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Swedish PM warned over 'Russian roulette-style' Covid-19 strategy
Criticism is mounting in Sweden of the government’s approach to Covid-19, with experts warning that its strategy of building broad immunity while protecting at-risk groups – similar to that initially adopted by the UK – amounted to “Russian roulette” and could end in disaster.
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4 days ago Straight Edge-reportage (TV4 Nyheterna 1995)
TV4 Nyheterna förklarar vad Straight Edge och veganism är för något. Men de vuxna är oroliga och svälter sig. David Sandström från Refused får uttala sig liksom dietisten Ann-Christine Wall.
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6 days ago
This thread on #COVID19 by an engineer is doing serious numbers. It's projecting millions of #CoronavirusUSA cases, but I'm very concerned it's a naive & uninformed take that will cause more harm than good. Here's why these kind of projections are likely poorly advised (1/n)
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14 days ago
Quakespasm-spike (0.92.2) COOP E1M2
I hear ya. Darkplaces was my engine of choice years ago until I got frustrated with all the compatibility issues with newer releases. I'm kinda glad that happened coz I never would've discovered Quakespasm. I hope the enhanced special effects on this 'spiked' version of Quakespasm eventually make their way into the official release of Quakespasm. These videos I made last night borrow some models/effects from the Arcane Dimensions MOD (like the cool looking glowing armors and some player models) so it's kinda messy at the moment.
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15 days ago
QuakeSpasm Improved
QuakeSpasm-Spiked is an even more modern Quake 1 engine based on everyone else's hard work that I stole, as well as some of my own stuff from FTE. (It's still GPLed guys!) It includes networking fixes and improvements, which means you can actually stand a chance of being able to use this thing as a server. It also includes a whole load of QuakeC extensions so that modders are no longer limited to what is essentially crippleware. If the way I explain that grates on you, then you're probably part of the reason why I got annoyed enough to spend my time on this.
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15 days ago
Here's the coronavirus data, overlayed with the dates offset by the amounts shown. One of these countries is not like the rest. Everyone else will be Italy in 9-14 days time.
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17 days ago
Mouse Acceleration
seta in_mouse "-1"
seta in_disablemacosxmouseaccel "1"
seta cl_mouseAccel "0"
seta sensitivity "23.5"
quake  mouse  inputdevices  forum-posts  tutorials  games 
22 days ago
Fitzquake Mark V
So in short, "Always Run" de-emphasizes your sidestepping speed by not doubling, while +speed increases your sidestepping speed by the same proportion as your forward speed, allowing your sidestepping to remain nice and fast. The fix: Make "Always Run" also set cl_sidespeed to 700 along with setting cl_forwardspeed (and cl_backspeed) to 400. Then the movement ratio stays the same.
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22 days ago
KiloSwiss comments on Difference between autoexec and config.cfg?
config.cfg should stay untouched (don't set it to "read only"), and all your custom settings and binds can be added to the autoexec.
The config also won't include your aliases so you need to write them into your autoexec. Protip: Always have the command host_writeconfig at the bottom of your autoexec.
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22 days ago
SI6IL by Romero Games
People have been asking me to make an entire episode for many years now, and that picked up a lot after I released E1M8B and E1M4B in 2016. Many messaged me to ask if I’d consider making a 5th episode for the 25th anniversary. So, back in 2016, that’s what I decided to do. Like all other mods, it will be free. However, I also wanted to do something special, so we decided to also create an incredible package that fans would love and include an amazing soundtrack by Buckethead. Everything that’s included in the fan boxes is really cool to show off, and Christopher Lovell’s art is fitting for such a hellish game. The Beast Box has to be the most evil game box I’ve seen.
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22 days ago
How to sandbox third party applications when `sandbox-exec` is deprecated now?
I've noticed that in the newest MacOS the sandbox-exec command is deprecated.
security  osx  software 
23 days ago
SponsorBlock - Skip over YouTube Sponsors
SponsorBlock is a crowdsourced browser extension to skip sponsor segments in YouTube videos. Users submit when a sponsor happens from the extension, and the extension automatically skips sponsors it knows about. It also features an upvote/downvote system with a weighted random based distribution.
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23 days ago i_c_b comments on Lessons from Doom (2010)
Glad to see this article making the rounds again.

Here's a little background to the article that might be interesting to some of you, concerning the evolution of shooters.

I'm the Nathan McKenzie the blog author thanks at the end of the article. I worked at Raven Software, off and on, from the spring of 1997 through the summer of 2004. I think JP, who wrote the blog, worked at Human Head in Madison, WI for a time. So we were both kind of in the id / fps diaspora, to some degree. I think this conversation took place on JP's old anti-factory blog, way back in the day.

Anyway, enough real-life background. The more interesting, possibly, background, is that I carried a lot of the responsibility for the single-player game balance and feel of Raven's and Activision's 2000 FPS, Soldier of Fortune. I basically was responsible for tuning player weapon damage, player input responses, enemy response times, enemy damage, high level enemy logic, enemy style differentiation, overall game progression curves, user settable difficulty levels, etc. I worked with other super talented people, of course, but at the end of the day, I was the main person in Raven's office at 2 am tweaking variables and subtle enemy aiming algorithms and properties to try to make the game match what appealed to me aesthetically. I really didn't work on SoF2 at all, so in so far as the games feel quite different, I would say that at least partially comes down to SoF being much closer to my own tastes.

I actually don't remember the conversation in great detail that JP and I had that led to this blog post, but I do know that a lot of what I was saying at the time about Doom was related to my experience of trying to do my part to balance Soldier of Fortune and make it fun and fair, and the challenges I faced in doing that.

SoF is a fine game, but I think it occupies an interesting point, historically, for shooters. I LOVED Doom. I just loved it. I played so much of it. It was hugely influential on me. If it had been up to me, I would have just been making more Doom-esque games.

But once you're making a realistic, bullet weapon based game with human enemies in relatively recognizable environments, much of what Doom got right kind of HAS to go out the window in the name of realism. Player movement speed. Enemies very strongly differentiated by attacks, properties, and novel behaviors. Enemies very cleanly parsable with strongly different silhouettes to signify that they are of different kinds. Enemies with radically different amounts of health or interesting weaknesses or weak points. Weird, interesting, abstract traps and interactive gadgets that can be combined with enemies to create novel situations. Game pacing controlled by the rate of introduction and variation of these things. Fairly abstracted environments that interconnect in weird ways, custom built to make for interesting combat experiences. Ratios of player size to monster size to projectile size to environment size that maximize player ability to move gracefully. Player interaction styles that maximize the aesthetic appeal of moving through a hostile environment that looks nothing like how real people interact with being shot at (specifically, using cover). There's an entire grammar that Doom and similar shooters from that era rely on that kind of has to be tossed (or at the least VERY dampened down) once you want some realistic verisimilitude.

And it just gets worse when you're trying to tell a linear story in the middle of the game and so require hyper linear level flow to make sure all the plot points are hit, and so you have to largely toss exploration as an aesthetic pleasure. And it gets worse still when you have dumb AI buddies that have to stay alive and get in the player's way in the middle of combat, and end up causing players to lose because the AI decided to do dumb things and die.

We were in the middle of all these broader genre transitions while working on SoF, and I don't think we entirely understood the consequences of how the individual changes were adding up, nor did the broader industry. It was like we had a recipe for a perfectly good dish, and then said, "Yeah, we're going to totally make that exact recipe again! Except we're not going to use salt, chicken or flour, and we will be adding some grapes and some rhubarb. And no use of an oven!" You might be able to hill climb your way back to a new recipe that works, but there's no guarantee, and once you do, it will be something totally different.

The biggest thing that plagued me while trying to balance SoF, and what caused me to look so much more closely at Doom later, was the issue of fairness and legitimacy of challenge. In Doom, because of a variety of very carefully considered factors (many of which JP talks about), when players take damage, it's nearly always because they did something dumb that was avoidable. When you get hit in Doom, it is punishment. Because of this, it's very difficult to get yourself into an unrecoverable state in Doom. No matter how low on health you get, you can almost always finish a level as long as you are sufficiently savvy. And because of this style of design, Doom levels can really ratchet the difficult up while still presenting a fair challenge. And, in turn, the distance between casual play and really skillful play can be pretty immense.

I really love and admire that quality in a game. But it really does take a lot of very precisely balanced, often game-y choices to make that possible.

I think JP's mention of the player-as-damage-mop versus player-as-one-who-dodges gets right at the heart of this. Obviously most shooters with regenerating health in the last decade or so are fair in some important sense of the word. If you play reasonably, you will probably win. But they're often just... sloppy. The connection between player input and resulting world states is often looser, more chaotic, more often collapsing into a kind of spectacle. Obviously you can ship a game someone can play through with those design choices. But I do think games have lost something in the transition. Given the success of the Dark Souls series, I think there's some contingent of gamers out there how agree.

In the end, I think SoF was pretty fun. I was certainly proud of my work on it. It's hard not to look back on it as a kind of intermediatary step, digging its heels in as a traditional run-and-gun shooter as the future of modern military shooters came barreling down. I know there are plenty of people who like the direction that more modern shooters have gone, but for my part, I always lament that I never got to work on a shooter more closely aligned with the original Doom's design philosophy.
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23 days ago RobKhonsu comments on FTE or Quakespasm ? (mechanics, not graphics)
I've played around with FTE, most recently with the Halloween Jam maps, but I reverted back to Quakespasm due to poor performance and graphical bugs in the first map. I think it's specifically with the light shafts coming in from the windows of the house that the mapper created using tricks with water rendering.

I think that's an example though of why building in fancier water tessellation, and stuff like that, in maintaining compatability with mods. Mappers are going to use various hacks which aren't going to play nice with advanced rendering tricks.

There are either engines that make the core game look pretty, or there are engines that don't do anything fancy and are compatible with mods (also engines for netQuake). There's really two disciplines at work here exercising how to get the most out of Quake and they don't really play well with each other.
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23 days ago
FTE - That magical Quake/QuakeWorld engine
FTE is a highly versatile game engine originally based on QuakeWorld.
quake  games 
23 days ago
𝕵𝖔𝖍𝖓 𝕽𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖔 on Twitter: "If you're planning on playing Quake today, one of the best source ports is QUAKESPASM. Get it here: #quake" / Twitter
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24 days ago
Moznet IRC is dead; long live Mozilla Matrix!
Heads up that yesterday at 12:00 ET, the Mozilla IRC network was switched off after over 22 years of valiant service, and the Matrix instance is now in full production. You can get at it via the Riot instance at, by pointing your client at, or by joining rooms on the server over federation via its room directory. We'd like to thank Mozilla again for putting their faith in Matrix, and are determined to do everything we can to ensure we're a more than worthy successor to IRC; we have big boots to fill :) We've been gathering a huge amount of invaluable FTUE (first time user experience) feedback from the commentary in - and we're in the process of implementing it over the coming weeks. In particular, we've already implemented alphabetic room ordering, custom theming support, and done a bunch more SSO work.
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24 days ago
Tall person's rigid, steel MTB
I know of Riv's tall frames but they're outside my price range for this project. I really like the Singular Gryphon but I suspect the largest size of 21″ is too small for me. Likewise Salsa doesn't do their XXL frames any more. The Surly Ogre is probably my best option, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any other large frames around that price range that I should consider?


In that case, you are definitely better off with the Fargo fork. According to the Salsa webpage, the Fargo fork has a 300mm steerer. The Surly webpage states that the Ogre fork has a 260mm steerer. This makes sense when you consider that the XXL Ogre headtube is 140mm and the XL Fargo's is 170mm.


Even though Surly sells a so-called XXL model, you won't get the bars any higher than you could with their smallest model that uses the same fork. The longest stock steerer tube spec appears to be 300 mm. I guess the good news is that "29er" frames come with long fork blades—the Ogre's are 468 mm.


Perhaps still of interest in this discussion: I found a spec drawing for all sizes of the Singular frames, including XL Swifts an Gryphons under discussion here (in Czech!). I'll attach both of them below. On the Swift diagram, it's showing 850 mm saddle height. No way to tell if the fork has been cut. For reference, my height is 6'6" and my saddle height is about 85cm on 170mm cranks and 82 on 200mm cranks. My legs aren't very long for my height. I'm guessing I could get the Swift to fit me, with the right stem/bar. (I'd probably run it with drops, so I'd use a very short stem, since it's so long)
bikes  frames  cycling  mailinglist  geometry 
24 days ago
China coronavirus 'spreads before symptoms show'
A new coronavirus that has spread to more than 2,000 people is infectious in its incubation period - before symptoms show - making it harder to contain, Chinese officials say.
medicine  china  health  articles 
24 days ago
Sandboxie is now a free tool with plans to transition it to an open source tool
Sophos is excited to announce that we are making Sandboxie a free tool, with plans to transition it to an open source tool.
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24 days ago Life in North Korea | DW Documentary
Are people in North Korea allowed to laugh, dance and marry? This documentary provides unique insights on everyday life in the East Asian country, which most people associate with dictatorship, military parades and nuclear missile testing.
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24 days ago
Vertigo of Time [mixtape]
Vertigo of Time is a free fall through the last four decades of deep dreaming psychedelia, evoking the spiritual high of meditation, the twinkling of the stars at night, and a deep communion with nature itself. This is a drumless mix of weirdo new age, German kosmische synth exploration, Japanese environmental music, and ambient jazz. It is an attempt to connect the most visionary pieces of early electronic music with its genealogical descendants through the unreliable persistence of memory. All feeling and mood, drifting from concrete thought and action, moving toward that unattainable ideal of pure being.
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25 days ago
The VHS Vault on Internet Archive
A wide collection of trailers, shows, recordings, and other captures on VHS tape.
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25 days ago
Prado's comment on Annoying Catalina Security Features
Most of those annoying things is cause because lack of information from Apple.

For those who are being constantly receiving popup from Gatekeeper when opening some documents, or some app, here is how it works.
Gatekeeper works by reading 1(one) just one extented attribute on any file you open or execute. It reads the `` attribute. This attribute is set once you download a file, or copy it from some neutral/untrusted source.

1) You can check that attribute on terminal, using `ls` command: ls -lea@O

If the file HAS that attribute, gatekeeper may popup on certain conditions (being the most comom: first time you open/execute that file, but there are others), so to get rid of it popping up, you have to REMOVE that attribute. By removing it you are telling the Operational System that you trust that file, you know what it is, and you don't want it to check that file anymore.

2) Cleaning the attribute is easy. On the example below, the command will clean the quarantine attribute on all my VST Components (sound effects) that I use to download and install
sudo xattr -r -d /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

You can use it to any app:
sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/

Or any document, on which the system is annoying you. You can even tell it to clean all your documents from that attribute:
sudo xattr -r -d ~/Documents/

Thats is all about those prompts "Apple Cannot verify...", "This app was downloaded from abcd do you trust it", etc...

Another way to tell the system that you trust such app you downloaded, is to Open it using the mouse right-button and selecting OPEN. You have to open it 2 (two) times via right-click -> Open, and that will tell the security system mechanism that you Trust that file, and you don't want it to be annoying you anymore. And it will mark that app as Trusted on its internal database (actually the launch database). The extented attribute will continue to exist, but the action of open it 2 times this way marks that app as trusted.

Once you get used to it, its become very simple to do it, because it is just ONE time you have to do it, and the system will be your friend by not annoying you anymore, and you know you are safe because you dont have do disable the Gatekeeper service (as a lot of people do), instead you now understand it, and you tell the Gatekeepeer to trust what you want it to trust.
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25 days ago
macOS Catalina Patcher
The easy way to run macOS Catalina on your Unsupported Mac.
apple  osx  os  software  hardware  hack 
25 days ago
Happy Run Some Old Web Browsers Day!
Yes, there were Netscape retail boxes -- believe it or not, we actually made money doing that. Spry also had (Windows-only, I think?) retail boxes of their NCSA Mosaic descendant (bundled with a TCP stack, which didn't come with the OS back then). I can't remember if Spyglass also had retail boxes of their NCSA descendant, or if they only did license bundles. (For those of you unclear on the history: NCSA Mosaic was written by a bunch of people who went on to found Netscape. The original code-name-Mozilla browser (that is, "Mosaic Netscape") was written from scratch by a team including most of the NCSA Mosaic developers. Meanwhile, NCSA licensed the original Mosaic source to a few other companies, including Spry, Spyglass, and Microsoft, who forked it and developed their own versions. Early versions of Internet Explorer shared code with NCSA Mosaic (lots, at first). Netscape never did. However, NCSA sued Mosaic Communications Corp. over the word "Mosaic", and we settled with them, changing from a company called "Mosaic" with a product called "Netscape" to a company called "Netscape" with a product called "Navigator". Which we had always called "Mozilla" internally. Clear now?)
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26 days ago
Web Rendering Proxy: Use vintage, historical, legacy browsers on modern web
A browser-in-browser "proxy" server that allows to use historical / vintage web browsers on the modern web. It works by rendering a web page in to a GIF or PNG image with clickable imagemap.
software  open-source  browser  proxy  hack  history 
26 days ago
Webrecorder is a web archiving service to collect and revisit web pages.
software  preservation  archiving  browser 
26 days ago
Mypal Web Browser
Mypal is a current and maintained Windows XP web browser. Mypal is based on Moonchild Productions’ Pale Moon code, which itself was forked from Mozilla’s FireFox code several years ago, but is also maintained and kept current.
windows  history  firefox  xp  open-source  software  browser 
26 days ago
Can ANYONE make a Mac build?
There are still a few issues preventing Pale Moon from going official. A reliable developer/package builder combo is one of them. I can test mac on my .. 10 year old imac but I cannot build. That is the biggest hindrance we have is that mac people seem inherently unreliable and at least one example of being unstable (yeah I know) or just plain unavailable as in not being able to put dedicated time into it for very long.

So the person has to also be a developer who can become familiar with UXP with it's classical mozilla style. Else, it will never be official. MAYBE Unstable Branding at BEST but that can only be achieved with a development commitment but still haven't solved all the issues yet to get a true release status.

The sad part is, if we had the right hardware capable of building and access to OS X 10.8 exactly.. We could resolve or work around these issues and ship something fairly decent in a relatively short period of time. But we don't. So we can't.

Of course feel free to roll your own but none of us either Pale Moon Project specifically or UXP Personnel broadly (the latter would be my status) have actually done it aside from those who have come and gone or pull a drive-by every now and again so we can't help as the big pink box with red text says.

Whatever happens beyond that requires commitment, dedication, and willingness for close coordination.
browser  forum-posts  development  firefox 
26 days ago
gallery-dl is a command-line program to download image-galleries and -collections from several image hosting sites (see Supported Sites). It is a cross-platform tool with many configuration options and powerful filenaming capabilities.
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28 days ago jperez26 comments on foobar2000 on Linux through WINE?
One word: Snaps

Go here and you can get an easy installation of it without jumping through a bunch of hoops of whether it'll work on or in different versions of wine, etc. This one is maintained, so it's actively being updated to the latest version.

Click install and either click the link to go to the Ubuntu Store to grab it or use the terminal command it has there to install it via snap in any distro that supports snap (which just about every single one does). If you don't have it installed, there is a link under the command so you can install snap for your distro. Easy!

Did this yesterday for my Antergos installation on my new laptop and while the snap install was a bit...odd, the installation of Foobar2000 after the fact was perfect, no issues. Even transferred my theme from Windows to the Linux snap version without issue.
forum-posts  audio  player  linux  windows  reddit  tutorials 
28 days ago
A Bundle of Joy for Drop Bar Commuting: the ILE Racktop Porteur Bag
it is compatible with most porteur-style front racks on the market today, including Pass & Stow, Soma, Cetma, Velo Orange and Pelago. The latter two (Velo Orange Porteur Rack and Pelago Commuter Front Rack) are shown with the bag here.
bikes  cycling  bags  racks  blog-posts 
28 days ago
Are caliper cup and cone adjusting washers required?
Don't use these cup and cone washers underneath a brake that wasn't made to use them. The brakes that use these washers have a different spacing to brakes that don't use them. The brakes that use these washers, need the extra spacing of these washers provide. If you use these washers underneath a brake that doesn't need them, the pads will overhang the rotor by about 5mm, the brake will have less stopping power and the overhanging pads could eventually lead to brake failure if the unworn parts of the pads touch.
brakes  bikes  cycling  forum-posts 
29 days ago White Industries ENO hub
How does that clever eccentric axle work? Here's how!
wheels  hubs  bikes  cycling  videos 
29 days ago
Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet
People used to think the crowdsourced encyclopedia represented all that was wrong with the web. Now it's a beacon of so much that's right.
internet  articles  netcritique  wikipedia 
4 weeks ago
SIGNAL by lacunova
A game where you, a mysterious being, are tasked with invading a primitive online chatroom. It looks like the friendships between its members are already falling apart before your eyes, but you're not the best at making friends yourself. There are multiple endings.
games  plaintext  html 
4 weeks ago
Nils M Holm's Bits and Pieces.
4 weeks ago
Digital socialism
The great social democratic achievements of the twentieth century were in institutional innovation. By engaging with the risks posed to democracy by Big Tech, social democracy can both revive this tradition and reimagine its role. But that means leaving the comfort zone of regulation and instead campaigning for radically different technological infrastructures.
articles  politics  netcritique 
4 weeks ago
Riskfyllt hacka kriminellas mobiler
Med hemlig dataavläsning ska polisen få hacka kriminellas mobiler och ta del av information innan den krypteras. Men intrång av den här typen kan innebära risker. Trojaner kan hamna i orätta händer och vanliga användare kan drabbas när säkerhetshål i it-system förblir öppna.
crime  hack  security  law  politics  swedish  sweden  articles 
4 weeks ago
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