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The Difference Between ID and Class | CSS-Tricks;;;
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Maybe a good analogy here is bar codes and serial numbers. Take an iPod in a store. On the packaging will be a bar code. This tells the store what the product is, so when it is scanned, the system knows exactly what the product is and what it costs. It might even be able to know what color it is or where it was kept in the store. All iPod of this same type have the exact same bar code on them.

The iPod will also have a serial number on it which is absolutely unique to any other iPod (or any other device) in the world. The serial number doesn't know the price. It could, but for the store this wouldn't be a very efficient way to store and use that data. Much easier to use the barcode, so that for example, if the price changed, you could just <mark>change the price for that bar code and not every individual serial number </mark> in your system.

This is much like ID's and Classes. Information that is reusable should be kept in a class and information that is totally unique should be kept in an ID.
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november 2017 by neerajsinghvns
Frequently Asked Questions | Bar Codes Talk Inc.
Q. Will my Bar Code be scannable?
A. Yes. As long as the proportions of the bar code we e-mail to you are preserved and as long as it is printed at 300 dpi or higher, your bar code will be scannable.;;;;;;

Frequently Asked Questions | Bar Codes Talk Inc.;;;
Frequently Asked Questions | Bar Codes Talk Inc. ; faq barcode barcodes code print printing printer upc IAN EAN ;;;
Frequently  Asked  Questions  |  Bar  Codes  Talk  Inc.  ;  faq  barcode  barcodes  code  print  printing  printer  upc  IAN  ean 
july 2011 by neerajsinghvns
UPC-Cheap-Barcode - Inexpensive UPC UUC Barcodes and Free Graphics for Amazon eBay etc UCC;;; UPC-Cheap-Barcode - Inexpensive UPC UUC Barcodes and Free Graphics for Amazon eBay etc UCC cheap bar code barcode EAN IAN print printer printing ;;; I need to print out a big pile of bar code labels to put on my products. Can your tool do this for me? No, our tool just generates the codes one at a time, but if you need to print 100 of them, just put it on a label template and run them off your printer. We have a printing service for people who would like to receive their barcodes in the mail. If this service would be of interest, please let us know.;;;
UPC-Cheap-Barcode  -  Inexpensive  UPC  UUC  Barcodes  and  Free  Graphics  for  Amazon  eBay  etc  UCC  cheap  bar  code  barcode  EAN  IAN  print  printer  printing 
july 2011 by neerajsinghvns

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