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Warranty Manager Service | Visa Signature
Extended warranties
Take advantage of Visa Performance Guarantee services to extend your warranties beyond the coverage provided to you by Visa—up to five years from the date of product purchase.** This valuable service gives you an easy, reasonably priced way to cover parts and labor costs necessary to repair your product in case of failure.
visa  extended  warranty 
june 2009
Costco - $849.99 after $200 OFF Canon Rebel XSi 12.2MP 3.0" Live View 18-55 IS & 55-250 IS Lens
$849.99 after $200 OFF
Canon Rebel XSi 12.2MP
3.0" Live View
18-55 IS & 55-250 IS Lens
3.5 Frames per Second
Item # 348171
canon  price  camera  item#348171  item#  348171 
june 2009
Canon Digital Learning Center - Canon White Papers: Beyond the Manual
Canon's White Papers are not manuals. They are:
A detailed, in-depth look at the major features within each specific camera

An exploration of new system enhancements, with an explanation of the technology behind each one.

A comprehensive overview of Canon software and accessories compatible with each model.
camera  canon 
june 2009
"One of only few MFC's that can forward your faxes via email" - Dell Multi-Function Laser Printer 1815n user review and rating - CNET Reviews
Summary: I "upgraded" to this machine from a Brother MFC 8500, which compared to this machine worked a lot more predictably. Although it's capable of much more than other MFC's (i.e. networking, e-mailing of faxes sent and received, scanning to usb flash drive, scanning to networked computer), it is not an easy machine to operate. Things that should take one or two key punches (faxing or scanning) require far more key strokes than they should. Sometimes the machine makes you repeat the entry since the machine hasn't warmed up. Otherwise, the main reason this machine is worth getting is
printer  scan  scanner  copier  copy  dell  1815  review 
june 2009
Dell Multi-Function Laser Printer 1815n Multifunction Device reviews - CNET Reviews
If you use Dell's Network Scan utility, you can scan a document to your networked computer as a JPEG, a TIFF, or a PDF. You can also send out scans via e-mail directly from the printer. In addition, if you plug in a USB flash thumbdrive to the front-mounted USB 1.1 port, you can scan directly to the key. (You can also print directly from the USB drive. This feature supports TIFF, BMP, TXT, PDF, and PRN files.);;;;;;;;;;;;Speed
Strangely enough, the Dell 1815dn printed grayscale graphics (20.01ppm) faster than it did black text (17.75ppm). The similarly priced Canon ImageClass MF5750 clocked 14.80ppm for black text and 16.11ppm for grayscale graphics. The 1815dn printed our PowerPoint presentation at an impressive 17.87ppm. It scanned color documents at 4.86ppm and grayscale documents at 4.85ppm, both faster than the Canon MF5750. The Dell 1815dn rocked the copy test, spitting out copies at 12.29ppm.
laser  printer  scan  copy  review  cnet  dell  1815 
june 2009
Google Apps Reseller Program
Welcome to the Google Apps Authorized Reseller Program
Google  Apps  Authorized  Reseller  Program  host  email  video 
june 2009
Welcome to Google Apps
Software-as-a-service for business email, information sharing and security
Whether your business is moving everything to the cloud, just wants an affordable email solution or struggles to give employees access to critical information, Google Apps will help you stretch resources and work smarter.
google  wants  to  host  your  company  email  video  25G 
june 2009
HP MediaSmart Server ex485 and ex487: FAQ
Q: How do you backup the HP MediaSmart Server itself? html#25
hp  WMS  windows  media  server  FAQ 
june 2009
Google AdWords: Edit Keywords
Campaign Summary > psnAtlGrif&Stk Campaign > Starter Ad Group > Edit Keywords
google  edit  keywords  keyword 
june 2009
Google AdWords: Account Snapshot
list of keywords at the bottom left corner of the page
?  Google  AdWords  Account  Snapshot  keyword  keywords 
june 2009 - State Board of Workers' Compensation - State Board of Workers' Compensation; go to column 3 and click on "file a claim?"
PSN  sonu  Worker  georgia  gov  State  Board  of  Workers'  Compensation 
june 2009
Employers' Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage Verification
PSN  sonu  Employer  Worker  Employers'  Workers'  Compensation  Insurance  Coverage  Verification 
june 2009
Print from your iPhone - “There's an App for that”
iphone print printer software app application; go to "DOWNLOADS" link in the top right corner.
iphone  print  printer  software  app  application 
june 2009
bike rack - hitch required
bike rack - hitch required - $40 (Vinings); 1 1/4 inch
?  bike  rack  hitch  1.25 
june 2009
Website template #22294 by Delta
templateStyle & TemplateNumber; FAMILY section Nanny 22294 or 17251 or 17021 or 14995, babysitter 22063; dayCare 16411 or 15050; familyPhotoAlbum 19491, individual hair on white background;; website design template 25510 by Svelte;; LandscapeDesignTemplateType:Flashsite8Item:#23657;Author:Delta;; WebsiteDesignTemplate;Type:XmlFlashSite,Item:#22995,Author:Delta,GlassAquaSquareButtons;; Type:FlashSite8,Item:#22540,Author:Svelte,WHITE,ColoredLines,Portfolio,etc.;; Type:XmlFlashSite,Item:#21972,Author:Astra,Landscaping;; Type:FlashSite8Item:#19032,Author:Svelte,WebsiteDesignTemplate;; Type:FlashSite8,Item:#24762,Author:Mercury,WHITE,MINIMALIST;; Type:FlashSite8,Item:#23868,Author:Mercury,Gear,Gears;;
templateMonster  templates  template  website  nanny  babysitter  photoAlbum  design  landscape  landscaping  glass  aqua  square  button  buttons  white  minimalist 
may 2009
song lyrics carrie underwood "home sweet home"
song  lyrics  carrie  underwood  home  sweet 
may 2009 Software with Academic Discount at
Pro/Engineer WildFire 3.0
For students and everyone else. Starting at $99.98. Special price!
proe  proengineer  pro/engineer  pro/e  wildfire  3.0  4.0 
may 2009
?  KIDS  SPECIAL  NEEDS  BICYCLE  CONVERSION  KIT  -  $299  (ATL)  BIKE  tricycle  cycle  three  wheels 
may 2009
Managing Multiple Accounts - AdWords Help
Managing Multiple Accounts
My Client Center (MCC)
Google Advertising Professionals Program
AdWords API
Template Center
google  adwords  Managing  Multiple  Accounts  My  Client  Center  MCC 
may 2009
Welcome to AdWords
Google Advertising Professionals; Google AdSense; Google Analytics; Google Audio Ads; Google Checkout; Google Content Network; Local Business Center; Google TV Ads; DoubleClick Digital Marketing; Google Website Optimizer; Other Business Solutions; Google Site Search;
google  adwords  signup 
may 2009
Contact Pia Lo & Sharon Cheung of GlobeDancer
link to "addthis" for "easy bookmarking" bookmark on delicious myspace facebook twitter google
link  addthis  easy  bookmarking  bookmark  on  delicious  myspace  facebook  twitter  google 
may 2009
Licensing | Frequently Asked Questions
1) What is a one time usage license?
When you buy the template at usual price you automatically get the one time usage license. It enables you to use each individual product on a single website only, belonging to either you or your client. You have to purchase the same template again if you to use the same design in connection with another or other projects. When passing files to your client please detele the template files from your computer.....
12) In what cases I don't need need the developers license?
In case you would like to customize our templates for your customers, you don't need any license since your customer will be the final owner of the template files. The only thing you should keep in mind is when you start on the projects based on the same template, you have to purchase this template over again for every project it is used for. If you would like to display templates on your website to show them to your customers, join affiliate program
dreamweaver  templateMonster  template  monster  faq 
may 2009
FAQ - DreamTemplate
Are there any restrictions on my use of the products?
Our products and designs cannot be resold as standalone products. If you would like to sell the products from our offer to any of your customers, you will need to do significant changes to the products. If you don’t want to make signification changes, your customer would need to get a membership at to use the products as they are. Additionally, our products may not be distributed as part of any archive, catalog, media disc, auction etc. as well as you are not allowed to use a spider, web crawler, or other similar automated tool to download our content. Please read our terms of use page for more details.
faq  dreamweaver  template  dreamTemplate  dream 
may 2009
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