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Teslarati : Tesla will ' disappear ' or ' lose 80% ' of its value, predicts NYU professor needsEditing Scott Galloway value stock investment
A Clinical Professor of Marketing at NYU has issued a strong prediction against electric car maker Tesla, stating that the Elon Musk-led company will likely lose 80% of its value or disappear completely. The prediction, the gist of which was posted on Twitter, has garnered polarizing responses among users of the social media platform. In a blog post, Galloway argued that while he believes Tesla has changed the world for the better, the company simply does not have the scale to compete in a well-
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Teslarati  :  Tesla  will  '  disappear  '  or  '  lose  80%  '  of  its  value_  predicts  NYU  professor  needsEditing  Scott  Galloway  value  stock  investment 
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