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LREP/“HARRINGTON CURTIS L” you will be able to view drawings associated with
our patents as a guide for shading your drawings. I have not attempted to eliminate all
the dashed lines in the drawings as I sent them to you, but you should definitely do so
with the exception of Figure 2, in which the tray is properly shown in dashed-line format
to show a second position. Shading will also need to be added to the drawings (again,
dashed lines should not be substituted for shading), and the example figures I reference
above should be instructive to that end. Additionally, attachment member 157 in Figure
9 looks off-center for some reason – you may want to align it more clearly so as not to
confuse the examiner. Also, please be certain to reference 37 CFR 1.84 drawing
standards with reference to respecting margins, figure number placement, and page
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