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Moving efficiently in the CLI
@xxByte Source: @HerrDoktorFunk
Direct link to a high-res PNG:…
cli  shell  reference  editor  linux  cheatsheet 
december 2019 by moderation
The Best Secure Messaging Tools
@BusfahrerBernd @ProPublica @infobeautiful Threema gets 5 . Analysis should show if contacts are uploaded to servers
encryption  privacy  security  messaging  scorecard  reference 
july 2015 by moderation
Neat Algorithms - Paxos - Will You Harry Me
This is an explanation and demonstration of an extraordinarily neat algorithm called Paxos. Paxos is a family of algorithms for teaching a whole bunch of decidedly unreliable processes to reliably decide on stuff. More formally: it allows a group of unreliable processors to deterministically and safely reach consensus if some certain conditions can be met, while ensuring the group remains consistent if the conditions can’t be met.
algorithm  distributed  programming  system  consensus  protocol  development  software  reference 
january 2015 by moderation
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