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First Thoughts on Carpenter v. United States - Volokh Conspiracy :
On the Supreme Court ruling that cell phone records are under 4th Amendment protections
surveillance  legal  law  2018  us 
21 hours ago
Pacific Science Center Menu
"I spent 25 years at Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington. Here are some of the exhibits I worked on over the years"
history  photos  seattle  science 
beets: the music geek's media organizer
pmz: note how it's CLI only, plugins are simple python, and in general how to organize a music system from this perspective
python  pmz  music  audio  tools 
2 days ago
Hands-on: Rock Band 3's Keytar, a Surprisingly Serious $80 MIDI Keyboard - CDM Create Digital Music
The general MIDI notes on the RB3 keytar, since MadCatz never got around to publishing or making any of their own adapters.
reference  midi  keyboard  hardware  music 
2 days ago
x86 and amd64 instruction reference
"THIS REFERENCE IS NOT PERFECT. It's been mechanically separated into distinct files by a dumb script. It may be enough to replace the official documentation on your weekend reverse engineering project, but for anything where money is at stake, go get the official and freely available documentation. "
x86  reference  assembly  programming  amd64 
2 days ago
GitHub - pervognsen/bitwise: Bitwise is an educational project where we create the software/hardware stack for a computer from scratch.
"After working as a game developer and systems programmer for over 15 years at places like Epic Games, NVIDIA, RAD Game Tools and most recently Oculus, I decided it was time to take a break from professional programming and spend a few years pursuing a long-time dream of mine, a project I've dubbed Bitwise, where I want to share my passion and try to demonstrate by example how to build systems from scratch, with a low-level computing focus."
repo:github  osdev 
2 days ago
Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute — Smashing Magazine
It's better to use "label" and the ARIA tags, to avoid breaking translations and screenreaders. Plus it makes no sense for instructions to vanish upon text entry
webdev  html5 
2 days ago
The Cx Programming Language
May have been quietly dropped by parent, but it's fully open-source under EPL
hardware  vhdl  programming  verilog  design 
4 days ago
"A Digital Synthesis Flow using Open Source EDA Tools" by the same guy that did IceStorm?
design  electronics  opensource  tools 
4 days ago
How to Design a New Chip on a Budget - IEEE Spectrum
"All to say: A small player could certainly design its own ASIC and have it fabricated with nothing more than some ingenuity [open source tools,] and a few thousand dollars. But it wouldn’t be able to create a sophisticated design or use a state-of-the art technology node."
ieee  from:spectrum  interview  hardware  electronics  design 
4 days ago
Ben Tarnoff on Twitter: "I spoke to one of the workers at Google who helped lead the successful campaign against the company's involvement with Project Maven, a Pentagon AI program."
Besides the linked article, important points: most company communication is from leaders, not rank-n-file, and they have their own opinions.
Also heartening: more calls for worker organization at that level
tweets  google  interview  2018  ethics 
4 days ago
The Philosophy of Open Source in Community and Enterprise Software
"What we’re essentially seeing more of in the industry today, is open sourcing central technologies and reusable components without open sourcing the software it produces. This can help startups and small developers to create large, scalable products. However, those products are often locked into the ecosystems of the larger players. It’s beneficial for Facebook, Twitter and Amazon to help others create applications that feed people into their user base, because it’s more likely those products would depend on connections to the big networks rather than compete with them."
2018  stacks  opensource  gpl 
5 days ago
Vendors, Disclosure, and a bit of WebUSB Madness
So not only does WebUSB break U2F and any other security device, Yubico and Google basically stole the research away in search of a better press release. Other Twitter comments note that Yubico has been sitting on other issues like this as well.
security  webdev  hahaonlyserious  u2f  usb  chrome  google  yubikey 
6 days ago
Another World | The Digital Antiquarian
"Yet there’s no question that Éric Chahi’s best-remembered game does indeed deserve to be remembered for its rare aesthetic sophistication, and for stimulating emotional responses that go way beyond the typical action-game palette of anger and fear. While there is certainly room for “interesting decisions” in games — and perhaps a few of them might not have gone amiss in Another World itself — games ought to be able to make us feel as well. This lesson of Another World is one every game designer can stand to profit from."
games  history  digital_Antiquarian 
6 days ago
$12 million a mile: Here’s how bike-lane costs shot sky high in Seattle | The Seattle Times
tl;dr: basically the entire street needed to be rebuilt since we haven't bothered on upkeep for 20 years
seattle  public_works  article  2018 
7 days ago
Raspberry Pi Zero - Programming over USB! (Part 1) | Andrew's blog
Note that the Pi Zero supports USB OTG, since the processor is connected directly to the USB port. Article has links for quick setup instructions.
pmz: note of course this means you can run fun stuff like ethernet or terminals directly over USB
guide  raspberry_pi  usb  pmz 
8 days ago
An Original iPhone Designer Embarks on Life After Apple - Motherboard
"But in the years since Steve Jobs died in 2011, five of the seven people in the iPhone’s original user experience design team, called the Human Interface group—including [Freddy] Anzures—have left the company. Now, Anzures is worried that, like Zara, his team’s contributions to the iPhone could be largely forgotten."
history  iphone  apple  from:vice  culture 
9 days ago
INTEL-SA-00145: Lazy FP
"System software may utilize the Lazy FP state restore technique to delay the restoring of state until an instruction operating on that state is actually executed by the new process. S 2018ystems using Intel® Core-based microprocessors may potentially allow a local process to infer data utilizing Lazy FP state restore from another process through a speculative execution side channel."
fpu  spectre  intel  x86  security  vulnerability 
9 days ago
Stealing Data With CSS: Attack and Defense :: Mike Gualtieri
CSS Value Selectors can be used to parse HTML, and oh look I've gone cross-eyed
security  css  webdev  hahaonlyserious 
9 days ago
Best way to power a microcontroller, SMPS vs Linear Regulator - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
"[buck converter for 12V adapter feeding MCU] is indeed much more power efficient, especially if there is a big difference in the input voltage vs output voltage, which is your case here. The buck will output almost the same power than it takes at the input (efficiencies are typically ~80-90%), whereas the linear regulator will take as much current as input as it needs to supply (which means that efficiency is Vout/Vin, something like ~27-44% in your case, which is very bad). Yes, this is actually the only reason why linear regulator can be a bad choice: the efficency (and your computation of dissipated heat is fine)."
stackoverflow  electronics  power 
9 days ago
GitHub - jwise/HoRNDIS: Android USB tethering driver for Mac OS X
This implements RNDIS for OSX as a kext, not using TUN/TAP. After installation, a Android USB tether connection can be done using the Networking panel.
osx  networking  drivers  repo:github  android  usb 
9 days ago
Introduction | Yggdrasil
"an early-stage implementation of a fully end-to-end encrypted IPv6 network. It is lightweight, self-arranging, supported on multiple platforms and allows pretty much any IPv6-capable application to communicate securely with other Yggdrasil nodes. Yggdrasil does not require you to have IPv6 Internet connectivity - it also works over IPv4."
internet  pmz  networking 
10 days ago
'CVS: src' - MARC
pmz: note how they're using the fpu, possibly might be a fix to the inferno x86 fpu usage
openbsd  security  osdev  x86  pmz 
10 days ago
Electrum | A model checker for relational first-order temporal specifications
"an extension to the Alloy Analyzer, provides an analyzer for Electrum models, a temporal extension to the Alloy modeling language. "
alloy  formal_methods 
11 days ago
Formally Specifying UIs • Hillel Wayne
Noting that (Harel) Statecharts and specialized use of the Alloy model-checker can solve a lot of UI structural issues before you build it.
piperesearch  alloy  formal_methods  ui  statecharts 
11 days ago
Commercial Suicide: Integration at the Database Level | Damian Hickey
PR: "When applications are each responsible for their own data, their own actions, and are only responsible for letting the "enterprise" know they have made some changes that other things may need to know about - then you have your solution.

In good development terms, we have proper separation of concerns ... applications are responsible for their data, and their data only. They decide if they care about data from other applications - they are not forced to use it, nor to work around it."
database  piperesearch 
12 days ago
Facebook "embeds," Russia and the Trump campaign's secret weapon - CBS News
"Brad Parscale: Yeah. So Facebook now lets you get to places and places possibly that you would never go with TV ads. Now, I can find, you know, 15 people in the Florida Panhandle that I would never buy a TV commercial for. And, we took opportunities that I think the other side didn't.
Lesley Stahl: Like what?
Brad Parscale: Well, we had our-- their staff embedded inside our offices.
Lesley Stahl: What?
Brad Parscale: Yeah, Facebook employees would show up for work every day in our offices.
Lesley Stahl: Whoa, wait a minute. Facebook employees showed up at the Trump headquarters --
Brad Parscale: Google employees, and Twitter employees.
Lesley Stahl: How do you know they weren't Trojan Horses?
Brad Parscale: 'Cause I'd ask 'em to be Republicans, and I'd -- we'd talk to 'em.
Lesley Stahl: Oh, you only wanted Republicans?
Brad Parscale: I wanted people who support Donald Trump from their companies.
Lesley Stahl: And that's what you got?
Brad Parscale: Yeah. They already have divisions set up that way.
Lesley Stahl: What do you mean?
Brad Parscale: They already have groups of people in their political divisions that are Republican and Democrat.
Lesley Stahl: You're kidding?
Brad Parscale: Yeah, they're businesses, they are publicly traded companies with stock price."
2016_populism  2018  from:cbs  transcript  facebook  politics 
12 days ago
Minimalist C Libraries « null program
- don't manage memory(let user do that)
- don't use stdlib(except math)
- don't do io(again, let user do that)
- define as few structures as possible
c  programming  library  tips 
13 days ago
benaiah comments on: Static Sites vs CMS | Lobsters
The concept is interesting, and the resource page is worth a look. The description of JAMStack is not appealing, however
comment  lobsters  webdev  web  cms 
13 days ago
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