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Lawriter - ORC - Chapter 3713: BEDDING AND STUFFED TOYS
does not say anything about conceal / concealed material.

(B) “Bedding” means any upholstered furniture, any mattress, upholstered spring, comforter, bolster, pad, cushion, pillow, mattress protector, quilt, and any other upholstered article, to be used for sleeping, resting, or reclining purposes, and any glider, hammock, or other substantially similar article that is wholly or partly upholstered.

(C)”Secondhand” means any article, or material, or portion thereof of which prior use has been made in any manner whatsoever.

(D) “Remade, repaired, or renovated articles not for sa
(F) “Upholstered furniture” means any article of furniture wholly or partly stuffed or filled with material and that is used or intended for use for sitting, resting, or reclining purposes.
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