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Two Chaotic Motion Demos « null program
PR: Note calcs for generating loved using triangle strips
graphics  javascript  programming  piperesearch  math 
2 hours ago
Madsy9 comments on 3D model editor. Where to start?
Noting that half-edge and winged-edge keep the graph structure easier to query: linear time or better.
For editing geometry, he notes how to make it efficient: don't allow (raw) null pointers, etc.
reddit  piperesearch  comment  3d  datastructures 
4 hours ago
TCP is an underspecified two-node consensus algorithm and what that means for your proxies
"When people talk about TCP, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking of it as a connection, with a bi-directional stream of bytes. That is the abstraction that TCP provides, but it's not what TCP is. TCP is an agreement between 2 nodes to run a simple consensus algorithm. The data that is agreed on is (roughly) how much of what I have sent have you seen and how much have I seen of what you've sent. Since there are only 2 nodes, the algorithm is much simpler than what you would see in Raft or Paxos, but like a lot of consensus algorithms, it's based on nodes agreeing on what the current highest number is. [...] Besides the streams being sent, there's another important bit of information: the state of the connection itself. Annoyingly, some of this information is not transmitted over the network. The state of the connection is based largely on heuristics of the individual TCP implementations and to make matters worse, we allow programs to change this behavior depending on the application protocol."
networking  tcp  tls  distributed 
10 hours ago
Bringing Arbitrary Compute to Authoritative Data - ACM Queue
Mark Cavage and David Pacheco, on the architecture of Joyent's "Manta" general-purpose distributed storage system, supporting arbitrary computation on data at rest.
In particular:
- storage is "object": no partial updates, objects are immutable.
- interface is Unix-like: stdin/stdout + pipes
- "Local" computing: when given a job to run, the job is run on the node that contains the object instead of copying it across the network.
paper  distributed  piperesearch  from:acm  storage 
11 hours ago
There's Just No Getting around It: You're Building a Distributed System - ACM Queue
Mark Cavage, illustrating it with a simple "image resizing" service.
"In reality, building a distributed system requires a methodical approach to requirements along the boundaries of failure domains, latency, throughput, durability, consistency, and desired SLAs for the business application at all aspects of the application."

PR: note that splitting up identity management and caching makes it look like a 9P system: but he counters with noting that filesystems choose the C in CAP, and therefore do not scale past a single node very well.
distributed  from:acm  paper  reference  design  2013 
11 hours ago
The one ring problem: abstraction and our quest for power
"Quite a lot of papers would come up with something they wanted to do, show that existing designs were incapable of doing it, then design some more powerful system where they could.

I believe this thought process is a common failing among programmers."
programming  piperesearch  abstraction 
3 days ago
An introduction to Parsing Expression Grammars with LPeg
Also shows how to construct a simple calculator language parser to generate a syntax tree
lpeg  lua  parsing  reference  programming 
4 days ago
GitHub - Minuit/minuit: Propositions for a post-OSC prototypal protocol
Proposing a query system:
"Structure: We define a namespace as a tree-structure of OSC addresses, sorted in nodes binding on objects which have attributes.
Syntax: It has been decided that queries and replies should be separated from the address for optimization’s sake. The type of message is then possible to filter based on tree specific characters into the first word of the message"
piperesearch  osc  repo:github 
5 days ago
Improving the Efficiency of Open Sound Control (OSC) with Compressed Address Strings
"This paper introduces a technique that improves the efficiency of the Open Sound Control (OSC) communication protocol. The improvement is achieved by decoupling the user interface and the transmission layers of the protocol, thereby reducing the size of the transmitted data while simultaneously simplifying the receiving end parsing algorithm."

another proposal to shorten OSC tags, almost like 9P without walking the tree to find qids
piperesearch  osc  paper 
5 days ago
Quel Solaar Source Code
is this a new site? confirmed that this time it IS eskil releasing his own code
verse  piperesearch  source  graphics  programming 
7 days ago
Expanding your Grid (Plan 9 wiki)
" Plan 9 was designed as a distributed system. After you install the distribution from the cd, you have a self-sufficient one machine system, a standalone terminal. We will consider this as "Level 0" - how do you proceed from here to a network of Plan 9 machines and provide Plan 9 services to other clients? "
plan9  piperesearch 
7 days ago
Writing an OS in Rust
Second version: it's now possible to make a pure Rust os, versus previous which needed help from linker
rust  osdev  blog 
9 days ago
A script to find and connect to known wifi networks on OpenBSD. Works for me on my iwn card in my laptop · GitHub
Note that script names are a bit muddled: should be ''
(also may not work with 'wpaprotos' yet)
gist  openbsd  wifi  config 
10 days ago
A Career Cold Start Algorithm
Ask people who else to talk to until you run out of names.
management  advice  engineering 
10 days ago
Investigative Reporters and Editors | NICAR
"The National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting maintains a library of federal databases, employs journalism students, and trains journalists in the practical skills of getting and analyzing electronic information."
(requires subscription/membership)
data  journalism  data_source  datajournalism 
10 days ago
Pando: The Wolf of Sesame Street: Revealing the secret corruption inside PBS's news division
"However, neither the WNET press release nor the broadcasted segments explicitly disclosed who is financing the series. Pando has exclusively confirmed that "The Pension Peril" is secretly funded by former Enron trader John Arnold, a billionaire political powerbroker who is actively trying to shape the very pension policy that the series claims to be dispassionately covering."
corruption  pbs  television  2014  us  journalism 
11 days ago
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