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The Electrocoat Association - Why Do People Use Electrocoat?
Why Do People Use Electrocoat?;;;;;;
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Why Do People Use Electrocoat?

Finishers choose electrocoating to provide their products with a durable, lasting coating. And because e-coat can be used as a primer, top coat or both, and also with other types of coatings, the versatility is endless.

Productivity and Operational Cost Savings

High Material Transfer Efficiencies (90% +)
Low Applied Cost
Precise Film Control
Automated Processing - Reduced Labor Requirements
System Automation
Dense Line Racking
High Throughput, Low Labor Requirements
Performance and Quality

100% coverage of Complex Parts
Uniform Film Thickness
Benchmark Corrosion Protection
Superior Edge Coverage
One or Two-Coat Applications To Optimize Performance
Product and Process Consistency
Compatible With Other Coating Technologies
Environmental Advantages
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electrodeposit  painting  deposition  electro  electrodeposition  paint  ecoat 
august 2012 by neerajsinghvns
The Electrocoat Association - Home;;;
to view an anatomy of an electrocoat system, go to the link below;;;
animation of a ecoat paint line at the following link;;;;;;
electrodeposition  ecoat  paint  deposition  electro 
august 2012 by neerajsinghvns

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