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Neighborhood Scout
NeighborhoodScout Crime Analytics use hundreds of sophisticated spatial algorithms to process 9 million+ reported crimes into nationally comparable crime data of unprecedented accuracy, with complete coverage for every neighborhood and address in America.
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Cameron Booth | Transit Maps, Graphic Design and Photography
transit and transportation map-related prints, both of my original design and of lovingly restored reproductions of vintage maps
maps  Design.Graphic 
FlowingData explores how statisticians, designers, data scientists, and others use analysis, visualization, and exploration to understand data and ourselves.

As for me, I’m Nathan Yau and I have a PhD in statistics from UCLA. My dissertation was on personal data collection and how we can use visualization in an everyday context. That expands to more general types of data, visualization and design for a growing audience.
2 days ago
Home | Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University
The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies advances understanding of housing issues and informs policy. Through its research, education, and public outreach programs, the center helps leaders in government, business, and the civic sectors make decisions that effectively address the needs of cities and communities. Through graduate and executive courses, as well as fellowships and internship opportunities, the Joint Center also trains and inspires the next generation of housing leaders.
housing  academia 
2 days ago
Home | Utopian Literature in English: An Annotated Bibliography From 1516 to the Present
This online database, a Penn State Libraries Open Publishing publication, catalogs utopian literature in its myriad forms from 1516 to the present day.
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10 days ago
Austin soco pool house for rent
On Stay Here on Netflix/$200 per night
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16 days ago
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program has rejected 99 percent of applicants.
Under the program’s rules, borrowers can become eligible for forgiveness if they make 120 on-time monthly payments on their federal student loans while working full time in public service. This all sounds simple enough. But as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported last year, many people have gotten tripped up on PSLF’s bureaucratic details, in part because student loan servicers have often done a poor job helping them navigate it. They may end up enrolled in the wrong kind of repayment plan (borrowers essentially need to be sign up for income-based repayment) or may not have the right kind of debts (only student loans made directly by the federal government can be discharged; older loans that were issued by private banks with federal backing aren’t eligible). As a result, some borrowers spend years making payments on their debts thinking they’re making progress toward getting them discharged, when in fact they’re not.
financing  loan 
24 days ago
I'm Not Here to Make Friends: The Rise and Fall of the Supercut Video | WIRED
And the form itself may be finding its way to a new generation. Saslaw notes that, in recent years, she’s seen a burst of quick, fan-created mini-montages—first on Vine, and then later Instagram. “It’s not quite cultural criticism,” she says, “but they’re so elaborate, because they’re all done on phones. They’re not super-elevated the way our supercuts were, but there is a supercutty component of it: It’s the same formula, and with the same appreciation, but with all of these crazy effects.”
26 days ago
60 minutes proving De La Soul is one of hip-hop’s greats—but its legacy is in danger
Thanks to a messy thicket of legal entanglements involving sample rights and intellectual property clearance questions, nothing before the band’s 2004 release The Grind Date and the 2016 Kickstarter-funded ...And The Anonymous Nobody are available on Spotify or other streaming sites. It’s not for lack of trying; the group has been fighting lawyers, lawsuits, and former label Warner Bros. for years to try and clear the way to post its music on digital platforms, to no avail.
music  Copyright 
4 weeks ago
Reinventing Museums for the Digital Generation - Knowledge@Wharton
Penn Museum Director Julian Siggers talks about how the institution uses digital tools to showcase its treasures to people around the world.
museum  via:chrisunitt 
4 weeks ago
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