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The Computation — Claude Shannon and the Art of Choosing a Problem
"The point I want to make is that there is no problem unworthy of a solution. Note that while pursuing such toy interests, Shannon wasn’t a nobody dwelling in his garage from day to night. He was one of the most well-known mathematicians of his time, even before his information theory breakthrough at age 32. It would be a no-brainer for him to decide to focus on more “important” problems instead of juggling for example."

"If you are interested in something, then there is nothing keeping you from exploring it deeper. Leave aside your truly mandatory responsibilities, and everything else is optional. There is no problem you shouldn’t try to solve."
inspiration  2020  history 
Welcome to DiscDAG ...
" In email, for example, top-posting has won. So people quote the entire email and put their response at the top. So they say ... "I quite agree. With what? What do they agree with? There were seven different points in this email ... do you agree with all of them? If not, then which ones? "

"You have nodes with comments, and people can reply to individual nodes, or entire threads, or even multiple threads all at once. "

(it would be interesting to see this applied with a better UI, like Mastodon or a native client)
collaboration  discussion  webdev  forum  2020 
Trunk Based Development
harkening back to SVN/Perforce: always working in master and reserving branches for certain short-lived situations. They do list caveats(need a build server if more than several devs, use feature-branches for code-review or CI, etc)
A semi-example:
software_development  version_control  dvcs  tips  management 
Fast Light Toolkit - Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK)
lobsters: "And if Tcl/Tk isn’t good enough? You know, sometimes that higher standard of quality is required for consumers, and if it is, you’ll waste so much time trying to get that quality out of a “cross-platform GUI framework” that you might’ve just as well used a “native” framework and written your code twice, because your program will always be bigger than your competitors, and slower than them, and it’ll always feel a little bit off even if you do everything else right."
gui  library  tk 
4 days ago
Airframer: The aerospace manufacturing directory
"a unique online directory which links aircraft manufacturers and their aircraft programs with suppliers, and analyses these suppliers sector-by-sector. All searches and up to 8 pages of data per month are free-of-charge, and full unrestricted access is available by subscription."
aerospace  reference  data_source 
4 days ago
Vim on NixOS · glob
showing how to use vim_configurable in overlays to achieve an isolated user-level vim plugin setup
nix  vim  tips  2018 
5 days ago
Erlang beauty
spacejam@lobsters: "more Rust devs should take lessons from the FUCRS concept"
erlang  tips 
5 days ago
How SNES emulators got a few pixels from complete perfection | Ars Technica
"Today, we enjoy cycle-level accuracy for nearly every component of the SNES. The sole exception is the PPUs (picture processing units), which are used to generate the video frames sent to your screen. We mostly know how the PPUs work, but we have to make guesses for some functionality that result in less than total perfection."

"I want this final piece solved so that I can feel confident in my retirement that the SNES has been faithfully and completely preserved through emulation. No stone was left unturned, no area left unfinished. I want to say that it's done."
hardware  reverse_engineering  emulation  nintendo  2020 
5 days ago
Seizo Watase’s Heart Cocktail – ZIMMERIT – Anime | Manga | Garage Kits | Doujinshi
"Modern “short” anime (that is, short episodes rather than short seasons) tends to skew towards absurd comedy to make the most of limited budgets, but what if those limitations were embraced and taken in the opposite direction? It might look a lot like Heart Cocktail[based on Seizo Watase’s manga]"
from:zimmerit  anime  history  japan 
6 days ago
The 'S' in Zoom, Stands for Security | Objective-See
- 2009 0day for quietly creating a unsecured webserver on localhost
- Facebook Metrics API usage without telling people
- invoking the AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges API...but delegating to a (easily-replaceable) shell script
- Code injection for mic/camera access: the app is compiled on OSX with the 'Hardened Runtime' profile...but then uses the "Disable Library Validation Entitlement" flag, which almost completely defeats the purpose(allows ANY library to be loaded into the address space)
zoom  security  osx  exploit  2020  hahaonlyserious 
6 days ago
GitHub - musnix/musnix: Real-time audio in NixOS
a add-in or Nix Channel that "provides a set of simple, high-level configuration options for doing real-time audio work in NixOS, including optimizing the kernel, applying the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch to it, and adjusting various low-level system settings."
Do note that using a RT Linux kernel can introduce other fun problems, so this is mainly if you need pro-level audio work. Also if you want to get JACK to work?
linux  repo:github  nix  music  tools 
6 days ago
PlatinumGames presents a shocking⁠—err, docking new collaboration! - YouTube



(note that the preflight dialogue around the 1 minute mark might be a reference to the original Vifam OP?)
video:youtube  archive_it  mad  games 
6 days ago
Bend it like gen_statem
"You see, the challenge is being able to breathe ‘gen_server’ as if one has gills, so that one can keep the maze of their state-machine straight in their head. It helps to first mock up your state-machine in a truth-table, give it some thought, sleep on it, re-work it, before jumping into the code. If you do that, then the task of crafting a state machine using ‘gen_statem’ isn’t too grueling."
erlang  statemachine  programming 
6 days ago
GitHub - goonstation/goonstation: Repository for the Goonstation branch of SS13
announcement that the rights issues have been cleared up and there's source available again:
ss13  repo:github  games 
6 days ago
It’s Amazing That Anyone Upgrades Their iPhone - 500ish
"I’ve owned every iPhone since the original one back in 2007. Each time that I get the latest version I do something many people consider crazy: I set it up as a new iPhone, rather than restoring a backup of my last device. My rationale is both simple and silly: I like the idea of this being a natural “reset” of my phone — a way to determine which apps I really want, or more to the point, need, on my device. It’s always far fewer than I think. And certainly less than I would have if I restored and deleted just the ones I thought I wouldn’t miss."
"Anyway, I bring this up because this process, while in a way liberating, is also a pain. It takes a long time to re-download every app that I actually want. And, of course, even longer to log in to each of these apps. One by one.
And yet I was reminded this week that my process actually isn’t that much more laborious than the more traditional restore. A few weeks back I bought my wife the latest iPhone — she had been using an iPhone 8, and I wanted her to have the best camera to take pictures of our little girl¹ — but she kept pushing off setting it up. When I asked her why, she noted that the restore process is incredibly slow and cumbersome."
iphone  upgrade  ios  backup  pmz  2019  via:rgl7194 
7 days ago
Segall Smeagol | Ty Segall
"I wanted to cover Nilsson Schmilsson for years, so I used the opportunity of being at home to cover my favorite cuts from the record. So here it is free on Bandcamp - "Segall Smeagol" LOVE TO EVERYONE"
bandcamp  music 
7 days ago
Year of Clojure on the Desktop | (:dev/notes vlaaad)
Notes the two remaining points with JVM that are addressed:
- react for GUI: handled by JavaFX, with (author's) cljfx wrapper
- jpackage(in Java 14) for generating packages like deb, rpm, dmg, etc.

demo app:
clojure  piperesearch  java  2020 
7 days ago
Moé for Moai – ZIMMERIT – Anime | Manga | Garage Kits | Doujinshi
"Ultimately, it’s hard to pin down one reason why Japan is so moé for moai (okay, first you have to accept that premise itself, but man, I don’t see America erecting fake moai all over the country, putting them in video games and VHS logos or selling moai-shaped chocolates). "
"And despite an obvious difference in size, Easter Island and Japan are both islands, subject to the whims of earthquakes and tsunami. Whatever it is, there seems to be something in moai that appeals to Japanese... emotion."
from:zimmerit  history  japan 
8 days ago
Coronavirus is leading states to close their borders - Vox
"As Pritzker writes, “it’s the federal government’s job to make sure that a nurse being properly equipped in Illinois doesn’t come at the cost of a doctor being ready for work in California.”

If the Trump administration is unwilling or unable to uphold its end of the post-New Deal bargain, the implications are staggering. Trump’s inaction does not simply threaten to exacerbate a pandemic. It threatens the very concept of what it means to be the United States of America."
us  government  virus2020  2020  this_is_fine 
10 days ago
"The charts below show projected hospital resource use based on COVID-19 deaths. The projections assume the continuation of strong social distancing measures and other protective measures."
virus2020  data_source  visualization 
11 days ago
Dumping MiniDisc Media –
in case you ever need to dump stuff off Minidiscs. Hope you've got(or can find) a MZ-RH1!
also relies on NetMDPython, but if the files are "protected", you'll need SonicStage as well(or QHiMDTransfer if you want to go the analog-hole route)
archiving  hardware  sony  reference 
11 days ago
The polygons of DOOM: PSX
"As I concluded the [Polygons of Another World series], I regretted not being able to take a look at one mythical console of the mid-90s, the Sony PlayStation. I had the opportunity to touch upon it when I was writing the Game Engine Black Book: DOOM two years ago but I wanted to go deeper. My curiosity was so great that I decided to relax my rules and use DOOM instead of Another World at a pretext to dig in. "

Covers history of the PSX, its hardware, and the tradeoffs Williams Entertainment made.
psx  gamedev  reverse_engineering  reference  history  2020 
11 days ago
F-Zero GX/AX – 2003 Developer Interviews -
"In these interviews, members of Nintendo and Sega’s Amusement Vision studio, including long-time F-Zero designer Takaya Imamura and Amusement Vision head honcho Toshihiro Nagoshi, discuss their collective vision for the 2003 Gamecube racing game F-Zero GX and its arcade counterpart, F-Zero AX.

Born from Nintendo’s “Triforce” initiative, which saw them team up with arcade veterans Namco and Sega to produce externally-developed arcade games using Nintendo IP with the eventual goal of securing much-needed third-party software for the Gamecube, these games represented both Nintendo’s long-awaited return to arcades and Sega’s first genuine collaboration with their long-time rival, with the end result being a pair of games that are considered by many to be the series’ apotheosis. "
gamedev  history  games  nintendo  sega 
12 days ago
CHAOS CODE -NEW SIGN OF CATASTROPHE- for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details
Tweet from @gosokkyu: this is bound to get lost in all the direct hype but whatever: Chaos Code is out on Switch today, it's a budget verson ($10) with no online but if you've never played it and want to pay tribute to the recently-defunct FK Digital, this is one way to do it /
fightman  game 
12 days ago
How are Unix pipes implemented?
"This important property, along with the POSIX requirement that writing up to PIPE_BUF (at least 512) bytes into a pipe must be atomic, allows processes to communicate with each other over a pipe in a way that regular files (which have no such guarantees) could not support. With a regular file, a process could write all its output and hand it over to the next process, or they could operate in lock-step by using an external signalling mechanism (like a semaphore) to let each other know when they were done reading or writing. Pipes eliminate all this complexity."
osdev  piperesearch  unix  history  programming 
12 days ago
Announcing a National Emergency Library to Provide Digitized Books to Students and the Public | Internet Archive Blogs
"A final note on calling this a “National Emergency” Library. We lend to the world, including these books. We chose that language deliberately because we are pegging the suspension of the waitlists to the duration of the US national emergency. Users all over the world have equal access to the books now available, regardless of their location."  libraries  virus2020 
14 days ago
GitHub - mit-pdos/xv6-riscv: Xv6 for RISC-V
"You will need a RISC-V "newlib" tool chain from, and qemu compiled for
riscv64-softmmu. Once they are installed, and in your shell
search path, you can run "make qemu"."
osdev  repo:github  riscv  os 
14 days ago
DOJ Wants to Suspend Constitutional Rights for Coronavirus Emergency - Rolling Stone
"The Trump Department of Justice has asked Congress to craft legislation allowing chief judges to indefinitely hold people without trial and suspend other constitutionally-protected rights during coronavirus and other emergencies, according to a report by Politico’s Betsy Woodruff Swan."
"While the asks from the Department of Justice will likely not come to fruition with a Democratically-controlled House of Representatives, they demonstrate how much this White House has a frightening disregard for rights enumerated in the Constitution."

(it's basically suspending habeas corpus, and suspending statute of limitations until a year after "the emergency is over")
this_is_fine  us  2020 
16 days ago
Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance - Tomas Pueyo - Medium
"Summary of the article: Strong coronavirus measures today should only last a few weeks, there shouldn’t be a big peak of infections afterwards, and it can all be done for a reasonable cost to society, saving millions of lives along the way. If we don’t take these measures, tens of millions will be infected, many will die, along with anybody else that requires intensive care, because the healthcare system will have collapsed."
also includes interactive casualty rate calculator
interactive  virus2020 
18 days ago
Simplify: move code into database functions | Derek Sivers
"In 1997, I started in Perl. In 1998, I switched to PHP. In 2004, a rewrite in Rails. In 2007, back to PHP. In 2009, minimalist Ruby. In 2012, client-side JavaScript. Each time I’d have to re-write all of the logic around the database: how to add a new person into the database, how to verify an invoice is correct, how to mark an order as paid, etc. But that whole time, my trusty PostgreSQL database stayed the same. Since most of this is data logic, not business logic, it should be in the database. "
webdev  database  postgres  2015 
18 days ago
GitHub - PostgREST/postgrest: REST API for any Postgres database
PostgREST serves a fully RESTful API from any existing PostgreSQL database. It provides a cleaner, more standards-compliant, faster API than you are likely to write from scratch.
(haskell for the server, JS for front-end, uses OpenAPI)
haskell  postgres  webdev  repo:github 
18 days ago
Tracking Firmware Code Size | Interrupt
mostly general tips: a big chunk of the article is "how to store it in postgres".
embedded  osdev  pmz  tips  metrics  software_development 
18 days ago
Hitler uses Kubernetes - YouTube
"Don't worry, we're migrating to ArgoCD soon"

@kelseyhightower: "It's been 20 minutes and I'm still laughing. I just can't."
k8s  humor  video:youtube 
19 days ago
13-MAR-2017: Chrome disables support for mandatory features of HTTPS
In case you wonder why any older certs might get rejected: RFC 2818 section 3.1 says it's mandatory for an implementation, but it's been official deprecated. I love all this flap over "subjectAltName" and "dNSName", don't you?
ssl  http  chrome  google  webdev  2017 
19 days ago
How Deeply Is COVID-19 Impacting Anime Production? - Anime News Network
"A number of anime studios have told their employees to work from home, which can have a varying impact depending on the studio, according to one producer I spoke to. Many freelance animators already work remotely, so there's not a ton of disruption there. Some CG studios, however, only provide employees access to expensive 3-D software on their office computers, so working from home requires setting up a VPN (virtual private network) to allow them to log into the computers remotely. This can cost them precious time while they transition to the new setup! "
"However, the real risk comes from ripple effects. The anime industry is a tight web of studios that hire each other for supplementary production work on each other's shows. A sick artist or a project getting pushed back can throw studios' careful schedules and budgets completely out of whack. Most studios also outsource work to the rest of the industry, meaning that issues with their contractors can delay delivery of in-betweens, backgrounds, or CG animation. "
anime  production  virus2020  japan  piperesearch 
20 days ago
Interview: Last Exile and BEM Artist Range Murata - Anime News Network
" We had the had the opportunity to sit down with Range Murata, the character designer behind works such as Last Exile and Blue Submarine No. 6 among many more. For the summer 2019 season, he was given the chance to redesign the characters of the 1968 Yōkai Ningen Bem for its newest incarnation, BEM. "
interview  anime  2020  from:ann 
20 days ago
Sander van der Burg's blog: A declarative process manager-agnostic deployment framework based on Nix tooling
An in-progress attempt to be a system layer/process-manager in a Nix declarative way. Towards the end it's illustrated as a manager for a heterogeneous distributed system.
(however, only for unix-likes at this point, and only for unixes where nix runs: PR tag is for inspiration, not using it directly)

osdev  piperesearch  nix 
20 days ago
nixos/ at master · andywhite37/nixos · GitHub
"elow are the steps I took and various notes from my attempt to dual boot NixOS with and existing Windows 10 installation on a new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (6th Edition). I wanted to keep a small Windows partition for gaming/etc. and install NixOS on a much larger partition for software development. [...] in the end, there was quite a bit of reading and crossing of fingers involved, but I got NixOS installed and up and running with no problems at all! Also, at no point in the process was I unable to boot into the Windows OS!"
repo:github  linux  sysadmin  windows  nix 
20 days ago
Steam under Linux - Valve Developer Community
- winetricks
- if dual-booting, it's possible to symlink the steamapps folder from linux to windows
- do not use compiz or any other fancy compositors
- avoid ntfs-3g / FUSE
steam  linux  wine  tips  windows  games 
20 days ago
Remote workers – rapid and cost-effective VPN scale with ZeroTier, OPNSense and FRRouting. –
"Ultimately, this is merely a functional starting point for a corporate VPN solution. There are so many security and networking pieces that could be added depending on an organization’s compliance and regulatory requirements. "
networking  vpn  inspiration  2020 
20 days ago
405 - YouTube
The original viral short film, made by BranitFX(Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt) in 2000. They might have worked on the G-Saviour live-action Gundam movie as well?
video:youtube  film  humor 
20 days ago
Stay Home, Save Lives
"Originally published March 15, 2020 in USA Today"
tips  health  virus2020 
20 days ago
Covid-19 Small Molecule Therapies Reviewed | In the Pipeline
The "Things I won't Work With" guy reviews the current drug trials. remdesivir is probably the best bet, but it's still not a silver bullet.
science  biology  chemistry  virus2020 
21 days ago
Cats and Domino - YouTube
The service-bell cats strike again.
humor  video:youtube  cats 
21 days ago
Rolling your own encryption | Lobsters
"I always get pushback when I encourage people to try their hand at crypto for fun and to learn how it works. Just don’t deploy it into production, make sure you pass the massive test vector lists available for everything, and always assume you are leaking side-channel information, and everything’s fine. Elliptic curves are really fun to work with when you have 512-bit integer types available, and ChaCha20 is very simple in practive." even notes that djb started out not knowing anything about crypto!
comment  lobsters  cryptography  security 
22 days ago
Streak - CRM for Gmail
recommended by apenwarr(until they move to Salesforce, which everyone does eventually)
email  crm  tools  gmail  business 
22 days ago
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