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How Tesla Stacks Up Against America’s Most Productive Car Factories
How Tesla Stacks Up Against America’s Most Productive Car Factories
By Tom Randall and Demetrios Pogkas July 17, 2018
Elon Musk wants to be the chief executive of “a real car company.” His goal is to turn Tesla Inc. into a mass producer capable of measuring up against some of the most productive car factories in North America.
After a year of factory problems plagued the rollout of its Model 3 electric sedan, Tesla is getting closer to this goal. The company’s sole plant in Fremont, California, reached a weekly output of 6,944 cars at the end of June, including 5,031 Model 3s. If the Tesla factory could sustain that level for a year, it would rank 14th among 70 auto plants in North America, according to 2018 production data estimated by market research firm That’s on par with the average weekly output of the General Motors Co. in Silao, Mexico, and the Ford Motor Co. plant in Chicago.
Of course, producing nearly 7,000 cars in one go-for-broke week to meet Musk’s self-imposed deadline is very different from sustaining that output over a 52-week period. For the first half of 2018, Tesla averaged just 3,378 cars per week—only enough to take 48th place in the ranking of North American factories. In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Musk predicted that by August his factory would be able to make 5,000 Model 3s each week, in addition to Model X and S vehicles, without heroic measures. “In three months,” he said, “I think 5,000 will feel normal.”
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How  Tesla  Stacks  Up  Against  America’s  Most  Productive  Car  Factories  needsEditing  weekly  auto  automotive  automobile  vehicle  production  in  North  America 
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Sheet Metal Bending;;;ZZZ tags:sheet,metal,bending,forming,hem,hemming,production,manufacturing,process,processes,,;;;ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
sheet  metal  bending  forming  hem  hemming  production  manufacturing  process  processes 
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Toyota Production System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;;;
The Toyota Production System (TPS) is an integrated socio-technical system, developed by Toyota, that comprises its management philosophy and practices. The TPS organizes manufacturing and logistics for the automobile manufacturer, including interaction with suppliers and customers. The system is a major precursor of the more generic "lean manufacturing." Taiichi Ohno, Shigeo Shingo and Eiji Toyoda developed the system between 1948 and 1975.[1]

Originally called "just-in-time production," it builds on the approach created by the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda, his son Kiichiro Toyoda, and the engineer Taiichi Ohno. The principles underlying the TPS are embodied in The Toyota Way.;;;
lean  manufacturing  toyota  production  system  wikipedia 
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Taiichi Ohno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;;;
He is considered to be the father of the Toyota Production System, which became Lean Manufacturing in the U.S.;;;
tags: TPS lean manufacturing toyota production system;;;
Taiichi  Ohno  TPS  lean  manufacturing  toyota  production  system 
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