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Electrek : Here's the best electric bicycle gear I've been testing all summer needsEditing helmet lock blueTooth bike
Wouldn't it be nice if all you needed for a great ride was an electric bicycle and a smile on your face? While those two things are often enough for me, there's some excellent gear out there that can make e-bike rides even better, whether you ride for pleasure or commuting. As an electric bicycle...
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Electrek  :  Here's  the  best  electric  bicycle  gear  I've  been  testing  all  summer  needsEditing  helmet  lock  blueTooth  bike 
11 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
How To Change a Commercial Door Lock in 9 Easy Steps ;;;
How to Remove a Commercial Lock - Replace a Security Lock - Schlage Lock ;;;
tags: How To Change a Commercial Door Lock doorLock in 9 Easy Steps needsEditing ;;;
How  To  Change  a  Commercial  Door  Lock  doorLock  in  9  Easy  Steps  needsEditing  office  619S8S 
august 2019 by neerajsinghvns
Who can view my credit report if I have a security freeze or credit report lock?
Who can view my credit report if I have a security freeze or credit report lock?

Locking or freezing your Equifax credit report will prevent access to it by certain third parties. Locking or freezing your Equifax credit report will not prevent access to your credit report at any other credit bureau. Entities that may still have access to your Equifax credit report include:
• Companies like Equifax Global Consumer Solutions, which provide you with access to your credit report or credit score, or monitor your credit report as part of a subscription or similar service;
• Companies that provide you with a copy of your credit report or credit score, upon your request;
• Federal, state, and local government agencies and courts in certain circumstances;
• Companies using the information in connection with the underwriting of insurance, or for employment, tenant or background screening purposes;
• Companies that have a current account or relationship with you, and collection agencies acting on behalf of those whom you owe;
• Companies that authenticate a consumer’s identity for purposes other than granting credit, or for investigating or preventing actual or potential fraud; and
• Companies that wish to make pre-approved offers of credit or insurance to you. To opt out of such pre-approved offers, visit

Equifax maintains consumers’ credit reports and provides information to certain customers, including credit card companies and lenders, so that they may offer pre-approved offers to consumers as permitted by law. Consumers that prefer not to receive such offers should visit, or call toll free at 1-888-5-OPT OUT (or 1-888-567-8688). Consumers may also send an opt-out request in writing to Equifax Information Services LLC, P.O. Box 740123, Atlanta, GA 30374-0123. Consumers should include their complete name, full address, Social Security number, and signature. Equifax will remove the consumer’s name from its pre-approved offer database and share the request with the other two nationwide consumer reporting agencies.
Who  can  view  my  credit  report  if  I  have  a  security  freeze  or  lock  ? 
august 2019 by neerajsinghvns
eClinicalWorks v10: How to Unlock a User’s Account - Lake Cook Orthopedics - powered by Helpdesk Pilot ;;;
tags: ecw eClinicalWorks v10: How to Unlock a User’s Users Account - Lake Cook Orthopedics - powered by Helpdesk Pilot ;;;
in Version 11; when logged in via the web browser, <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<<
click on the hamburger stack at the top left corner,
click on Admin,
click on Login Settings,
go to Unlock Users, in the bottom right corner,
click on the User that needs to be unLocked,
click on OK.
in version 11 when logged in via client <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<<
File > security settings > Locked Users (Bottom border) > Click on the user needing to be unlocked > UnLock
ecw  eClinicalWorks  v10:  How  to  Unlock  a  User’s  Users  Account  -  Lake  Cook  Orthopedics  powered  by  Helpdesk  Pilot  Lock 
may 2019 by neerajsinghvns
Schlage Z-Wave Home Keypad Lever, Aged Bronze, FE599NX CAM 716 ACC 716, Works with Alexa via SmartThings - Door Handles - ;;;
As an example of just how useful these things are, we have this installed at a vacation home 100 miles away. This past week, the temperatures plummeted and I was very worried about the pipes freezing. I called a neighbor and asked him to check on the house and to leave the faucets on a trickle to prevent them from freezing. In the time it took him to walk over to our house, I was able to provision a code on my iPhone which worked perfectly. We will also be able to use it to set up codes remotely for guests who want to borrow the house, housekeepers, handymen, plumbers, and others without having to distribute and collect physical keys. All of that convenience and peace of mind is worth the price of the lock, in my opinion.
Schlage  Z-Wave  Home  Keypad  Lever  Aged  Bronze  FE599NX  CAM  716  ACC  Works  with  Alexa  via  SmartThings  -  Door  Handles  Amazon  smart  lock  locks 
april 2019 by neerajsinghvns
20190320-1100--ganga-prasanna--ecw-howto--make-a-user-inactive - YouTube ;;; ;;;
tags: 20190320-1100 ganga prasanna ecw howto make a user inactive - YouTube | video training PSN ;;;
04:10; how to unlock a user.
20190320-1100  ganga  prasanna  ecw  howto  make  a  user  inactive  -  YouTube  |  video  training  PSN  lock  unlock 
march 2019 by neerajsinghvns
3/8"-16 Grade 18-8 NE Stainless Steel Nylon Insert Lock Nut | Fastenal;;;
tags: 3/8"-16 Grade 18-8 NE Stainless Steel Nylon Insert Lock Nut | Fastenal ; bottleToMemories fastenal ;;;
on 20171108
Wholesale: $10.805 / Pkg of 25
Unit Price: $0.4322 / Each
3/8"-16  Grade  18-8  NE  Stainless  Steel  Nylon  Insert  Lock  Nut  |  Fastenal  ;  bottleToMemories  3/8  3/8-16 
november 2017 by neerajsinghvns

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