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The Wall Street Journal WSJ : The clock is ticking for millions of fliers to update their IDs ID needsEditing passport drivers license
After nearly 15 years, the deadline to get a REAL ID driver’s license is finally approaching. Travelers without one will have to use their passports even for domestic flights.
Read in The Wall Street Journal:
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The Oct. 1, 2020, deadline has the potential to create chaos at airports and disrupt travel significantly. Some estimates suggest half of all travelers may have driver’s licenses that don’t comply with requirements called REAL ID. You can quickly tell if you comply by looking for a star in the upper-right corner of your driver’s license.
Unless you can use a passport, military ID, enhanced driver’s license (one with limited passport information embedded) or other approved identification after the deadline, you may show up at the airport and get subjected to secondary screening. Worse, you may not be able to fly. Secondary screening usually involves an interview and efforts to verify identity, and most checkpoints have limited capacity to do that. If there are too many people without IDs, ticketed passengers will be turned away.
The  Wall  Street  Journal  WSJ  :  clock  is  ticking  for  millions  of  fliers  to  update  their  IDs  ID  needsEditing  passport  drivers  license 
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Secure ID: New License/ID Document Requirements - Department of Driver Services ;;;
tags: Secure ID : New License / ID Document Requirements - Department of Driver Services | DMV DDS secureId ;;;
Secure  ID  :  New  License  /  Document  Requirements  -  Department  of  Driver  Services  |  DMV  DDS  secureId 
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The Difference Between ID and Class | CSS-Tricks;;;
tags: html css div class id barcode serialNumber serial Number howTo use ;;;
Maybe a good analogy here is bar codes and serial numbers. Take an iPod in a store. On the packaging will be a bar code. This tells the store what the product is, so when it is scanned, the system knows exactly what the product is and what it costs. It might even be able to know what color it is or where it was kept in the store. All iPod of this same type have the exact same bar code on them.

The iPod will also have a serial number on it which is absolutely unique to any other iPod (or any other device) in the world. The serial number doesn't know the price. It could, but for the store this wouldn't be a very efficient way to store and use that data. Much easier to use the barcode, so that for example, if the price changed, you could just <mark>change the price for that bar code and not every individual serial number </mark> in your system.

This is much like ID's and Classes. Information that is reusable should be kept in a class and information that is totally unique should be kept in an ID.
HowTo use id names in HTML; search "but the name is inappropriate";
HowTo use id..... in HTML; search "default markup for a WordPress comment list item";
HowTo use id..... in HTML; Search "ID's have special browser functionality"
HowTo use class in HTML; search "Microformats are just specific class names";
html  css  div  class  id  barcode  serialNumber  serial  Number  howTo  use  difference  between  and 
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google search; difference between div id and div class in html;=difference+between+div+class+div+id&aqs;=chrome.2.57j0l2j62l2.14272j0&sourceid;=chrome&ie;=UTF-8;;;
ID's are unique
Each element can have only one ID
Each page can have only one element with that ID
Classes are NOT unique
You can use the same class on multiple elements.
You can use multiple classes on the same element.
Barcodes and Serial Numbers
google  search  difference  between  id  and  div  class  in  html  css 
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