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Leiko Ikemura: Toward New Seas / Kunstmuseum Basel - YouTube
Furore machte die japanisch-schweizerische Künstlerin Leiko Ikemura erstmals in der Schweiz Anfang der 1980er-Jahre mit ihrer ausdrucksstarken und kämpferischen Bildwelt im Umfeld der Neuen Wilden. International berühmt ist sie heute für in Zwischenwelten schwebende Mädchen und kosmische Landschaften mit märchenhaften Mischwesen. In Japan wird sie gefeiert als Künstlerin, die sich gerade durch das konsequente Eintauchen in die westliche Kunst zunehmend ihrer kulturellen Heimat bewusst wurde und zu einer einzigartigen Synthese beider Kulturen gefunden hat. Die Ausstellung Nach neuen Meeren mit Zeichnungen, Gemälden und Skulpturen ist eine konzentrierte Retrospektive, die in Zusammenarbeit mit der Künstlerin und in Kooperation mit dem National Art Center in Tokyo präsentiert wird.
exhibitions  japan  art  switzerland  culture  paintings  sculpture  youtube  video  2019  basel  ikemura  landscapes  interview 
7 weeks ago by navegador
Japan Subculture Research Center
All the intriguing and seedy aspects that keep Japan running
living  travels  japan  culture  blogs  subculture  research 
august 2009 by navegador
51 Japanese Characters
Japanese society is full of special expressions for certain strange, cute or funny characters and Japanese cultural phenomena. Being a Gaijin in Japan, I tried to lift the curtain and shed some light on the areas of Japanese society that are often perceived as being mysterious and closed.
culture  japan  japanese  design  art  illustration  graphics  society  phenomenas 
june 2009 by navegador
Nihon Sun
Japan's online culture & travel magazine
travels  japan  culture  magazines 
may 2009 by navegador
Information Architects
Brands are interfaces. Successful brands perform and evolve in a controlled, interactive process with their audience. Performance empowers the brand. iA plans, builds, and manages interactive brands by continuously measuring and optimizing the performance of their user interfaces. iA’s offices in Tokyo and Zürich serve clients from Japan, Germany and Switzerland.
design  usability  blogs  ia  information  web  architecture  typography  business  trends  japan  switzerland  germany 
may 2009 by navegador
Koji Hara Ichi
Japanese knifemaker Koji Hara agreed to design a personal knife for CRKT. Koji is noted for his custom folders in exotic materials, and is especially known for his carving of the handle material into a classic terraced landscape that he calls his “Air-Step” design.
tools  objects  japanese  knives  ichi  crkt  usa  japan 
august 2008 by navegador
Tokyo Midtown
Tokyo Midtown is a composite urban district with a new style. It comprises a package of six buildings set amongst lush greenery. This town features a variety of facilities such as stores, restaurants, offices, hotels and museums, surrounded by greenery.
travels  business  urbanism  urban  metropolitan  architecture  tokyo  japan 
august 2008 by navegador
Photos of Japan
I lived for two years together with my girlfriend Gunda in Japan. In this time we traveled around a lot and took (too much) images. The maybe best of them you can see here :)
photography  travels  japan  flickr 
march 2008 by navegador
Shinagawa SGG Club
We offer you a free guide service for sight-seeing and shopping within Tokyo's 23wards.
travels  guide  tokyo  japan  free  service  shopping  sights  clubs 
february 2008 by navegador
Information Architects Japan >> Main
iA is a strategic design agency in Tokyo, Japan. We analyze business goals, user needs and develop interfaces that match. We believe that:
web  design  architecture  branding  business  communication  usability  information  japan  tokyo  ia  trends  agency 
august 2007 by navegador
Lightning Doodle Project
web  art  design  experimental  anime  japan 
july 2007 by navegador
Japan Kurios
Fundstücke und Kuriositäten aus Japan
travels  japan  fun  playgrounds  gizmos  gadgets 
june 2007 by navegador
Midnight Eye
The latest and best in Japanese cinema - interviews, features, film reviews, book reviews, calendar of events and DVD releases, links and more...
art  movies  culture  anime  japan  books  reviews  news 
april 2007 by navegador

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