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The widest gravel bike handlebars you can buy: broad bars for bikepackers and gravel grinders
The widest gravel handlebars on sale in 2020
* Curve Wallmer bars
* Farr Supa-Wide Grvl Alloy bars
* Crust Towel Rail bars
* PNW Coast bars
* Ritchey WCS Venturemax XL bars
* Funn G-Wide bars
* Spank Flare 25 Vibrocore bars
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2 days ago by mikael
Tall person's rigid, steel MTB
I know of Riv's tall frames but they're outside my price range for this project. I really like the Singular Gryphon but I suspect the largest size of 21″ is too small for me. Likewise Salsa doesn't do their XXL frames any more. The Surly Ogre is probably my best option, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any other large frames around that price range that I should consider?


In that case, you are definitely better off with the Fargo fork. According to the Salsa webpage, the Fargo fork has a 300mm steerer. The Surly webpage states that the Ogre fork has a 260mm steerer. This makes sense when you consider that the XXL Ogre headtube is 140mm and the XL Fargo's is 170mm.


Even though Surly sells a so-called XXL model, you won't get the bars any higher than you could with their smallest model that uses the same fork. The longest stock steerer tube spec appears to be 300 mm. I guess the good news is that "29er" frames come with long fork blades—the Ogre's are 468 mm.


Perhaps still of interest in this discussion: I found a spec drawing for all sizes of the Singular frames, including XL Swifts an Gryphons under discussion here (in Czech!). I'll attach both of them below. On the Swift diagram, it's showing 850 mm saddle height. No way to tell if the fork has been cut. For reference, my height is 6'6" and my saddle height is about 85cm on 170mm cranks and 82 on 200mm cranks. My legs aren't very long for my height. I'm guessing I could get the Swift to fit me, with the right stem/bar. (I'd probably run it with drops, so I'd use a very short stem, since it's so long)
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5 weeks ago by mikael
A Bundle of Joy for Drop Bar Commuting: the ILE Racktop Porteur Bag
it is compatible with most porteur-style front racks on the market today, including Pass & Stow, Soma, Cetma, Velo Orange and Pelago. The latter two (Velo Orange Porteur Rack and Pelago Commuter Front Rack) are shown with the bag here.
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5 weeks ago by mikael
Are caliper cup and cone adjusting washers required?
Don't use these cup and cone washers underneath a brake that wasn't made to use them. The brakes that use these washers have a different spacing to brakes that don't use them. The brakes that use these washers, need the extra spacing of these washers provide. If you use these washers underneath a brake that doesn't need them, the pads will overhang the rotor by about 5mm, the brake will have less stopping power and the overhanging pads could eventually lead to brake failure if the unworn parts of the pads touch.
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5 weeks ago by mikael White Industries ENO hub
How does that clever eccentric axle work? Here's how!
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5 weeks ago by mikael
O.L.D. (Over-Locknut Dimension)
O.L.D. stands for Over-Locknut Dimension. This is the width of the hub measured from outside of locknut to outside of locknut. It is not to be confused with the axle length, as the axle extends into or beyond the frame dropouts. The O.L.D. needs to match the available space in the frame between the fork or frame tips. Rear hubs vary in width (but most new ones are 130mm for road or 135mm for mountain). The hub width (over-locknut dimension) needs to match the space between the rear wheel dropouts in the frame in order for things to line up as they should.
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6 weeks ago by mikael
Does 11-46 cassette work with Rival 1x Long Cage mech?
All of the SRAM 11 speed mechs designed to clear a 42T cassette will clear a 46T with just a small B-Screw adjustment.
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8 weeks ago by mikael
11-46 10 speed cassette shimano deore
Yeah it works fine with a Sunrace 11-46 - I have that same set up one of my bikes. No mods needed just fit, add a touch of b screw and you're done.
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8 weeks ago by mikael
Miles' Flat Bar Trek 520: Little Red Corvette
I’m impressed that the 520 can fit 29 x 2.1″ WTB Nano tires, which work great for a wide mix of riding. I was also able to size up to a 60cm frame, since the flat bar conversion required some extra length, which gives me a massive main triangle to work with.
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8 weeks ago by mikael
That Frame Doesn't Fit!
An extra-long seat post on a conventional level-top-tube frame indicates a seat tube that's too short. I'm still in the "fist-full of post" school of fit.
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9 weeks ago by mikael How to set Saddle Fore Aft | Bike Fit Tip
> So if I slide forwards from the saddle by lifting my hands up, should I move the saddle fore or aft?

If your hips slide forward when you do the test, I would first try the saddle back slightly and see how the test is affected -- keep in mind since this is a test that's dependent on a lot of parts of our fit that you may need to shorten your stem or otherwise change the reach. We don't want to increase the reach of the bike too much. When you have the right reach and the right setback the test will get a lot more stable and you won't slip forward.
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9 weeks ago by mikael
Elevated chainstay bike history questions.
Incidently, E-stays on the drive side make an excellent way to run a belt-drive, without needing a split dropout assembly to change the damn belt.
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10 weeks ago by mikael
Yeti History
1989 MBA gets Yeti to build its project bike, the Ultimate, featuring elevated chainstays and a host of technological features. The Ultimate is made from Patco tubing, just like the FRO (For Racing Only), Its one of the first E stay bikes, E stays soon become very popular.
bikes  history  cycling 
10 weeks ago by mikael
650b/ 700c
Brake reach needs to increase by 19mm to go from 622 to 584. Any brake that has enough reach to support a reasonably wide 700c tire is likely not going to have the additional reach to get to 650B... For example, Paul Racer centerpulls (my favorite) go from 59mm to 73mm (according to the Paul website); the Silver sidepulls go from 55 to 73 (according to Riv). Neither of those would support both 650B and 700C.
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10 weeks ago by mikael
Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen - Custom Lugged Steel Country Bike
65-71cm: $2500. These sizes come with a second top tube (2tt). Early Homers were made in Japan by Toyo. Then gradually and now totally production shifted to Waterford, in Wisconsin. Although it's human nature to wonder, "Which ones are better? I want one of those!" --- there is no difference in quality.
bikes  cycling 
10 weeks ago by mikael
Rivendell Bicycle Works on Instagram: “Will's 67cm A. Homer Hillsen - coming to a Staff Bikes near you. #rbwstaffbikes”
Will's 67cm A. Homer Hillsen. All our Homers are made to order, there is even one size larger at 71cm. Most of our big bikes get 2tts but sometimes the light tall guys get away with just getting one.
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10 weeks ago by mikael Shimano XT M8000 vs T8000
The RDM8000 is meant for MTB type bikes and does have the full clutched Shadow+ mechanism. It is an 11speed rear derailleur meant for use with up to a 46t sprocket depending on chainring configuration. The RD-T8000 is meant for trekking/touring type bikes and as you have already correctly noted does not have a clutch mechanism (standard Shadow design, not Shadow+). It is a 10spd rear derailleur! It is also meant for a max sprocket of 36t since touring/trekking riders are more likely to use a double/triple chainring but also want slightly closer gear ratio steps. There is a very strong trend in the MTB world to ditching front shifting. The T8000 system which, with its 36t max cog, strongly depends on front shifting to have a sufficient range of gearing (unless you live in a really flat area). So overall, T8000 lacks clutch, lacks max cog usable with 1x setup, and isn't compatible with the MTB upgrade path which is solidly in 11spd (or 12 if you're using SRAM) now.
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10 weeks ago by mikael Bicycle and motorcycle geometry
Bicycle and motorcycle geometry is the collection of key measurements (lengths and angles) that define a particular bike configuration. Primary among these are wheelbase, steering axis angle, fork offset, and trail. These parameters have a major influence on how a bike handles.
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11 weeks ago by mikael
Your Handlebars Are Too Low Pal!
There’s no reason to buy a bike that you can’t get the bars level with or higher than the saddle, and there’s no reason to ever ride with the bars lower than that, either.
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11 weeks ago by mikael
On One Free Ranger on Riding Gravel
By the way, the Free ranger is a rebranded Carbonda CFR696 frame. You can probably get it cheaper there if you want a frameset only.
forum-posts  frames  bikes  cycling 
11 weeks ago by mikael
Paul Component Engineering — Motolite
All Motolite’s have the capability of running a larger size wheel. In other words, the arms allow the pads to travel way up the arm so you could say, run a 650b or 700c wheel on a bike designed for 26”wheels.
brakes  bikes  cycling 
11 weeks ago by mikael
WTB Resolute Tire: Checkpoint
Two things to note here. First- The Resolute is a far bigger volume tire than a Nano 40 is. Secondly, the Nano is not nearly as fast a tire and excels at straight line traction more so than the Resolute. What results is that on the one hand, with the Nano 40, you have a tire that is adept at climbing, braking, and maybe most importantly- fits many cyclo cross bikes. On the other hand you have a general purpose off-pavement tire with exceptional ride feel, speed, and that has good stability on loose gravel. However; the Resolute is not going to fit a lot of older bikes. This is why I call out for a 37-38mm variant. So, if both tires were similar size the conclusion would be that the Nano 40 is more of a specialist while the Resolute is more of an all-around tire.
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11 weeks ago by mikael
Debunking Low Trail
Low trail geometry is all the rage today, like Hammer pants were in 1990. And just like Hammer pants, low trail promises style, a new found agility, and a fresh way to interact with an old standard. As MC Hammer now floods twitter with inspirational sayings that no one will remember as soon as they blink, so too will low trail forks be re-consigned to the rubbish bin of history, littering the used bike world with poor-handling ‘artisan’ bikes for years to come. If they made them outta carbon, at least they could be melted down and turned into iPhone covers.
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11 weeks ago by mikael
Thread Size on Older Bike's Rack/Fender Mount
Close to 100% of threaded fender/rack mount eyes are 5x. 8mm, the same as the water bottle screw. If you have brazed on WB mount, you might borrow that screw and confirm. Close to 100% of modern rack mount eyes are M5 threads (a 10-32 will also work).
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january 2020 by mikael
SRAM 11-speed Rear Derailleur Cage
Custom designed Garbaruk RD cage for 11-speed SRAM rear derailleurs allows you to use up to 500% wide-range cassettes on your bike.
derailleurs  bikes  cycling 
december 2019 by mikael
Peter Verdone Design - Post #61
> if you explained things in a kind manner...

As I've written at length on these topics on my site, let's reverse this. Can you answer this:

Why do people ride road bikes that are far too short for their size?
Why do road bikes have such long stems?
Why are "gravel bikes" just crit bikes with fat tires?
Why don't gravel bikes have bent seat tubes?
Why would someone use a 650b wheel when they could use a 700c wheel?

I do know the answers to these questions. I also know that most people dont.
bikes  geometry  forum-posts  cycling 
december 2019 by mikael
w(Right) Stem Write Up
if you have a zero extension or 30mm extension stem, and your hands are the drops, and you have a 95mm reach bar like a noodle, it’s as if you were riding a flat bar with a 125 stem. Which is a lot of stem. (bar reach plus distance to center of hoods)
stems  bikes  cycling  handlebars 
december 2019 by mikael
Rim Width And Gravel Tires
A good, all around internal rim width for almost any gravel tire, in my opinion, is 24-25mm. It would seem that most manufacturers agree with that. A few years ago I built up a set of wheels I dubbed the "Project Wide Gravel Wheels". I used a WTB KOM i25 rim set. Yes......that's 25mm inner rim width. I figured I was pushing the limits of "good" and maybe went over the line. Let's keep in mind that even three years ago 22-23mm was considered "really wide" for gravel. But I found that i25 rims were actually ideal for the 40mm-45mm tires I was using. That size even works well for up to 50mm tires, as I have found by using a set of 24mm inner width rims with 650B X 47mm tires. So, would something even wider work? Maybe for the wider gravel tires, yes, it might. I am thinking about pushing a wheel set out and using internal 30mm width rims, like the Blunt SS shown above. It might prove to be interesting to try that out. You may say, "Well, that's a mountain bike rim!", and it is, technically. But take a look at what mountain bikers are using now and much of what you will find makes an internal 30mm wide rim look "skinny".
wheels  bikes  cycling  blog-posts 
december 2019 by mikael
SOMA Sandworm ( 26″/ 27.5″ Fat Bike )
The Sandworm can tame winter slush or dune buggy trails, but with its geometry borrowed mostly from our Juice frame, it is going to feel most at home conquering dirt trails.
fatbikes  cycling  bikes 
december 2019 by mikael
handlebars - Angled in drop bars like Salsa Woodchippers with slightly less angle in?
Handy comparison image from the website, in case it ever vanishes from the web.
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december 2019 by mikael
Cinelli Largo
New 6061 T6 aluminum extra wide travel handlebar with accentuated drop flare that allows an excellent control of the bicycle even in the most extreme conditions as well as the possibility to fix a dry bag without interfering with the bicycle controls and without having to give up precious space for the hands.
handlebars  cycling  bikes 
december 2019 by mikael
Holdsworth Gran Sport Single Speed Crankset
Single Speed Holdsworth chainset, designed to be the perfect finishing touch to any single speed build, just add your favourite 1/8th chain.
cranks  chainrings  bikes  cycling 
december 2019 by mikael
Velo Orange Grand Cru Fluted Single Crankset
Here is a durable and stylish single ring crankset ready for singlespeed, fixed gear, internal gears, or even a 1x system.
cranks  bikes  cycling  chainrings 
december 2019 by mikael
Building bicycle frames forks data. Travel, trail, rake, axle to crown
CroMoto Grande 29er (80mm-corrected): 468/45
Fargo V2: 468/45
Karate-Monkey: 468/43
forks  bikes  cycling 
december 2019 by mikael
How are albatross and albastache bars for long distance riding?
The wrist angle is much nicer than the fronts of the Albatross bars. The bars also extend back farther and wider than my old mustache bars and don't drop as far. This provides a nice, upright position which is a nice place to relax if my neck gets a little stiff. Lots of hand positions as well. Upright, front curves and even the brake hoods provide a lot of places to relieve/distribute hand pressure. For now, the Albastache is the best bar I've ever ridden and I really love 'em. I am holding onto my Albatross cockpit for later life (much later, I hope). When I get old enough to not be able to ride comfortably in a lower position, I may go back. Until then, it will be my Albastache Sam for me.
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december 2019 by mikael
Surly Open Bar
Material: Chromoly steel
Clamp Diameter: 25.4mm
Width: 666mm
Rise: 0mm or 40mm
Sweep Angle: 53 degrees
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december 2019 by mikael
Schwalbe G-One ALLROUND tire at Rivendell Bicycle Works
Schwalbe says those thousands of tiny nibbies make this a good sand tire. That may be, but we ride it on roads and trails, and it's probably the current favorite of Will, Roman, and maybe Grant, who tends to downplay tread differences. But the G-1 certainly does seem to grip well on all kinds of trail conditions, and rides smooth on pavement. It's as good an all-around tire as you could ask for.
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december 2019 by mikael
On-One OG Handlebar
68mm tip-to-tip width, eqivalent to a 710mm conventional bar
25° backsweep, 6° upsweep
38mm rise, 33mm forward offset
handlebars  cycling  bikes 
december 2019 by mikael
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