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Small Bottle Extrusion Blow Molding Machine - YouTube;;;
Small Bottle Extrusion Blow Molding Machine youTube;;;
Extrusion High Speed Blow Molding Machinery at 0:04;;;
Speeds up to 600 bottles per minute at 0:09;;;
6 layer bottle at 0:22;;;
Motion of mold at 1:30;;;
Slow Motion of mold at 1:40;;;
Parison at 2:30;;;
To Make a bottle at 3:00;;;
the forming process is accomplished by injecting high pressure air at 3:05
BLow Needle at 3:10;;;
Inflates the parison at 3:12;;;
Cleated Conveyor at 3:49;;;
Divert Gate Mechanism at 3:54;;;
Sorted at 4:25;;;
Vaccum Belt Conveyor at 4:35;;;
airveyor at 4:40;;;
Bottles transported by the neck at 4:45;;;
Trimmer for neck at 4:49 & 4:59;;;
Bottles seperated by timing screw to prevent hitting each other at 4:55;;;
Trimmer for neck at 4:49 & 4:59;;;
Finished bottles are Leak Tested, packed & palatised at 5:22;;;
small  bottle  extrusion  blow  molded  machine  youTube  molding 
november 2011 by neerajsinghvns
Custom Made Plastic Molding Custom Molds Custom Molded Parts;;;


1. Create A CAD Drawing

* Have an idea or sketch with your dimensions and expectations for the design
* Design the product with the computer program like CAD

2. Plan and Choose the Correct Plastics, Expectations

* Ask Specific Questions:
* What are the conditions under which the product will be used such as temperature, moisture, ultraviolet exposure, chemicals, electrical resistance, physical properties, colorability, and resistance to scratching?
* What tolerance requirements are expected in the performance of the product?
* WIll the product be under any stresses, exposure to impact, bending or gliding?
* Is color matching a factor?
* What is the cost per inch of material? Its weight?
* Cover approval requirements-underwriters, Pure Food Administration, military, and others.
injection  molding  5  steps  questions  Custom  Made  Plastic  Molds  Molded  Parts 
september 2010 by neerajsinghvns

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