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do you have a patent to license to us?;;;
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Have a clever idea?

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Inventor Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a patent to submit? You will need to have filed for a patent application before submitting your idea. We require a patent application to have been filed in order for us to review your information.

Does the NDA (non-disclosure form) protect me? No, if you have a patent pending or patented product, that protects you and nothing in the NDA takes that right away. It’s always good to consult an attorney if you have questions.

What do I need to submit for consideration? Click on the link above that reads “To submit a product invention for review, click here to begin the process!” You will be taken to another website and can follow the step-by-step directions on that site to submit your invention.

What is the process? Your information wil
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US Published Application Full-Text Database Boolean Search
US Patent Application Search. NOT to be confused with US Patent Search;;;;;;
IN = Inventor Name, IC = Inventor City;;;
IN/singh AND IC/mcdonough;;;
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Patent Insurance | Intellectual Property Insurance Services;;;;;;
Patent Insurance | Intellectual Property Services ; infringe infringing infringement;;;
Patent  Insurance  |  Intellectual  Property  Services  ;  infringe  infringing  infringement 
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PTDL Program Tutorials
How to Conduct a Preliminary U.S. Patent Search: A Step by Step Strategy (36 minutes)
How  to  Conduct  a  Preliminary  U.S.  Patent  Search  Step  by  Strategy  howto  uspto  tutorial  video 
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US Patent Full-Text Database Manual Search
( enter
LREP/“HARRINGTON CURTIS L” you will be able to view drawings associated with
our patents as a guide for shading your drawings. I have not attempted to eliminate all
the dashed lines in the drawings as I sent them to you, but you should definitely do so
with the exception of Figure 2, in which the tray is properly shown in dashed-line format
to show a second position. Shading will also need to be added to the drawings (again,
dashed lines should not be substituted for shading), and the example figures I reference
above should be instructive to that end. Additionally, attachment member 157 in Figure
9 looks off-center for some reason – you may want to align it more clearly so as not to
confuse the examiner. Also, please be certain to reference 37 CFR 1.84 drawing
standards with reference to respecting margins, figure number placement, and page
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Patent Attorney/Agent Search;;; The patent application process is complex. The USPTO cannot assist in the preparation of patent application papers. If you are ready to apply for a patent, we strongly advise you contact a registered patent attorney or agent. Although the USPTO cannot recommend any particular attorney or agent, we do maintain a roster of patent attorneys and agents registered to practice before the USPTO. Only registered attorneys and agents may help others to obtain patents.

If you are ready to apply to register your trademark, we strongly advise that you contact an attorney who is experienced in trademark prosecution. The USPTO does not maintain a roster of trademark attorneys. An attorney who is a member in good standing of a state bar association may prosecute your application for trademark registration. The USPTO cannot aid in the selection of an attorney and does not provide specific endorsements or recommendations of private attorneys.
roster  of  patent  attorneys  and  agents  registered  to  practice  before  the  USPTO  lawyer  search 
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Non-Provisional (Utility) Patent Application, A Guide to Filing
A Guide to Filing A Non-Provisional (Utility) Patent Application
guide  howto  uspto  patent  patents 
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EFS Forms
Form-Fillable PDFs Available
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Patent Customer Service Representatives
Inventors Assistance Center

•How to Contact the IAC
•Customer Service Representatives (questions about specific applications)
•General Information Concerning Patents
•Patent FAQ

•Guide to Filing a Utility Patent Application
•Guide to Filing a Design Patent Application
•Provisional Application for Patent

•Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries
•Inventors Resources
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Inventors Resources and Information;;;
For more information on Patents and Trademarks, please call:
Scam Prevention [ pdf ]
Provisional Application for Patent
[ html ] [pdf]
Provisional Application - MPEP guide [html]
General Information Concerning Patents [html]
A Guide to Filing A Utility Patent Application [ html | pdf ]
A Guide to Filing A Design Patent Application [ html | pdf ]
Basic Facts About Trademarks
[ html ]
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Neeraj Singh - Patent Applicant -
Pub Date = 2009-03-26; Pub Number = 20090078548; App Number = 12234930; App Date = 2008-09-22;
neeraj  patent  invention  siemens 
may 2009 by neerajsinghvns

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