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CNBC : A 24-year-old was bored in science class — so she started this company Lab4u needsEditing Komal Dadlani
Lab4U teaches basic science principles in physics, chemistry and biology by enabling experiments from an app on a smartphone or tablet.
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CNBC  :  A  24-year-old  was  bored  in  science  class    so  she  started  this  company  Lab4u  needsEditing  Komal  Dadlani 
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FAST COMPANY : This senator was Big Tech's friend—but is now its greatest threat | illuminating dark patterns needsEditing mark warner
SENATOR MARK WARNER, A FORMER TELECOM INVESTOR AND ENTREPRENEUR, IS SOUNDING THE ALARM ON HOW CHINESE ADVANCEMENT AND BIG TECH’S MISCONDUCT ARE ALTERING AMERICA’S GEOPOLITICAL STATUS. NOW HE’S TRYING TO GET BOTH CONGRESS AND SILICON VALLEY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. A dozen venture capital investors in dark suits enter the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center on an overcast November afternoon, pass through security, and make their way to the basement, where a police officer guards the entrance to the
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FAST  COMPANY  :  This  senator  was  Big  Tech's  friend—but  is  now  its  greatest  threat  |  illuminating  dark  patterns  needsEditing  mark  warner 
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Inc .: This Google Executive Reviewed More Than 20,000 resume Resumes -- He Found These 5 Stunning Mistakes Over and Over needsEditing jobSearch
Former Google senior vice president Laszlo Bock reviewed more than 20,000 resumes while he was at the company--sometimes Google received more than 50,000 a week.
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Inc  This  Google  Executive  Reviewed  More  Than  20_000  resume  Resumes  --  He  Found  These  5  Stunning  Mistakes  Over  and  needsEditing  jobSearch 
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Master Adobe Photoshop with this $30 training bundle ;;;
tags: Master Adobe Photoshop with this $30 training bundle | tutorial tutorials training ;;;
Master  Adobe  Photoshop  with  this  $30  training  bundle  |  tutorial  tutorials 
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tags: how to share this page with a friend link screencastomatic HowTo 20190516 training HTGFATS ;;;
how  to  share  this  page  with  a  friend  link  screencastomatic  HowTo  20190516  training  HTGFATS 
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20190503  how  to  share  this  page  with  a  friend  HTGFATS 
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CreateHive Blog - An easy read for all web and graphic design lovers. ;;;
tags: example when posting to facebook an image also shows up . figure out how do this ; float floater bar with facebook , twitter , google plus , linked in pinterest icons ;;;
example  when  posting  to  facebook  an  image  also  shows  up  figure  out  how  do  this  ;  float  floater  bar  with  twitter  google  plus  linked  in  pinterest  icons 
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Why Amazon will triple to $5,000 a share, according to the this hedge fund manager - MarketWatch
Our call of the day, from Doug Kass, president of Seabreeze Partners Management, who predicts Amazon shares, currently at $1,818, could more than triple in a few years. Read the full story
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Why  Amazon  will  triple  to  $5_000  a  share_  according  the  this  hedge  fund  manager  -  MarketWatch  AMZN  needsEditing  Interesting  Reading  InterestingReading  Komal  Neha  Sonu  &  Neeraj 
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I was BLOWN AWAY by this innovation in REAL Hardwood Floors! - YouTube ;;;
tags: I was BLOWN AWAY by this innovation in REAL Hardwood floor Floors ! - YouTube video Matt Risinger ;;;
I  was  BLOWN  AWAY  by  this  new  technology  innovation  in  REAL  Hardwood  floor  Floors  !  -  YouTube  video  Matt  Risinger 
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If you're married and near retirement consider this tax strategy
If you're married and near retirement, consider this tax-saving strategy
Darla Mercado
Ojo Images | Getty Images
Here's one good reason for the happily married to rejoice: They have better access to a tax-friendly retirement savings strategy.
Generally, a Roth individual retirement account allows savers to put away up to $5,500 (plus $1,000 if you're age 50 or older), have the money grow free of taxes and then tap it in retirement on a tax-free basis.
As useful as these accounts may be, not everyone will have access to them. Taxpayers whose modified adjusted gross income exceeds $120,000 if single or $189,000 if married won't be able to make the full contribution directly to a Roth IRA.
That's where Roth conversions come in: You take a chunk of traditional IRA dollars, pay income taxes and convert it to a Roth IRA. Income limits do not apply to conversions.
Be aware that This move is a permanent one.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act put an end to "recharacterizations," or the unwinding of Roth conversions that were completed after the end of 2017. If you made a Roth conversion last year and you'd like to undo it, you have until Oct. 15 to do so.
Married couples weighing a Roth conversion have an added sweetener, according to Robert S. Keebler, CPA and partner with Keebler & Associates.
He spoke at the Financial Planning Association's annual conference in Chicago on Monday.
"The income tax brackets are more favorable for married people, so convert while both spouses are alive," he said.
Here's why a Roth conversion might be a great deal for couples.
Softer brackets
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act not only trimmed individual income tax rates across the board, it also broadened the income tax brackets for married couples.
This allows higher-income households to remain in lower brackets and be subject to friendlier top rates.
See below for a breakdown of the 2018 tax brackets for singles
Taxable Income Bracket
10% 0 to $9,525
12% $9,525 to $38,700
22% $38,700 to $82,500
24% $82,500 to $157,500
32% $157,500 to $200,000
35% $200,000 to $500,000
37% $500,000 and up
This is what the 2018 brackets are for married couples.
Taxable Income Bracket
10% 0 to $19,050
12% $19,050 to $77,400
22% $77,400 to $165,000
24% $165,000 to $315,000
32% $315,000 to $400,000
35% $400,000 to $600,000
37% $600,000 and up
A couple with taxable income of $300,000 in 2017 would have been in the 33 percent bracket. Under the current law, that same couple would be in the 24 percent bracket.
In effect, the new tax law has created "softer brackets," said Keebler.
Converting while you can
Since higher-income couples have a longer runway before they begin to hit the higher brackets, they might be in the best position to make Roth conversions now.
They pay income taxes on the amount converted, and with lower rates and wider brackets, the taxes won't sting as much now as they would have prior to the new tax law.
Bear in mind that the lower rates for individuals aren't permanent and they may revert to the old structure after 2025. The House GOP is pushing to make lower rates permanent as part of Tax Reform 2.0.
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Converting now while you can still file as a married couple is also helpful because the brackets are narrower for single people. This means it's easy for a single person to bump up into a higher tax bracket when converting their traditional IRA to a Roth.
"Why haven't people talked about doing conversions while the spouse is still alive?" asked Keebler. "Right now, it makes more sense."
Beware: Pro rata rule
Proceed with caution and work with a professional when you make a Roth conversion.
In the event you made non-deductible – or after tax – contributions to a traditional IRA and expect to convert that amount to a Roth, you could run into a tax hiccup known as the "pro rata rule."
If you already own other IRAs with pretax amounts in them, the IRS could subject you to income taxes based on the overall value of all the accounts — and not just the amount that you're converting.
What you have saved in your traditional IRAs, along with your SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, would be included in this calculation.
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This is known as the pro rata rule.
You can also get tripped up on the pro rata rule if you convert a nondeductible IRA at one point in the year and then later that same year you rollover a 401(k) into a traditional IRA.
That's because the pro rata rule considers your IRA balances at the end of the year.
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If  you're  married  and  near  retirement_  consider  this  tax-saving  strategy  needsEditing  investment  Roth  traditional  IRA  401k 
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You can't buy this tool, but I will show you how to make it.
Ron Paulk
You  can't  buy  this  tool  but  I  will  show  how  to  make  it.  Ron  Paulk  needsEditing  questionable 
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Make this Box Joint Jig in Minutes! | STEP IT UP
Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals
Make  this  Box  Joint  Jig  in  Minutes!  |  STEP  IT  UP  Steve  Ramsey  -  Woodworking  for  Mere  Mortals  needsEditing  questionable  boxJoint 
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(26) Text to Speech - Have your Computer Read to You - How to Use this Tool - YouTube ;;;
tags: (26) Text to Speech - Have your Computer Read to You - How to Use this Tool - YouTube ;;;
Text  to  Speech  -  Have  your  Computer  Read  You  How  Use  this  Tool  YouTube 
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tags: needsEditing How to Safely Attach a Deck to a House - This Old House This Old House YouTube Video ;;;
needsEditing  How  to  Safely  Attach  a  Deck  House  -  This  Old  YouTube  Video 
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Never Buy A Laptop | Do This Instead | How To Buy A Laptop Guide 2018 For Students College Uni - YouTube ;;;
tags: Never Buy A Laptop | Do This Instead | How To Buy A Laptop Guide 2018 For Students College Uni - YouTube | video ;;;
Never  Buy  A  Laptop  |  Do  This  Instead  How  To  Guide  2018  For  Students  College  Uni  -  YouTube  video  howto  newbies  newbie 
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CSS Height and Width Dimensions ;;;
tags: CSS Height and Width Dimensions | wide needsEditing add @media with screenWidth to this ;;;
w3schools  CSS  Height  and  Width  Dimensions  |  wide  percent  percentage  needsEditing  add  @media  with  screenWidth  to  this 
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How to Monitor Electricity Use - This Old House - YouTube;;;
tags: How to Monitor Electricity Use - This Old House - YouTube | video whole entire energy monitor monitoring needsEditing ;;;
How  to  Monitor  Electricity  Use  -  This  Old  House  YouTube  |  video  whole  entire  energy  monitoring  needsEditing 
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What is reCAPTCHA?
This is a standard security test that we use to prevent spammers from creating fake accounts and spamming users.
This  is  a  standard  security  test  that  we  use  to  prevent  spammers  from  creating  fake  accounts  and  spamming  users.  reCAPTCHA  verification  it  human  being 
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Home ‎(The Toy Box Store)‎ ;;;
tags: the toy box usa123456789 google web site website hosting hosted on search this ;;;
the  toy  box  usa123456789  google  web  site  website  hosting  hosted  on  search  this 
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