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mikael : wheels   26 White Industries ENO hub
How does that clever eccentric axle work? Here's how!
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4 weeks ago by mikael
O.L.D. (Over-Locknut Dimension)
O.L.D. stands for Over-Locknut Dimension. This is the width of the hub measured from outside of locknut to outside of locknut. It is not to be confused with the axle length, as the axle extends into or beyond the frame dropouts. The O.L.D. needs to match the available space in the frame between the fork or frame tips. Rear hubs vary in width (but most new ones are 130mm for road or 135mm for mountain). The hub width (over-locknut dimension) needs to match the space between the rear wheel dropouts in the frame in order for things to line up as they should.
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5 weeks ago by mikael
Jake the Snake questions
The rear tire clearance is pretty good in the '16 compared to the '14 I used to have. 135 rear dropouts. My JTS isn't stock, but there's no weight weenie parts on it, and it's between 21 and 22 lbs.
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8 weeks ago by mikael
Rim Width And Gravel Tires
A good, all around internal rim width for almost any gravel tire, in my opinion, is 24-25mm. It would seem that most manufacturers agree with that. A few years ago I built up a set of wheels I dubbed the "Project Wide Gravel Wheels". I used a WTB KOM i25 rim set. Yes......that's 25mm inner rim width. I figured I was pushing the limits of "good" and maybe went over the line. Let's keep in mind that even three years ago 22-23mm was considered "really wide" for gravel. But I found that i25 rims were actually ideal for the 40mm-45mm tires I was using. That size even works well for up to 50mm tires, as I have found by using a set of 24mm inner width rims with 650B X 47mm tires. So, would something even wider work? Maybe for the wider gravel tires, yes, it might. I am thinking about pushing a wheel set out and using internal 30mm width rims, like the Blunt SS shown above. It might prove to be interesting to try that out. You may say, "Well, that's a mountain bike rim!", and it is, technically. But take a look at what mountain bikers are using now and much of what you will find makes an internal 30mm wide rim look "skinny".
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december 2019 by mikael Kuba Langer's comment on 2018 Trek Roscoe 8 Rear Boost 141 Hub Upgrade!
Hey, I have final solution for everyone! If you will buy ANY hub for thru axle with Boost (like 12x148) with possibility to replace end caps for quick release, you will get 141 mm width. End cups will adjust width from 148 mm thru axle to 141 mm QR. I have done it with Mavic CrossMax 29 Boost 12x148 (R2468110) and Mavic QR ID360 end cups 9x135 (V2510801). Final width is 141 mm. And you can do the exact same with DT Swiss, Hope, Bontrager or any hub with replaceable end cups. Mavic is probably the cheapest, you can do it for around 140 EUR. Other mentioned brands are 180 EUR for Bontrager and 220 EUR for DT Swiss and Hope.
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november 2019 by mikael
Alternatives to Stans rims?
I’m looking too. Apparently stans aren’t designed to work with tubes :/
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october 2019 by mikael
Is it me? I’m growing to HATE stans rims. I can’t seem to get the tyres to seat properly. It’s not even like I’m running them tubeless – I’m actually using tubes but they stil just won’t “pop” into place. The inner tube on one did bloody pop last night though at about 55-60psi, I neraly had a chuffing heart attack!
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october 2019 by mikael
Sapim — Choose the right product
In the past, aluminum nipples had only one positive argument, the weight. All other features like corrosion resistance, friction, stiffness were specific to brass nipples. This changed in the last years drastically. All our aluminum nipples are now anodized. Salt spray tests showed better results than brass nickel plated nipples. You can choose 7 different colors. We had been able to reduce friction with a special coating. As an effect you don’t need to oil or grease the nipple like you should with the brass version. For the last three years, Sapim has used the 7075 material and have additional strength added by the heat treatment T6. Alloy nipples are now stronger than brass. Aluminum nipples are more expensive but for sure much better than brass. For those who care about weight, special colors and quality, aluminum nipple is advised.
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september 2019 by mikael
700C to 650B Conversion, Road Bike to Gravel Rig
There are a few 700C drop-bar bikes that can fit big tires. Both the Salsa Cutthroat and the Kona Sutra LTD (though in marketing terms they’re drop-bar 29ers) can fit 29 x 2.3” tires via the use of a 72mm bottom bracket shell. And there are several others that can accommodate 45mm or larger rubber. But, much of the draw of 650B is that it enables the use of wide tires while maintaining a smaller and more manageable tire diameter. For reference, the diameter of a a 650B x 47mm tire equals that of a 700x28mm tire.
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august 2019 by mikael
Can my hub take a 10-speed cassette?
This one is a little less cluttered: Chris Bell - Cycle Technical Notes - Freehubs and cassettes. Bottom line: 7-speed freehub body length=31mm, 8-9-10 35mm.
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july 2019 by mikael
SimonsJ’s comment on Remember the whole 29er vs 27.5" battle? Who do you think won?
The premise of this whole thread is already misleading simply by how it is presented. First off... There are NO 27.5" wheels!!! The companies that publicly claimed they would never make a 29ner and had to scramble to save their company's market share after loosing badly named a 650b wheel "27.5". It is not 27.5... it is 27.1" but how many customers would've upgraded from 26" if they knew that they were only going up 1.1" and NOT getting a lot of the benefit that the 29" bikes have? Marketing and damn marketing... agendas and lies. While we are at it... 27.1+ IS NOT equivalent to 29" with respect to size. It is quite a bit smaller. The 29" 2.4" tire is almost an inch taller than 27.1" 3.0" tire... and that doesn't include the 0.5-0.75" of squat that you get in the 27.1.
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february 2019 by mikael
Rigid Steel Off-road Touring Bikes (with Plus Tires)
Also consider the weight saving benefits of riding a narrower Plus wheel. A 2.8 tire on an i35 rim can be a few hundred grams lighter than a 3.0 tire on an i45 rim. Use a 2.6 tire on an i30 rim and save even more weight. The 2019 Salsa Fargo now comes with 2.6 tires on i30 rims. I've been riding Plusbikes for a about 5 years now and in my own personal experience 2.8 tires on i35 rims are every bit as good as 3.0 tires on i45 rims. You just don't need more than 2.8 tires on i35 rims!
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february 2019 by mikael
Tech Talk: Are your bike tires too wide for your rims? Here's how to get it right
For reference, a 62mm wide tire is 2.44″, which is where the current standards formally end. But, with some calculations of the ETRTO standards, we came up with a rough guideline suggesting your rim width should be between 32% to 70% of the tire width. For a 2.8″ tire, that means rims with an internal width of 23mm to 49mm. Based on all of these conversations behind this story, our hunch is that the “ideal standard” lies near the upper middle of that range, so something like a 35-40mm IW rim would be the best starting point for safety, optimized performance and a good tire profile. Disclaimer: That’s our math and opinion based on the charts and excludes the narrowest tire width fringes, so use at your own risk.
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january 2019 by mikael
Tech Talk: Boost 148 explained
It's wider and stiffer, but is it necessary?
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december 2018 by mikael
Hunt expands 650b range with AdventureCarbon Disc wheels
Hunt adds new carbon fibre 650b wheels to range plus a dynamo hub version as well.
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july 2018 by mikael
Review: Hunt 30Carbon Gravel Disc Wheelset
I could never bring myself to spend £1000 on a set of wheels. But..."Hunt is also bringing out an aluminium 4Season Gravel Disc wheelset with rims that are a bit narrower and shallower, but with the higher spoke count, also priced at £369". These will do.
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july 2018 by mikael
700C to 650B Conversion, Road Bike to Gravel Rig
Interested in converting a 700C cyclocross or touring bike into a 650B gravel bikepacking rig? Or maybe you’re just intrigued by 650B / road plus? With the promise of dirt-friendly tires and a more supple ride, there’s plenty to like. We took an Advocate Lorax and made the switch. Find out what we learned about 650B, everything you need to know about such a conversion, and details about the specific components we selected.
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may 2018 by mikael
The best idea since the invention of clincher rims made available by Velocity the rim makers from Australia.
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april 2018 by mikael
The 650B alternative: Is this smaller wheel size right for you?
This is a wheel size with smaller rims than the 700C road bike standard, but larger than the 26-inch size that was the standard for mountain bikes until a few years ago. Because the rims are smaller, fitting 650B wheels into road and gravel bikes that usually take 700C wheels allows the use of fatter tyres with little or no alteration to the frame design, assuming you have disc brakes.

There used to be loads of French wheel sizes, designated by the rolling diameter of the tyre in millimetres, and a letter. The road bike standard 700C is one of these sizes; it originally had quite fat tyres that bulked things out to a rolling diameter of 700mm.

Wheel size designations are a proper omnishambles. The only way to be sure a tyre will fit a particular rim is to look at the size of the bead seat, the part of the rim where the tyre fits when inflated. Your 700C wheels have a bead seat diameter of 622mm; for 650B it's 584mm.

The 650B size was popular with French touring cyclists back in the 60s, and has been brought back from the brink of extinction by the mountain bike industry. It has pretty much replaced the original mountain bike 26-inch wheels, which have a bead seat diameter of 559mm. Also referred to as 27.5in, the wheel size is now found on bikes from entry-level hardtails to downhill bikes.
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february 2018 by mikael
Wheel Comparison: 650B vs 700c
In the gravel cycling scene, 700c sized wheels have been dominant. Sure, we see the occasional 26 inch wheel out there, but by and large the traditional road wheel size of the last 30 plus years has been the size most often used for gravel road riding. However; as with mountain biking, we are seeing some 650B wheels and tires being used now. Obviously, we are testing a set of these wheels and tires, (seen HERE), and we have seen a question arise about the differences between the wheel sizes themselves. So, this post will aim to compare 650B and 700c wheels and give you, the reader, some information with which you can use to decide which might be better or interesting to try for yourself.
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january 2018 by mikael

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