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Effect of open offices
An empirical study on the effect of open offices: "the volume of face-to-face interactions decreased significantly (approx. 70%)"  communication 
11 days ago
Blog | Beware Inconsistent Definitions of Consistency | Relevance
Ralph Waldo Emerson famously observed: A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Given that, I think that Mr. Emerson would be happy to know th...
consistency  cap  acid  databases 
january 2018
(3) Rails Anti Patterns How Not to Design your Database - Brad Urani, Procore - YouTube
When designing a database for your Ruby on Rails application, what looks like the best solution can be a trap. Join us as we expose these database anti-patte...
rails  database  antipattern  tree  hierarchy 
december 2017
Why your programmers just want to code – Maker to Manager – Medium
When I interviewed Jamie for a position at ZenTech, he seemed like an enthusiastic engineer. With solid tech skills, ideas for process and product improvement, and a great team attitude, he was the…
management  culture  organisation 
december 2017
Some people claim that unit tests make type systems unnecessary: "types are just simple unit tests written for you, and simple unit tests aren't the important ones". Other people claim that type systems make unit tests unnecessary: "dynamic languages only need unit tests because they don't have type systems." What's going on here? These can't both be right. We'll use this example and a couple others to explore the unknown beliefs that structure our understanding of the world.
gary.bernhardt  ideology 
december 2017
No, I have no side code projects to show you | Codementor
I know the exact moment in the interview I lost the job for a boutique app firm in downtown Austin. They wanted to see some of my code, and, of
career  programming  interviews  side.projects 
december 2017
The Programmer Skill Fetish, Contextualized - DaedTech
In this post, I take a look at the preoccupation that we, as an industry, have with programmer skill. Sure, skill matters, but we take it to an extreme.
skill  programming  movers  specialize 
december 2017
Clean Code Validations
Entities can have validation functions, but they should be application specific. That means they are general validations that enforce invariants, and not specific validations for specific cases.

Interactors are, by their nature, more volatile than entites. The two kinds of objects change at different rates and for different reasons. The validation should go in the object that has the most similar change rate. So if the age/class restriction is volatile, and might change based on time, region, mangement style, or etc... then I'd put it in the interactors. If, however, the age/class restriction is fundamental to the Employee entity, and won't change unless there is a foundational change to that entity, then it would be better to put the validation in the entity.

This is really just the SRP / CCP again. Gather together things that change for the same reasons. Separate things that change for different reasons.
clean.code  validations  interactor  uncle.bob 
november 2017
Avoid pitfalls in scaling your Cassandra cluster: lessons and remedies
Several teams at Walmart use Cassandra heavily as one of their primary data sources. Many of them rely on the high availability and tunable consistency guarantees provided by Cassandra besides the…
cassandra  performance  database 
november 2017
OOP: You’re Doing It Completely Wrong (Stir Trek Edition) on Vimeo
Object Oriented Programming: You're Doing It Completely Wrong given at Stir Trek 4/4/2014 in Columbus OH. Chances are, most of us are primarily writing…
oop  dependency.injection  single.responsibility  solid 
october 2017
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