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ALT Codes - Alt Codes for Maths / Mathematics;;;
tags: ALT Codes - Alt Codes for Maths / Mathematics | add subtract multiply multiplication divide division ;;;
ALT  Codes  -  for  Maths  /  Mathematics  |  add  subtract  multiply  multiplication  divide  division 
august 2017 by neerajsinghvns
Free tools for teachers: Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 - Partners in Learning Network
+;;; +Free tools for teachers: Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 - Partners in Learning Network;;; +microsoft, mathematics, 4.0, math, equations,;;;
microsoft  mathematics  4.0  math  equations 
february 2014 by neerajsinghvns
Table of Contents - Math Open Reference;;;
tags: homework help trigonometry maths resources tools education mathematics reference interactive geometry math
cood  coordinate  MathOpenReference  homework  help  trigonometry  maths  resources  tools  education  mathematics  reference  interactive  geometry  math 
october 2013 by neerajsinghvns
ALT Codes - Alt Codes for Maths / Mathematics
tags:BODMAS, operation, sign, characters, character, special, ctrl, control, addition, subtraction, math, mathematics, Maths, code, keyboard, short, cut, shortcut, Shortcuts, division, multiplication, Alternative, alt, plus, minus, add, subtract, multiply, divide,symbol,symbols,;;;
+ Alt+43; keep "Alt" button depressed and type 4 then 3; Release "Alt" button.
- Alt+45
× Alt+0215
÷ Alt+0247
± Alt+241
≈ Alt+247
≥ Alt+242
≤ Alt+243
√ Alt+251; √3; keep "Alt" button depressed and type 251; Release "Alt" button. Then type 3.
ⁿ Alt+252;;; 3ⁿ
¹ Alt+0185; 3¹
² Alt+0178; 3²
³ Alt+0179; 3³
BODMAS  operation  sign  characters  character  special  ctrl  control  addition  subtraction  math  mathematics  Maths  code  keyboard  short  cut  shortcut  Shortcuts  division  multiplication  Alternative  alt  plus  minus  add  subtract  multiply  divide  symbol  symbols 
october 2011 by neerajsinghvns
Math on the Web - W3C;;;
Math on the Web - W3C equations equation website internet algebra arithmetic mathematic mathematics;;;
Math  on  the  Web  -  W3C  equations  equation  website  internet  algebra  arithmetic  mathematic  mathematics 
july 2011 by neerajsinghvns
Collection of 279 Math Applets
math  mathematics  java  applets  apps 
august 2008 by neerajsinghvns

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