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Companion web site for The Watchmen tv show
watchmen  tv  comics  tootme 
11 hours ago
Not a joke: software to work around Apple's shitty keyboards
apple  badtech  keyboard  tootme 
Scientology buying Clearwater
Most downtown commercial real estate was purchased by church members in the past few years. Now sitting idle.
scientology  clearwater  realestate  cult  florida  tootme 
Programming Fonts
Test drive webapp for a whole lot of monospace fonts for programming
fonts  programming  monospace  fixedwidth  tootme  fixed 
2 days ago
North Korea Tech
Blog focussing on technologies available in the DPRK. Definitely not a pro-DPRK blog but more about tech than politics
northkorea  dprk  korea  tech 
2 days ago
American child stealing
Kids separated from parents at the border get permanently taken under the guise of adoption. Note this is reporting on Obama-era abuses, but there's reason to fear this will happen to Trump-era stolen kids too.
children  immigration  politics  adoption 
3 days ago
Hilarious government training game from 1998; various ethical scenarios.
games  dosbox  government  ethics  funny 
4 days ago
Consistent frame rates
Clear explanation on how to set up FPS, G-Sync, etc to have a clean consistent framerate
games  fps  framerate  gsync  freesync  tootme 
4 days ago
UK PornBlock
Tweet thread on the failure of the UK to impose a "you must be 18 to look at porn online" law. Verifying age online turns out to be super hard.
porn  uk  id  identity  tootme 
5 days ago
Giant Military Cats
Giant cats with military hardware
funny  cats  military  tootme 
5 days ago
Futures fraud with Trump
Someone's making perfect bets ahead of Trump actions
trump  politics  money  fraud  futures 
6 days ago
Trump tax cheats
Well documented evidence of telling lenders one thing, tax authorities another
trump  fraud  politics  taxes 
6 days ago
Ukraine backstory
A heroic effort to explain 15 years of Ukrainian corruption and how it led to the Trump scandal
trump  ukraine  corruption  politics 
7 days ago
Morels: The Hunt
A game about walking through the forest picking mushrooms and taking photographs
games  chill  morels  tootme 
7 days ago
Calibre and Python 3
lololo "I am perfectly capable of maintaining python 2 myself. Far less work than migrating the entire calibre codebase."
python2  python  python3  calibre  ebooks  software  tootme 
7 days ago
Ohio disenfranchisement
Random citizen hobbyist discovers 40,000 people who were about to incorrectly purged from voter roles
ohio  voting  votingrights  politics  voterfile 
7 days ago
Scott Wiener's 2019
A run down of the bills San Francisco's state senator wrote / got passed
wiener  scottwiener  politics  california  tootme 
8 days ago
Total Replay
An Apple ][ retrogaming all-in-one
games  apple  retrogaming  apple2  apple][  tootme  roms 
8 days ago
Apple + Tencent
iOS sends info on what sites you visit to the Chinese company. For security.
apple  tencent  browing  safety  google  badtech  tootme 
9 days ago
Homework Radio
Nice live Youtube channel of chill music
music  lofi  background  tootme 
9 days ago
Very simple web service for getting your IP address
ip  networking  service  goodtech  tootme 
9 days ago
Badge for a US surveillance mission
surveillance  government  politics  funny  octopus  tootme 
9 days ago
Heterosexual Undertones in Top Gun
It takes a close reading, but turns out the film is not entirely queer
lgbt  gay  funny  topgun  movies  tootme 
10 days ago
Fascinating detail for the core low-level message dispatch function in Objective C. The new type is absolutely wrong in all circumstances, forcing programmers to cast it
objc  objectivec  languages  programming  apple  via:hackernews  tootme 
10 days ago
Getting Sherlocked by Apple
What to do when Apple muscles in on your product. "But all along, we really should have been worried about our platform provider, Apple"
apple  business  via:hackernews  software  competition  tootme 
10 days ago
Where is Wendy Carlos?
Thoughtful essay on the slow disappearance of an electronic music pioneer
music  electronic  moog  lgbt  trans  wendycarlos  tootme 
11 days ago
Mace of the US House
Congress has its own ceremonial weapon
america  congress  politics  mace  tootme 
12 days ago
MacOS Catalina
A large litany of broken things
macos  software  badtech  apple  tootme 
12 days ago
Wildfire Risk map
A house-by-house map of fire risk in California, something a little like the proprietary FireLine scores that insurance companies use
fire  california  map  fireline  insurance  wildfire  tootme 
12 days ago
Prove you are Black
A subreddit rule guaranteed to piss off some white people
reddit  race  socialmedia  tootme 
13 days ago
Unsworth v Musk
Looking seriously bad for Elon here
elonmusk  musk  tesla  pedoguy  thailand  cave  rescue 
14 days ago
The moment of crisis
This is it; the executive branch is completely ignoring the powers of the legislative
trump  politics  impeachment  constitution  crisis  constitutionalcrisis 
14 days ago
RealClear Media's other business
They run a disgusting far right extremist Facebook group
realclearmedia  facebook  hategroup  politics 
14 days ago
WhatFreeWords status update
Free clone of What3Words is being bullied by the company.
maps  what3words  whatfreewords  dmcs  copyright  licensing  tootme 
15 days ago
A simple, cheap CDN with low minimum monthly costs
cdn  hosting  internet  server  tootme 
15 days ago
Joint statement on GNU
GNU maintainers step up against Stallman remaining in charge of GNU
gnu  fsf  stallman  sexism  tirefire  tootme 
15 days ago
The end of progressive taxes in the US
Richer Americans now pay *lower* tax rates than average Americans
taxes  america  politics  flattax  progressive 
15 days ago
Text Rendering Hates You
A roundup of difficulties rendering text correctly
text  fonts  rendering  typography  browsers  via:metafilter  tootme 
15 days ago
Satie's Vexations
An impossible piano piece. "fascination morphs into agitation, which gradually morphs into all-encompassing agony. But listeners who withstand that phase enter a state of deep tranquility."
satie  vexations  meditation  via:metafilter  cage  johncage  tootme 
15 days ago
A 1970s computer for scanning and printing film. Company was founded by Edward Fredkin.
fredkin  computer  film  1970s  westworld  retro  triplei  tootme 
16 days ago
Dub Gnossiennes
Sort of horrifying version of the Satie classic
music  dub  funny  satie  gnossiennes  tootme  via:metafilter 
17 days ago
The Homosexual Society
1958 British book that's the source of the funny list of types of homosexuals
gay  lgbt  culture  history  homophobia  tootme 
19 days ago
L to the OG
A close reading of the rap from Succession
succession  tv  funny  rap  kendallroy  whiteboy  white  tootme 
20 days ago
Will Trump Ever Leave the White House?
A sober, responsible read on a very dangerous question
trump  politics  coup  election 
20 days ago
Trump Facebook ads
A view into what ads the Trump campaign are buying, using Facebook's excellent Ads Library tool
facebook  ads  propaganda  politics  trump 
21 days ago
Name US cities
A little game where you type in all the names of cities you remember
cities  america  game  maps  via:metafilter  tootme  geography 
21 days ago
Keybase and shitcoins
Security / identity system has compromised itself in a marketing deal with Stellar
keybase  stellar  identity  malware  badtech  via:hackernews 
23 days ago
DNS over HTTPS and policy
"How DNS over HTTPS is Reshaping Privacy,Performance, and Policy in the Internet Ecosystem". Very thoughtful paper.
dns  doh  encryption  policy  isp  tootme  fcc 
23 days ago
Kawaii International
TV program about Japanese youth culture
japan  culture  kawaii  tootme 
23 days ago
Tainted vape cartridges
Details of how Vitamin E oil ends up in vape cartridges for nicotine, THC, and CBD
marijuana  smoking  vaping  health  counterfeit  journalism  tootme 
25 days ago
Slack Is a Hell of Our Own Making
Funny article about Slack cultures and the danger of archives
slack  culture  funny  tootme  socialmedia 
25 days ago
NRA a Russian asset
Details of how the murder toy lobby was captured by the Kremlin
nra  guns  politics  russia  corruption  trump 
25 days ago
A fake pee tape
Detailed analysis of a weird video claiming to be the Trump pee tape. Concludes its fake, but it's the thought process that's interesting to read.
trump  politics  peetape  fake  russia 
26 days ago
Free energy principle
Roundup of links about Friston's theory of biology (and intelligence)
fristo  neuroscience  ai  philosophy  tootme 
26 days ago
Middle-class dinners
Fascinating photo essays of families eating dinner around he world
dinner  eating  cooking  food  culture  tootme  photos  photojournalism 
26 days ago
Deep Internet hipster; blogs run on gopher
gopher  blog  phlog  funny  internet  tootme 
28 days ago
uBlock Origin vs Safari
Apple is basically ending support for extensions to the Safari browser, so that's it for the popular ad blocker
ads  adblocking  safari  browser  apple  tootme  via:hackernews 
4 weeks ago
BGP security
Reflections on why securing Internet routing is so hard
internet  bgp  routing  networking  tootme 
4 weeks ago
Back to school essentials
Upsetting but excellent ad about gun violence in schools
school  guns  politics  sandyhook 
4 weeks ago
An unauthorized reimplementation of the stupid What3Words proprietary addressing system. Linked FAQ includes plausible claim to not be violating any copyright
copyright  what3words  addressing  maps 
5 weeks ago
Lessig tries again on Epstein
And sounds even stupider. Shut up when you're wrong, Larry.
lessig  joiito  epstein  medialab  donations 
5 weeks ago
Brett Kavanaugh's penis
Yet more stories of horrible behavior from the Supreme Court Justice
kavanaugh  assault  sexualabuse  penis  politics  supremecourt  trump 
5 weeks ago
Epstein meetings at the Media Lab
In 2015 students and faculty were tasked to help court more funding from the child rapist
medialab  joiito  mit  epstein  tirefire 
5 weeks ago
Chess weightloss
Stress from tournaments causes players to lose 10-20 pounds in a couple of weeks
chess  weight  metabolism  tootme 
5 weeks ago
Tech Great Reckoning
danah boyd with an excellent speech / essay about sexism in tech. Not just the Epstein scandal but the pervasive culture of it.
danahboyd  dana  medialab  epstein  tech  sexism  tirefire  tootme 
5 weeks ago
Alex Trebek / genre
The supercut you didn't know you needed
supercut  jeapordy  trebek  genre  funny  tootme 
5 weeks ago
Jeffrey Epstein’s circle.
From August, a reminder of why there's no neutral way to take someone like Epstein's money. TW: lots of sexism and hints of child predation
science  sexism  shank  epstein 
5 weeks ago
DNC candidates
The virtues of all 10 major remaining candidates (it's funny)
democrats  politics  funny 
5 weeks ago
Richard Stallman is a bad person
Ugliness splitting hairs in defining various forms of sexual abuse of children
rms  stallman  tirefire  sexualabuse  rape 
5 weeks ago
Deb Butler's NC protest
Remarkably forceful Democrat trying (and failing) to stop the North Carolina Republicans from running entirely over democracy
northcarolina  politics  butler  debbutler  democracy  veto 
5 weeks ago
Discord light theme
Towards a rational framework for dark/light themes for apps
discord  theme  ui  usability  design  tootme 
5 weeks ago
Reid Hoffman being disappointing
Details of Hoffman's involvement defending Joi Ito in the Epstein scandal
epstein  joi  joiito  hoffman  sexism  tirefire  medialab 
5 weeks ago
Speech is 39bps
Denser (more efficient) languages tend to be spoken more slowly
language  complexity  speech  linguistics  tootme 
5 weeks ago
Against Apple Keynotes
Man and I thought *I* was grumpy about the advertising events
apple  keynote  funny  ads  advertising  tootme 
5 weeks ago
Brad Parscale
Detailed profile of Trump's digital ad campaign guy. Total huckster, but also has an uncanny knack for succeeding
politics  trump  ads  campaigns  parscale 
5 weeks ago
Hofeller archives
Details of Republican gerrymandering, intentionally racist and partisan
hofeller  gerrymandering  politics  gop  racism  tootme 
6 weeks ago
Liberty University fraud
Jerry Falwell Jr is running what sounds like a real estate scam
politics  religion  corruption  falwell  libertyuniversity  fraud  scam 
6 weeks ago
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