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Filter Options - Apache OpenOffice Wiki
For the soffice tool to convert between office formats (eg. csv <-> excel)
csv  excel 
7 days ago
rochus-keller/LjTools: LuaJIT 2.0 bytecode parser, viewer, assembler and test VM
This is a parser, browser, assembler and test VM for LuaJIT 2.0 bytecode written in C++ and Qt.
programming  lua 
21 days ago
ROCKPro64 4GB Single Board Computer – PINE Store
allegedly pretty good linux kernel compilation time
28 days ago
Pixel Joint Forum: 16 Color Palette Comp
Announcing the winners of the 16 color palette contest.
The winning palette even has a name this time DBsFUN16
graphics  retrocomputing 
4 weeks ago
GitHub - JohnEarnest/Octo: A Chip8 IDE
Octo is a high-level assembler for the Chip8 virtual machine, complete with an environment for testing programs, and tools for sharing your creations.
gamedev  retrocomputing  forth 
6 weeks ago
GitHub - edubart/luamon: Live development utility for Lua inspired by nodemon
Luamon is a utility for quick live development in Lua. It will monitor for any changes in your source and automatically restart your Lua script or application.
programming  lua 
6 weeks ago
Web OP-1
Intricate real-world UI elements (synthesizer) in CSS!
css  html  neuomorphism  ui 
7 weeks ago
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