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tesla model 3 model3 owners manual north america pdf ;;; ;;;
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047; Powering ON or OFF
066; dashCam
066; RECORDING. Tap the dashcam icon, when dashcam is paused, to start recording video on the flash drive. The dashcam temporarily stores approximately one hour of the most recent video footage on the flash drive before new video begins overwriting old video.
066; PAUSED. Press and hold the dashcam icon, when recording, to pause recording. Ensure that the dashcam is paused BEFORE removing the flash drive to avoid losing camera footage. <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<<
066; SAVED. Tap the dashcam icon, when recording, to archive the most recent ten minutes of video. The video files are saved on the flash drive with a unique timestamp. These saved video recordings are not overwritten by new recordings.
066; dashCam icons; "x" on the camera indicate the drive is full.
066; Tesla recommends using a flash drive with as much available storage as possible; saving the most recent ten-minutes of video requires approximately 1 GB, <<< <<< <<<
129; battery charging instructions
134; charging Port Light Color
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03:40, Half inch plywood for the base.
03:45, Thicker plywood for the fences.
04:20, runners
05:40, howto attach runners to plywood
05:55, how to lay or place the plywood with expect to the runners.
06:00, nice T-Square
06:10, how to draw reference lines using the T-square, which would help with putting the holes in the proper place
06:15, how to set up the countersink bit
07:00, how to check the flatness of the fences
07:50, how to cut the Kerf
08:00, howto line up the fences at exactly 90 degrees to the Blade and Kerf.
make  a  crosscut  sled  for  table  saw  needsEditing  questionable  wood  whisperer  howto  proper  alignment  90  ninety  degrees  on  timeLine 
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