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Create Vert.x Web Router from an OpenAPI document | Eclipse Vert.x how-to
This document will show you how to use your OpenAPI document to create a Vert.x Web Router that validates and extract incoming request parameters.
programming  java  vertx 
october 2019 by mhd
Acoustic echo cancellation in Java - Stack Overflow
useful so that people don't notice you're on the loo
audio  java 
october 2016 by mhd
GitHub - dropbox/djinni: A tool for generating cross-language type declarations and interface bindings.
Djinni is a tool for generating cross-language type declarations and interface bindings. It's designed to connect C++ with either Java or Objective-C. Python support is available in an experimental version on the python branch.
android  c++  java 
march 2016 by mhd
Buck: A fast build tool
Buck is a build system for Android that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules consisting of code and resources.
android  programming  java 
june 2015 by mhd
Dropwizard is a Java framework for developing ops-friendly, high-performance, RESTful web services.
programming  java  webdev 
may 2014 by mhd
google-sitebricks - Project Hosting on Google Code
Sitebricks is a simple development layer for web applications built on top of Google Guice. Sitebricks focuses on early error detection, low-footprint code, and fast development. Like Guice, it also balances idiomatic Java with an emphasis on concise code.
webdev  java  mvc  rest 
september 2009 by mhd
lambdaj - Google Code
manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way
java  functional  library  dsl 
june 2009 by mhd
Multivalent - PDF Utilities
Some utilites to check and repair PDF files
pdf  java 
december 2008 by mhd
Java 2D and 3D gaming Framework
programming  java  gamedev  framework 
october 2008 by mhd
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