  ui  via:CodingHorror  JeffAtwood 
march 2012 by mcherm
16 Pixels: For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake - Smashing Magazine | Smashing Magazine
You should use 16 pixel sizes for text on your website because people sit far from the screen and they get old (hence, poor vision).
webdesign  typography  personal_net  via:reddit 
october 2011 by mcherm
WebPutty: CSS editing from Fog Creek
I should try this out! From Fog Creek Software, it’s a WYSIWYG CSS editor with LOTS of nice features.
webdesign  webdevelopment  todo  programming  FogCreek  css 
september 2011 by mcherm
Sass language: better CSS
A tool for pre-processing CSS which allows variables, inheritance, and cool stuff like that. Comes recommended.
webdesign  languages  webdevelopment  css 
september 2011 by mcherm
Hobo Lobo of Hamelin - Page 1
Interesting online comic. Use the horizontal scroll bar.
comics  via:HackerNews  webdesign 
july 2011 by mcherm
A tool which will set the browser size to any of several different common screen sizes. It deals with interior and exterior sizes also.
useful  webdevelopment  webdesign 
june 2011 by mcherm
The Cicada Principle and Why It Matters to Web Designers » HTML & CSS, Layout » Design Festival
How to build a large nonrepeating background without large image files. Build from multiple layers; the upper layers have many transparent holes; layer sizes are relatively prime.
webdesign  math  graphics  via:HackerNews 
april 2011 by mcherm
Performance Calendar » Thoughts on Performance
Latency is more of an issue in modern networks than bandwidth and (as of just the past few years) modern browsers handle multiple simultaneous downloads. So optimal speed for web apps is probably several smaller files rather than one big one.
webdevelopment  webdesign  performance  webdev  network 
march 2011 by mcherm
The Team | LATERAL
Now THIS is what a staff page ought to look like!
personal_net  webdesign  via:reddit 
february 2011 by mcherm
Hacker News | We're bored of cold calls from recruiters (try the form and see the source)
To get rid of the annoying recruiters that clogged their web developer application inbox, they created a never-ending form to fill out. A competent web developer will view-source and find the comment telling them where to REALLY apply.
webdesign  hiring  via:HackerNews  funny 
january 2011 by mcherm
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