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Shri Jamyang Tsering Namgyal on The Jammu & Kashmir Reorganisation Bill , 2019 in Lok Sabha - YouTube video Ladakh Leh Kargil MP
Very nice speech in Lok Sabha, by Shri Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, the MP from Ladakh.
Initially the opposition creates a lot of disturbance.
He really gets going at 01:26
It is enjoyable to watch after that.

He’s very eloquent, in spite of the fact that Hindi is not his first language.
It’s cute too. “तिनके का घास”
Kashmiri pundits share their bitter experiences of how they were driven out of Kashmir.
Shri  Jamyang  Tsering  Namgyal  on  The  Jammu  &  Kashmir  Reorganisation  Bill  _  2019  in  Lok  Sabha  -  YouTube  video  Ladakh  Leh  needsEditing  BJP  MP  LokSabha  Kargil  india  parliament  article  370 
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