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Adobe Acrobat Standard document. Non-SearchableToSearchable. - YouTube ;;; ;;;
tags: Adobe Acrobat Standard document howTo convert non nonSearchable Non-Searchable To Searchable - YouTube | video screenCastOMatic psn training ;;;
Adobe  Acrobat  Standard  document  howTo  convert  non  nonSearchable  Non-Searchable  To  Searchable  -  YouTube  |  video  screenCastOMatic  psn  training 
april 2018 by neerajsinghvns
JExplorer Website Powered by Woo Sik Jung

JOCR is a freeware. JOCR enables you to capture the image on the screen and convert the captured image to text. It is useful to revive the protected files whose text can not be copied. JOCR enables you to copy text from any files and images on the screen such as protected Web pages, PDF files, error messages. The program offers several capture modes.

JOCR requires Microsoft Office 2003 or higher version. If JCOR does not work, please manually install "Micorosoft Office Document Imaging" (MODI) that is included in the setup file of Microsoft Office. You can find MODI under "Office Tools" of the setup file.
?  scan  convert  to  searchable  text  non  adobe  acrobat  windows 
march 2009 by neerajsinghvns
Fujitsu Introduces New ScanSnap PDF Scanner with Powerful New Features and Performance Enhancements : FUJITSU United States
* Fujitsu ScanSnap, double-sided color scanner under $500; 15 (PPM) for single-sided ; "Always On" Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager PDF "Thumbnail" viewi
*  scanner  pdf  searchable  sonu  business  fujitsu 
june 2007 by neerajsinghvns

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