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Data Consistency in Microservice Using Sagas
Chris Richardson discusses messaging, durability, and reliability in microservice architectures leveraging the Saga Pattern. He shows how sagas work and how they differ from traditional transactions, and describes how to use sagas to develop business logic in a microservices application. He also describes the design of a saga framework for Java and shows a sample application.
consistency  eventual.consistency  microservices  patterns  saga 
6 weeks ago
Effect of open offices
An empirical study on the effect of open offices: "the volume of face-to-face interactions decreased significantly (approx. 70%)"  communication 
10 weeks ago
Blog | Beware Inconsistent Definitions of Consistency | Relevance
Ralph Waldo Emerson famously observed: A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Given that, I think that Mr. Emerson would be happy to know th...
consistency  cap  acid  databases 
january 2018
(3) Rails Anti Patterns How Not to Design your Database - Brad Urani, Procore - YouTube
When designing a database for your Ruby on Rails application, what looks like the best solution can be a trap. Join us as we expose these database anti-patte...
rails  database  antipattern  tree  hierarchy 
december 2017
Why your programmers just want to code – Maker to Manager – Medium
When I interviewed Jamie for a position at ZenTech, he seemed like an enthusiastic engineer. With solid tech skills, ideas for process and product improvement, and a great team attitude, he was the…
management  culture  organisation 
december 2017
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