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2020 — The Year Of The Tesla Model Y & Other ICE Killing Crossovers needsEditing crossOver model3 modelY Sonu Rani SonuRani
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No longer will I hear from person after person after riding in my Model 3, “I’d buy it in a second, but my spouse wants a crossover.” Next year my response will be, “Great, you have so many great choices for electric crossovers, why even consider a gas car?”
2020    The  Year  Of  Tesla  Model  Y  &  Other  ICE  Killing  Crossovers  needsEditing  crossOver  model3  modelY  SonuRani  Sonu  Rani 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
The US Auto Industry is about to Implode - Michael Alkin - YouTube needsEditing video EV BEV ICE
01:05; USA auto industry
02:30; incentives per unit
02:38; auto units sold sales / month including Tesla
The  US  Auto  Industry  is  about  to  Implode  -  Michael  Alkin  YouTube  needsEditing  video  EV  BEV  ICE  usa  subPrime  loan  delinquent  delinquencies 
9 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Lever (part #WP2180259)-How To Replace - YouTube ;;;
tags: Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Lever (part #WP2180259)-How To Replace - YouTube | video kenmore fridge 912NPD ;;;
Refrigerator  Ice  Dispenser  Lever  (part  #WP2180259)-How  To  Replace  -  YouTube  |  video  kenmore  fridge  912NPD 
february 2018 by neerajsinghvns

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