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Intertek Consumer Goods and Retail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
+;;; +Intertek Consumer Goods and Retail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;;; +tags:wikipedia, intertek, competitors, TUV, Bureau, Veritas, product, testing, for, safety, regulatory, performance, standards, ;;;
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Oracle Database 11g Release 2 for Linux x86
Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (
Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, and Enterprise Edition

Thank you for accepting the OTN License Agreement; you may now download this software.

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( for Linux x86
Download (1,285,396,902 bytes) (cksum - 2237015228)
Download (995,359,177 bytes) (cksum - 2649514514)

1. All files are in the .zip format. There is an unzip utility here if you need one.
2. Download and unzip both files to the same directory.
3. Installation guides and general Oracle Database 11g documentation are here.
4. Review the certification matrix for this product here.
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E. Existing Open Flame Standards Currently, there are no mandatory flammability requirements for residential bedclothes in the United States. A few voluntary standards apply to bedding items. ASTM D4151-92 (2001) measures ease of ignition and surface flame spread of blankets. Underwriters Laboratories (``UL'') has a standard for electric blankets. A European standard, ISO 12952--Textiles--Burning behaviour of bedding items, Parts 1-4, specifies a general test method for assessing the ignitability of bedding items. F. California's Rulemaking In 2001, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill 603 (``AB 603''), which mandated that CBHF issue regulations by January 2004 that would require that mattresses and box springs meet a test for open- flame resistance.
Standard  To  Address  Open  Flame  Ignition  of  Bedclothes;  Advance  ;  flammability  CPSC  standards  california  europe  european  mattress  bedclothes  bed  cloth  clothes  sheet 
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