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mgifford : disabilities   6


In 8 developing countries, 32% of persons with consider their workplace hindering or n…
DidYouKnow  disabilities 
11 weeks ago by mgifford
Agree we are also one of the and diverse groups in the world. People with are not…
disabilities  largest  minority 
august 2018 by mgifford
Thanks for the kind words Antonio. Appreciate your efforts to . I talk about…
disabilities  normalize 
june 2018 by mgifford
I get disheartened because people don't see value in to improve the lives of people with . I pus…
disabilities  a11y 
june 2018 by mgifford
In 30 minutes we will discuss understanding transportation challenges for people with in
NewYorkCity  disabilities 
june 2018 by mgifford

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