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Learn what documents you will need to get a Social Security Card | Social Security Administration ;;;
tags: Learn what documents you will need to get a Social Security Card | Social Security Administration SSA SS needsEditing ;;;
Learn  what  documents  you  will  need  to  get  a  Social  Security  Card  |  Administration  SSA  SS  needsEditing 
5 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Security freezes
A security freeze is one step you can take to help prevent access to your Equifax credit report to open new credit accounts, with certain exceptions.

Placing, temporarily lifting, and permanently removing a security freeze on your Equifax credit report are free.

A security freeze should be temporarily lifted or permanently removed each time you apply for new credit.

To temporarily lift or permanently remove the security freeze on your Equifax credit report, you can:

Sign in to your account on;
Call us at (800) 685-1111;
Or contact us by mail:

Equifax Information Services LLC
P.O. Box 105788
Atlanta, Georgia 30348

To freeze your other credit reports, you will need to contact Experian ( and TransUnion (
equifax  security  freeze 
6 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Who can view my credit report if I have a security freeze or credit report lock?
Who can view my credit report if I have a security freeze or credit report lock?

Locking or freezing your Equifax credit report will prevent access to it by certain third parties. Locking or freezing your Equifax credit report will not prevent access to your credit report at any other credit bureau. Entities that may still have access to your Equifax credit report include:
• Companies like Equifax Global Consumer Solutions, which provide you with access to your credit report or credit score, or monitor your credit report as part of a subscription or similar service;
• Companies that provide you with a copy of your credit report or credit score, upon your request;
• Federal, state, and local government agencies and courts in certain circumstances;
• Companies using the information in connection with the underwriting of insurance, or for employment, tenant or background screening purposes;
• Companies that have a current account or relationship with you, and collection agencies acting on behalf of those whom you owe;
• Companies that authenticate a consumer’s identity for purposes other than granting credit, or for investigating or preventing actual or potential fraud; and
• Companies that wish to make pre-approved offers of credit or insurance to you. To opt out of such pre-approved offers, visit

Equifax maintains consumers’ credit reports and provides information to certain customers, including credit card companies and lenders, so that they may offer pre-approved offers to consumers as permitted by law. Consumers that prefer not to receive such offers should visit, or call toll free at 1-888-5-OPT OUT (or 1-888-567-8688). Consumers may also send an opt-out request in writing to Equifax Information Services LLC, P.O. Box 740123, Atlanta, GA 30374-0123. Consumers should include their complete name, full address, Social Security number, and signature. Equifax will remove the consumer’s name from its pre-approved offer database and share the request with the other two nationwide consumer reporting agencies.
Who  can  view  my  credit  report  if  I  have  a  security  freeze  or  lock  ? 
6 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
20190618 ; HIPAA meeting with bob grant; SECURITY policy review; examples; - YouTube ;;; ;;;
tags: 20190618 ; meeting with bob grant ; SECURITY policy review ; examples ; - YouTube video training psn compliancy group compliancyGroup needsEditing ;;;
05:10; TTD;
05:55; policies still good.
07:39; #16; policy doc. Ex.
08:35; #15; example firing
09:15; #14; Read the policy; sign that they understood.
10:40; #13; Neeraj; We're xxxxing???
-------#12; BAA business associates agreement
11:45; #11; contingency plan; office space desk network;
13:22; #10; symantec AV;
13:40; #09; email encryptions; asynchronous transmissions to be encrypted?;;;
14:39; #08;
15:30; lots of laptops; lots of paper files;
16:11; any erroneous release of info.
16:20; #07; audit control; once a quarter; accessing info appropriately;
17:54; #06; strong password; unique logging;
18:50; #05; computer;
19:29; #04; facility;
22:50; mistake;

23:50; #03; need strong password; 11 characters or more; can be a phrase; never needs changing;
24:40; #03; pink fluffy bunny;
25:14; #02
25:50; #01
20190618  ;  HIPAA  meeting  with  bob  grant  policy  review  examples  -  YouTube  video  training  psn  needsEditing  compliancy  group  compliancyGroup  SECURITY  01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11  12  13  14  15  16 
june 2019 by neerajsinghvns
ecw ehr emr security risk assesment tool SRAT from HHS ;;;
tags: ecw ehr emr security risk assesment tool SRA SRAT from HHS SRAT3.0 version3 version 3 ;;;
SRA Tool 3.0 User Guide [PDF - 2.2 MB]*
ecw  ehr  emr  security  risk  assesment  tool  SRA  SRAT  from  HHS  SRAT3.0  version3  version  3 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
How to Change Your Gmail Password - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to Change Your Gmail Password - YouTube | video psn security training ;;;
00:15, how to change your password.
How  to  Change  Your  Gmail  Password  -  YouTube  |  video  psn  email  security  training 
july 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Security Risk Assessment Tool | Providers & Professionals |
The SRA Tool takes you through each HIPAA requirement by presenting a question about your organization’s activities. Your “yes” or “no” answer will show you if you need to take corrective action for that particular item. There are a total of 156 questions.

Resources are included with each question to help you:

Understand the context of the question
Consider the potential impacts to your PHI if the requirement is not met
See the actual safeguard language of the HIPAA Security Rule
You can document your answers, comments, and risk remediation plans directly into the SRA Tool. The tool serves as your local repository for the information and does not send your data anywhere else.

Completing a risk assessment requires a time investment. At any time during the risk assessment process, you can pause to view your current results. The results are available in a color-coded graphic view (Windows version only) or in printable PDF and Excel formats.

For details on how to use the tool, download the SRA Tool User Guide [PDF - 4.5 MB].

A paper-based version of the tool is also available:

Administrative Safeguards [DOCX - 397 KB]*
Technical Safeguards [DOCX - 312 KB]*
Physical Safeguards [DOCX - 263 KB]*
*Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this file. For assistance, contact ONC at
Security  Risk  Assessment  Tool  |  Providers  &  Professionals  SRA 
january 2018 by neerajsinghvns
What is the difference between
- Experian CreditLock,
- a Security Freeze and
- a Fraud Alert?
Experian  creditLock  security  freeze  fraud  alert 
september 2017 by neerajsinghvns
Advanced SystemCare Free - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
CNET Editors' review

by: Jaymar Cabebe on November 15, 2011

Advanced SystemCare Free 5 uses its powerful arsenal of optimization tools to keep your PC feeling fresh and clean. It also includes a couple of features that could help boost performance for either gaming or work purposes--your choice.

Advanced SystemCare's Quick Care option includes the ability to clean your registry, perform a rudimentary malware scan, fix and remove broken shortcuts, delete junk files, and erase browsing tracks. It works in a flash, requires almost no user input, and to make things even easier, can be configured to run on system startup.

The Deep Care option, on the other hand, takes system care to another level. It performs all of the Quick Care items to a much deeper degree, plus it adds several other scans and fixes to its checklist, including disk defragmenting, a Windows vulnerability fix, and a system optimization with several presets. Understandably, this kind of deep digging can sometimes make
download  downloads  free  system  security  software  utility  windows  tools 
january 2012 by neerajsinghvns
What is reCAPTCHA?
This is a standard security test that we use to prevent spammers from creating fake accounts and spamming users.
This  is  a  standard  security  test  that  we  use  to  prevent  spammers  from  creating  fake  accounts  and  spamming  users.  reCAPTCHA  verification  it  human  being 
september 2011 by neerajsinghvns
Endpoint Protection Common Topics and Support Resources
Endpoint Protection; Access product updates, security alerts, manuals and more with Enterprise Product Support.
norton  symantec  endpoint  protection  product  updates  security  manual  support 
may 2009 by neerajsinghvns
Compare Symantec Store Software Products - Norton All-in-One, PC Security, Tuneup and Backup & Restore Software - Symantec Store Products
All-in-One Security
Comprehensive, automated protection Compare

PC Security
Products that meet your online security and personal firewall needs Compare

PC Tuneup
Keep your PC running its best with Symantec's powerful yet easy-to-use problem-solving tools. Compare

Backup and Restore
Backup and recovery tools to safeguard your datas. Compare

Security tools to protect your Macintosh.
symantec  norton  360  antivirus  secure  security 
january 2009 by neerajsinghvns
Symantec Store Software Products
$129.99: 5 User Pack;
$239.99: 10 User Pack;
multi  5  10  user  pack  norton  360  symantec  security  network 
november 2008 by neerajsinghvns
linksys WRVS4400N Wireless-N Gigabit security router with VPN
linksys  WRVS4400N  Wireless-N  Gigabit  security  router  with  VPN 
december 2007 by neerajsinghvns
There are perhaps some featues missing, and perhaps an active directory would have opened up more possbilities but the WHS can’t be all things to everyone, it needs to be focused on a single, or relativley few needs, and address these well, and as menti
?  windows  home  server  safety  security  family  children  kids  windowsLiveSuite 
december 2007 by neerajsinghvns

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