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Is it really just sexism? An alternative argument for why women leave STEM
The problem with women in STEM careers, this author claims with some evidence, is not interest or sexism, but lack of support for a break to have children.
sexism  womenintech  via:HackerNews 
4 weeks ago by mcherm
21 Compilers and 3 Orders of Magnitude [PDF]
Does a great job of covering the history and scope of compilers. Also great callouts to leading early (female) computer pioneers.
programming  history  compiler  womenintech  via:HackerNews 
april 2019 by mcherm
Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women | Reuters
Amazon trained an AI model to classify resumes based on their previous hiring. Then later they discovered that the model had negative weights on terms like "women" (eg: "women's chess club"). They finally scrapped the whole model.
ai  bias  amazon  hiring  womenintech  via:HackerNews 
october 2018 by mcherm
I am leaving LLVM | Hacker News
It's a meaningful, even nuanced discussion about the ethics of discriminating in favor of women and underrepresented racial minorities in tech projects.
womenintech  discrimination 
may 2018 by mcherm
Girls and Software | Linux Journal
Eric S Raymond being inviting to and supportive of a 12-yr-old girl who shows up on an open source project discussion group. This is precisely how we ought to operate.
opensource  via:reddit  gender  womenintech  programming 
may 2018 by mcherm
Contra Grant On Exaggerated Differences | Slate Star Codex
Sexist employment in law, medicine, etc disappeared; in tech, teaching it didn't. Maybe it's not just "sexism" but biologically skewed preferences. Studies support this showing a sexual bias in preference for working with "things" versus "people".
ScottAlexander  sexism  womenintech  science  brain 
august 2017 by mcherm
As a Woman in Tech, I Realized: These Are Not My People - Bloomberg
She defends the googler who wrote a memo and was fired for it being sexist on the grounds that she has had similar thoughts (albeit better expressed) and that the firing doesn't improve attitudes.
womenintech  via:reddit 
august 2017 by mcherm
Former engineer says Uber is a nightmare of sexism : technology
I make a lot of comments and get into an extended discussion about supporting women in tech.
mypostings  womenintech  sexism  via:reddit 
february 2017 by mcherm
What My Uterus Can Teach You About Being a Tech Leader — Medium
A really well-written send up of a conference that asked tech questions of the men and parenting questions of the women.
feminism  womenintech 
september 2015 by mcherm

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