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From Homeless to a Multi-Million Dollar Contract: The Remarkable Story of NFL Draft Pick Minkah Fitzpatrcik – Faithwire
Christian article (with video) about new Dolphins safety Minkah Fitzpatrick and how grateful he is of his parents and their sacrifices after being drafted.
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april 2018 by milligan00
2017 College Football Player Profiles
Christian article about Christians in college football this season, including Clemson linebackers J.D. Davis and Judah Davis and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, Florida State offensive lineman Alec Eberle and defensive tackle Darvin Taylor II, Louisville linebackers Kam Jones and Malik Staples, Virginia Tech quarterback Jack Click and linebacker Anthony Shegog, Florida International wide receiver Mark Hutchinson, Louisiana Tech runningback Boston Scott, Navy kicker Bennett Moehring and linebacker Micah Thomas, Nebraska wide receiver Gabe Rahn and linebacker Chris Weber Purdue quarterbacks David Blough and Elijah Sindelar, Baylor linebacker Clay Johnston and wide receiver Blake Murphy, Kansas State defensive back D.J. Reed, Oklahoma runningback Rodney Anderson and linebacker Caleb Kelly, Oklahome State offensive linebackman Brad Lundblade and safety Ramon Richards, TCU wide receiver John Diarse, West Virginia wide receiver Gary Jennings and long snapper Nick Meadows Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien and wide receiver Cedrick Wilson, Colorado wide receiver Jay Macintyre and linebacker Derek McCartney, Stanford defensive tackle Harrison Phillips, Washington defensiveback JoJo McIntosh and wide receiver Dante Pettis, Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick and punter J.K. Scott, Auburn offensive lineman Austin Golson, Georgia tight end Jeb Blazevich and defensive back Aaron Davis, LSU fullback John David Moore, and Texas A&M defensive specialist Austin Frey and offensive lineman Koda Martin.
Clemson  Florida_State  Louisville  Virginia_Tech  FloridaInternational  Louisiana_Tech  Navy  Nebraska  Purdue  Baylor  Kansas_State  Oklahoma  Oklahoma_State  TCU  West_Virginia  Boise_State  Colorado  Stanford  Washington  Alabama  Auburn  Georgia  LSU  Texas_A&M  NCAA  Christians_in_Sports  Davis_J.D.  Davis_Judah  Renfrow_Hunter  Eberle_Alec  TaylorII_Darvin  Jones_Kam  Staples_Malik  Click_Jack  Shegog_Anthony  Hutchinson_Mark  Scott_Boston  Moshring_Bennett  Thomas_Micah  Rahn_Gabe  Weber_Chris  Blough_David  Sindelar_Elijah  Johnston_Clay  Murphy_Blake  Reed_D.J.  Anderson_Rodney  Kelly_Caleb  Lundblade_Brad  Richards_Ramon  Diarse_John  Jennings_Gary  Meadows_Nick  Rypien_Brett  Wilson_Cedrick  Macintyre_Jay  McCartney_Derek  Phillips_Harrison  McIntosh_JoJo  Pettis_Dante  Fitzpatrick_Minkah  Scott_J.K.  Golson_Austin  Blazevich_Jeb  Davis_Aaron  Moore_JohnDavid  Frey_Austin  Moore_Koda  Christian  FCA 
november 2017 by milligan00

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